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  1. Ah did not know that. Will look at it when it comes to steam. Seems interesting anyway, even if tend towards turn based games these days.
  2. I have one of the 50% discount on warhammer as well. Plus the 33% on DOS:2
  3. There is a sale on for the game and the DC https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/games-workshop-warhammer-week/ The discounts are not amazing (33% for most of the DLC), but if you are sitting on the fence could be interesting. Well TW:W1 for £10.00 is pretty good.
  4. My recollection is you get two groups of spawns on the last ritual as well, the initial one and then the 2nd one after 10 turns. Note there is a final battle to win as well after you finish your ritual as well. Then it is you against the 3 other sides, but they do give you a decent gap between the different forces arriving. Hopefully you can manage to fight the high elf one and then another one a few turns later.
  5. Yeah I really like the Teclis campaign, done it quite a few times. Teclis is one of the most powerful lords for sure, he has an absolute ton of winds of magic as he has a lot of bonuses there. In mortal empires it is possibly easier as you start on the other side of Lustria. Generally with Teclis you are going to end up at war with one lizardman faction and one dark elf faction and you have to stay on good terms with the dwarves you start next to, at least to start with. IIRC you can get a non-agression pact with them on T1 if you ask, as you start with a +20 from gifts
  6. Yeah trying to stop the other rituals is very hard. In the end I stopped trying apart from sending the occasional intervention force. The final ritual battle is not that hard though, so you just need to make sure you have an elite stack ready to go when they complete all of them. It is a slightly crappy mechanic as it is simplest to just ignore them and win the battle (at which point they are out of the race) rather than try to stop completing the rituals. The battles I found rather easy as long as you have a high level lord and a good army. I think with Teclis had to fight all 3 q
  7. Will be interesting. He took 3 dodge blitzers, and a wrestle witch. Leaving a skillless witch, a skillless runner and 5 linos, 2 RR. To make it interesting andy can add a double which is probably going to be guard on a blitzer (taking anything else would really weaken the team for round 3 onwards). So you likely will be facing a elf team with no tackle, which is generally a good matchup. There is definitely a chance nuffle will smile on you Tys. With no tackle there is more chance to get nuffled on pows as well as the high 1s that are the bane of playing elves. Watched
  8. Yeah size of army does not matter, it is one food per lord. You can see a breakdown if you hover over the food at the top. One of the best things you can do with skaven is the hammer and anvil with the summoned units. If your main line hits the enemy and you summon a unit of clan rats behind the line and charge into the back of them. It can be quite effective. I like the wizards that can summon more stuff are great as well. I think saurus are infantry and Kroxigors are large, but really not sure.
  9. Shame you could not make the ritual battle work. Glad you had fun though. Anyway skaven. I found gutter runners really good vs lizards as you are faster than any of their non mounted units. So you can turn on skirmish run away and shoot them to death. The skirmish mode is useful as the AI will keep running away. Gutter runners need line of sight so they are not great at standing behind your army and shooting but flank wtih them and skirmish with them and they are really good. For loyalty don't remember having too much of a problem with it, which lord did you have? Quee
  10. Yeah skaven have the ambush ability on their turn. It is actually a fun mechanic. And yeah you can get reinforcements, but not the opponent. It is a powerful ability. The settlement garrisons can also do this, which came as a bit of a shock as well. Alith Anar also has this on the high elf side. Will have to have another go with him, he has a terrible start position, but a powerful ability. Was trying to get the sword of Kaine too hard and could not make it work last time. Probably that is a trap. He also has terrible climate ability. Most of Ulthan is the wrong climate for example
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. Had not thought about the size changes that is a good point. I guess the best thing is going to be get another box of pros then and give them different hair colours or similar. Unless anyone else has got any other suggestions.
  12. Picked up the GW pro elf team, and would like 2 catchers and probably 2 linos to pad it out. Probably 8 linos are enough, but they way my teams end up who knows :D. I could get another box of GW pro elves, but I am looking for alternatives. Having different models would be nice for one thing. So if there are any suggestions let me know.
  13. You can fast forward other peoples turns, so it does not show you what they are doing, which speeds it up quite a bit. There is a button just under the shields. You have to do it every turn though. For remote armies there is always global recruiting. Takes twice as long and only so many slots. YOu need to be in a city or encamped though. Tyrion has a choice between being better at combat and being better at support stuff. One of the support stuff options improves global recuriting as well. For the confederations it is a combination of strength and how much they like you
  14. There is a button I think at the top that gives you the chance to spend to spawn the intervention armies. They are quite expensive. Generally you will face one (or all 3 on higher difficulty) intervention armies , so you will need an army in your capital before starting a ritual. It used to crash my economy as well as if your capital is under siege then you lose all your trade money. Annoyingly the armies spawn then get to move between your turns. Walls on the ritual sites are really needed (and your capital). The chaos stacks to get nastier and tend to spawn closer as
  15. The important thing with the ruituals is not really a race with the other factions. You get a relatively easy quest battle if they get there before you. As stated above the shards are key, especially the buildings that give 1 shard a turn (the dragon guys have got one for example, and the shrine of khaine IIRC is one also). When you complete rituals it gives you reputation bonuses with your faction and penalties iwth the others IIRC so it becomes easier to confederate. But yeah just try to get Ulthuan confederated/conquered and kill some dark elves is always
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