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  1. Yes. This sunday. See you then
  2. @Ratamo I could do 18:00 UTC Sunday if that works for you
  3. I got lucky at the end. Only 3 players on the pitch but the nurgle needed to pick up the ball in the rain with 2 turns left. 1st turn they made the pick up using a reroll but tried a hand off to get SPP on a pest that failed. Then turn 16 they failed the pickup with a reroll. Now do I stick with the theme and take 2 heads on the troll. Every other level has been 2 heads due to my inability to roll a double or stat.
  4. Lets go for Sunday at 10:00 UTC
  5. @Leman_X_Russ Not heard back from you. I am busy Saturday and Tuesday and have another match on Monday but other that that am free every evening.
  6. We have a spot open in Tier 3 if anyone want to play a 2nd team for the season The team being replace is a 1580 TV pro elf team so something similar would be good. See the link below for the team. Spike! - Pro Grave Dancers However no matches have been played so we will take anything at a similar TV.
  7. Wednesday at 19:00 UTC would be good. Or same time next Friday
  8. I advance to the next round thanks to a win in overtime. The crowd clearly didn't want overtime killing a blitzer and KO'ing another with rocks thrown at the start of overtime.
  9. I had one on each of my elf teams and I think @jounisii had 2 working in tandem. 1 passer and an AG5 leap sure hands ball retriever.
  10. Can you do an hour later? Clocks are changing on Sunday so I will be in UTC by then rather than utc + 1
  11. Sorry my BB Tactics match has just been arranged for 18:00 UTC. Now busy on Tuesday as well but free the rest of the week.
  12. @cpervert I am in the uk and generally free evenings and weekends. When is good for you? @Ratamo Did I read something about Financial Fair Play for the playoffs?
  13. Starting with Claw and MB is good but a mino is 10K cheaper and has horns , frenzy and thick skull instead of claw. So IMO the mino is better and is a big guy that isn't taken that much
  14. Boo. I want to play matches. @thunderstruck I am in the UK and am generally free evenings apart from Tuesday and most of the weekend. Let me know when you are free.
  15. Monday it would have to be 18:00 UTC. Tuesday I can do 17:00 UTC. Whichever you prefer.
  16. @Ratamo When do you want to do this. I am in the UK ( UTC + 1 ) and am generally free evenings and weekends.
  17. @cpervert Saturday would be good for me. I am free from 08:00 to 20:00 UTC Also free Sunday before 15:00 UTC , Monday after 19:00 UTC or Wednesday after 18:00 UTC
  18. So 7 teams and the top 8 make the playoffs. So is the challenge to get 6 points so you finish above the AI teams. 1 win , 1 loss and 3 admin draws ought to do it. Also since it is wisden format that means if the 2 matches don't end in a draw then the 2 winners play each other , the 2 losers play each other and the 3 coaches that had a bye week have a 50% chance of getting a 2nd one.
  19. I think I have found the right League but would be helpful if the name was mentioned somewhere. OCB Season 17
  20. I'd take MB. MA9 is great for 1 turning but I wouldn't want to do that with a ST4 dancer and the rest of the time MA8 is usually enough. With ST4 tackle and frenzy he is going to be your main blitzer so MB will mean more removals.
  21. Why did they make underworld gobbos 0-12. But will still be more interesting that Chaos or Nurgle Coach Name TYS123 Team Name How Many Heads Team Race Underworld Just to be clear can you hire any star player , only stars of the same type or no star players? Also the Beast of Nurgle will have problems with these rules. They can only take a mutation on a double so a normal roll will have to be a ST skill.
  22. The team is called OCC Flings. The is also my old OCC team Fling the F'ing 'Fling but they are probably too good for Tier 5.
  23. I have no desire to play orcs but will happily stomp on people with a new fling team just so everyone gets a game. May even win a match or 2 if I get lucky.
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