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  1. Coach: Willpower68 Team: Kings&Heroes Race: Nurgle Returning coach, new team took another one
  2. Coach name: Willpower68 Team name: 3 Skulls Race: Skavens Returning coach with a new team.
  3. im on the game

  4. for me i have some problem with sound, cant hear the dialoge, and thats annoying, so i aint playing it
  5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown 75% on steam now
  6. Restarting with new team HiE after my skavens really took to much damage.. So need a new bannor for my new team Veni Vidi Vici (OCC) that played in scc and will be my main team in occ. Tried bash, then speed so now agi. Dont really have anything special in mind, so if any artist that want to help out have free hands... many thanks
  7. its many years old right? played when its new, then not good at all, but long time since that, and doubt any better
  8. Yes i have problem when getting data, realllyy slow sometimes, and losing server and i had a game that my player had +str but when played and blocked only str3 and no damage.. and then later in game...its crazy he got killed then apo made him lose str.. a bit funny... maybe cyanide can predict the future or bug?
  9. i have some orcs from occ, never played any games after i went play skavens they at 2060 tv after losing my star blitzer from tier 3
  10. its ok, now he will be star player and never dies :lol:
  11. must been nearly 30 years since i been there.. if i know i would check it out since i live in Gothenburg now..
  12. maybe ask your opponent on sunday what he did? :lol:
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