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  1. Yes. This sunday. See you then
  2. @Ratamo I could do 18:00 UTC Sunday if that works for you
  3. I got lucky at the end. Only 3 players on the pitch but the nurgle needed to pick up the ball in the rain with 2 turns left. 1st turn they made the pick up using a reroll but tried a hand off to get SPP on a pest that failed. Then turn 16 they failed the pickup with a reroll. Now do I stick with the theme and take 2 heads on the troll. Every other level has been 2 heads due to my inability to roll a double or stat.
  4. Lets go for Sunday at 10:00 UTC
  5. @Leman_X_Russ Not heard back from you. I am busy Saturday and Tuesday and have another match on Monday but other that that am free every evening.
  6. We have a spot open in Tier 3 if anyone want to play a 2nd team for the season The team being replace is a 1580 TV pro elf team so something similar would be good. See the link below for the team. Spike! - Pro Grave Dancers However no matches have been played so we will take anything at a similar TV.
  7. Wednesday at 19:00 UTC would be good. Or same time next Friday
  8. I advance to the next round thanks to a win in overtime. The crowd clearly didn't want overtime killing a blitzer and KO'ing another with rocks thrown at the start of overtime.
  9. I had one on each of my elf teams and I think @jounisii had 2 working in tandem. 1 passer and an AG5 leap sure hands ball retriever.
  10. Can you do an hour later? Clocks are changing on Sunday so I will be in UTC by then rather than utc + 1
  11. Sorry my BB Tactics match has just been arranged for 18:00 UTC. Now busy on Tuesday as well but free the rest of the week.
  12. @cpervert I am in the uk and generally free evenings and weekends. When is good for you? @Ratamo Did I read something about Financial Fair Play for the playoffs?
  13. Starting with Claw and MB is good but a mino is 10K cheaper and has horns , frenzy and thick skull instead of claw. So IMO the mino is better and is a big guy that isn't taken that much
  14. Boo. I want to play matches. @thunderstruck I am in the UK and am generally free evenings apart from Tuesday and most of the weekend. Let me know when you are free.
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