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  1. We are looking for a replacement for a woodie team that has taken a lot of injuries. The team being replaced is TV 1130 ( 1480 with loners ) with only 6 players so a similar tv agility team with up to 11 players would be preferred
  2. That report wasn't as good. Invisible banana didn't help.
  3. I approve of any blog that focuses on fouling. However the number of fouls appears to be a single digit. I assume this is a typo and there should be a 1 in front of each.
  4. Well the Banana for scale bit was Genius
  5. No need to bother. A returning coach that should be in Tier 4 has beaten you to it. The spot has now been filled
  6. 1 coach has failed to sign up for division 4. So we are looking for a team with around 20 matches played and TV around 1600. The missing team is Dark Elves but since no matches have been played yet we will take anything.
  7. You need more removal so DP hob rather than SH. Block on both bulls.
  8. Disappointed you didn't mention my glorious death. I ran in to foul a rotter to death and then get promptly blitzed and killed. 2 deaths in a row and turning myself into a rotter.
  9. His Krox at least never tried to eat anyone.
  10. Yes we do. This weeks round has already been played but if have a team with at TV around 1500 or 1600 you can play the last 3 weeks.
  11. But it works on a 2+ instead of a 3+. So if you move a thrall next to you before try it then it is better than before at the potential cost of an armour roll on that thrall. So when you really want to gaze you can. The problem is the regular movement to form a cage or screen just got a lot harder.
  12. I have sent an invite to the woodies
  13. Any of those teams would be fine. No matches have been played by the missing teams so play what ever you like. Just let us know the team name and I will send you an invite.
  14. I guess blind rage will give a reroll to failed dauntless rolls. At 80K it probably worth taking for Flings especially against AV9 opponents. I would love to see a chaos warrior get killed by a mad squirrel
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