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  1. Clearly you need some Stand Firm Guards to surround it.
  2. With no cheap bribes and easy access to stuff like two heads and horns or big hand, doubles would seem to be more suited for wrestle, strip ball or sure hands. As a first, wrestle to allow strip ball or tackle on a double, two heads and horns on singles, might be nicer than just giving a good gobbo a free ticket to the sin bin.
  3. Thirding the Civ6 Digital Deluxe 50% off voucher availability (I already have the Digital Deluxe - I can't find the receipt though so I dunno how cheaply I got it then, but I doubt I paid as much as it is up for now.. or at least not more)
  4. Dreamy

    Frog Salad

    If it was a home match, shouldn't the time keeper be in your staff?
  5. From what I recall it's "the team to the left (a.k.a. listed first) is the home team", much like in most other sports.
  6. Not a new thing. I lost a game because Eldril didn't stand up to gaze, instead doing it from prone.
  7. What is that bagpipe doing to that euphoric singer(?)
  8. Guard on one ogre is actully pretty popular, since it makes it a lot easier to get 3DB on the opening LOS blocks. And Ogres don't generally do well running lean. Dunno about various TV-based matchmakings though.
  9. On Suido's request the previously separate match reports of the Bridgeburners have now been folded into this thread. (The automation sorts by timestamp, so they will be spread out throughout the thread in that way.)
  10. One of the best performing Woodie builds (if you can stomach mostly 1-0 or 2-1 wins) is the good old: 1 Reroll 1 Apo Treeman: Grab 2 Wardancers: Sidestep x2 3 Catchers: Kick 4 Linos: Wrestle Thrower (or possibly 4th catcher) (could be the kicker)
  11. If something that sounds important costs 6, and it's very relevant to get the money back and even 9 in profit - then yea, I can see how losing 200 is a bad thing(TM)
  12. Dreamy

    Frog Salad

    What? No Goblin Bias? Going to show any love for the serfs then? Or who will be the new unlikely-yet-somewhat-lovable semi-stars?
  13. Given such an invitation I might as well move over the main threads I was thinking about, to give the new team blogs section a bit of "lived in" atmosphere until some more fellows start doing their part to clutter it up again.
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