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  1. Returning coach - new team: Coach name (ingame): fisherking Team name: Hoofever brings the night Race: Chaos Dwarf
  2. I played the same dude some time ago. He did the same and I had noe clue what to do. First I just waited a while, then went on to searcing for solutions and found the said F10 on some forum. Just when I alt-Tab'ed back to the game he had restarted it himself as it had been 10-15 min. Was just in time as my timer had started again. He did the same and now I knew what to do, but figured if I waited three min I might catch him afk. F10 worked fine, but he was actually sitting there. Third time I F10'd straight. Then he started disconnecting and reconnecting a few times before a final dc. The match did indeed register and I found it was one of a few losses he got. So, whoever gets it next time. F10 works, and if you have the time, no reason not to wait a min or two to let them suffer for it
  3. I can do it with my Nuffledusters. Last seen in 2B season 16. They're at 2240 but would probably benefit from shaving off 170K by kicking the mino.
  4. Bought it the other day and it looks promising. Much like Moo2 which I loved, but now with star lanes and warp points. Many functions still missing, like difficulty level, spying, bigger maps etc. but if it finishes, it will likely hog hours like Moo2 and Civ5 did.
  5. I reckon its best to have some proper results to test the statistics on running, passing, casualties etc. Also, I will enjoy some proper games for practice with a new team. Think I'm gonna go with rookie skaven.
  6. I will join with a team. Create a new team or join with an old OCC team, lets say 2400 chaos?
  7. Using a laptop I have no numpad. Easiest solutions was to install "Autohotkey", which lets you reprogram keys. Now I use pageup/pagedown to alter the speed. Just make a "textfile.ahk" with this: PgDn::NumpadSub PgUp::NumpadAdd and load it into Autohotkey.
  8. If you get no Helf, I have 2K Welf eager to return to the pitch.
  9. Ok, I assumed it was automated... All good now anyways (although I am no longer king and go by the name fisherpleb in bbm)
  10. I guess method 2 won't work when I have a new pc since last time I used BBM. So I have created a new useraccount. I have been on a 3 year break so I also assumed I had changed email. However it said my regular email account was in use when I created my new bbm account. Thus I find it strange that I dont recieve the pw reset email, and I have checked the spamfolder too... As I dont really need the stuff from 3 years ago, I'm fine with my new account now that its working.
  11. I got a new patch on the flash something in win10 yesterday and its indeed working, although I'm still missing pw for my old account there...
  12. Anyone know how to solve this: Lost password to BBM, asked for reset, but apparantly it was sent to my old email, which I no longer access Can't rely on my opponent to upload every time...
  13. @Humbe You should take a look at the semi fixtures for BBATTL major "Golden Gauntlet". This tournament featured a dozen high TV killer teams (chaos, orc, dwarf) including TV3000 M.A.D. In the semi's: 1 vampire and 3 wood-elf teams AV7 prevails and can always come back from a few deaths. We ARE scissors :lol:
  14. Champions (5pts) : Three Towers Runners-up (3pts) : Lee's Lizards 3rd place : Toronto Orkonauts 4th place : Bear Hunters 5th place : Ellyrion Eagles 6th place : Mighty Bulldogs 7th place : I just blitzed your mum 8th place : Rodent Extermination 9th place : The worms of severed hand 10th place : The Leakers Best scorers (2pts) : Lee's Lizards Best defense (2pts) : Three Towers Best passers (2pts) : Ellyrion Eagles Best rushers (2pts) : Lee's Lizards Most casualties (2pts) : Bear Hunters Biggest punching bags( 2pts) : I just blitzed your mum
  15. I think you should hang in there. Your team looks promising for some fun matches. I'd like to comment on our match though, as it was relatively dull match. You had a much more developed team, with an AG5 elf, a mighty blower and quite a few blodgers. I had only one tackler and no MB except the cow. You played very defensively as if you took it for granted I'd be superious at bashing. Ok so I have more strenght on the team, but we both had mostly AV8 players. So how could this be more fun from your point of view? 1. You hardly used the MB git to blitz. Give him the blitz every turn and eventually some beastman should be KO'd or worse. 2. You didnt put much pressure on the ball on defence. With blodgers vs only 1 tackler you could go all in at some point and tie up my players, and maybe get a shot at the ballcarrier with your AG5 git. So would this be more fun? IMHO defintaley yes... either by successful bash or a free ball for exciting moves. Could this strategy fail? Definatley but in a fun way hopefully. Would this mean more risk for your players? Yes, but thats also part of the excitement. You have a well developed team and I'm sure you'll get some exciting plays vs the other teams. Heck, go beat up some rats with that MB git
  16. "Error with database" when clicking on investments under economy tab
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