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  1. Monday it would have to be 18:00 UTC. Tuesday I can do 17:00 UTC. Whichever you prefer.
  2. @Ratamo When do you want to do this. I am in the UK ( UTC + 1 ) and am generally free evenings and weekends.
  3. @cpervert Saturday would be good for me. I am free from 08:00 to 20:00 UTC Also free Sunday before 15:00 UTC , Monday after 19:00 UTC or Wednesday after 18:00 UTC
  4. So 7 teams and the top 8 make the playoffs. So is the challenge to get 6 points so you finish above the AI teams. 1 win , 1 loss and 3 admin draws ought to do it. Also since it is wisden format that means if the 2 matches don't end in a draw then the 2 winners play each other , the 2 losers play each other and the 3 coaches that had a bye week have a 50% chance of getting a 2nd one.
  5. I think I have found the right League but would be helpful if the name was mentioned somewhere. OCB Season 17
  6. I'd take MB. MA9 is great for 1 turning but I wouldn't want to do that with a ST4 dancer and the rest of the time MA8 is usually enough. With ST4 tackle and frenzy he is going to be your main blitzer so MB will mean more removals.
  7. Why did they make underworld gobbos 0-12. But will still be more interesting that Chaos or Nurgle Coach Name TYS123 Team Name How Many Heads Team Race Underworld Just to be clear can you hire any star player , only stars of the same type or no star players? Also the Beast of Nurgle will have problems with these rules. They can only take a mutation on a double so a normal roll will have to be a ST skill.
  8. The team is called OCC Flings. The is also my old OCC team Fling the F'ing 'Fling but they are probably too good for Tier 5.
  9. I have no desire to play orcs but will happily stomp on people with a new fling team just so everyone gets a game. May even win a match or 2 if I get lucky.
  10. We may also need a replacement for a team in 4A. Probably a better fit for @cpervert wood elves but need to check he is definitely quitting. @SniperKrizz will probably send you an invite in the next couple of days as I am about to go away for the week.
  11. We are looking for a replacement in 4B. A copy of the team below would be ideal but we will also take something similar or a returning coach that should be in Tier 4. The place is for this season only ( apart from a returning coach ) and you can play a replacement team as well as your main team. If you are interested please contact @SniperKrizz and @Tys123 Alternatively if you would prefer an elf team I believe this spot is still open S21 3A Replacement Needed
  12. You don't need an image hosting account any more. Paste the image into discord ( there is a folder for it ) and then put the link from discord into here.
  13. How does an amazon blitzer get to superstar in just over a season. That is some SPP hogging. Also Fend rather than Stand Firm is slightly unusual.
  14. So what is the OCC vamp coaches position on pass. My BB Tactics Vamp team My vamps are ST5 Blodge , pro + double roll MA7 ST5 Blodge Tackle MA7 ST5 AG3 Blodgestep MA7 Blodgestep , Pro MA7 Blodgestep , Pro Block , Tackle , MB , PO Thralls are nothing special just 1 wrestle leader. I have been carrying the ball on this guy as ST5 is harder to knock over and I want my ST5 tackle for blitzing. If I don't take pass I will probably go for Stand Firm or Sidestep though I guess Diving Tackle and sure hands are also an option.
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