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  1. Aguelo

    Signups S18

    Returning Team Everlasting Rest Khemri
  2. Aguelo

    S17 Tier 3

    Still need replacement for Tier 3? I have my team Everlasting Rest ready (S16 Tier 2). Cheers.
  3. Good report. Only say you have Nuffle on your side this match, your armor don´t broke propertly. 4 guys with MB do the worst dice performance possible. Thanks again for the match.
  4. You are a great sound gourmet fellow. Nice music you show us. THANKS
  5. Do you need people without any team in other divisions? I have a team in Tier 4, probably T3 and play with my dear Khemri in Season 12. But I can create one new and fire it at the end if it´s necesary. Playing with both of them. Cheers.
  6. Ouh Yeah!!! Really miss you very much dear fellow. My khemri team are inspirated in your thoughts. Nice to see you again.
  7. Thanks fellow, I hope so.
  8. Change Team name to Everlasting Rest. Good name for a good sig of Meebee.
  9. Excuse me, how can I put the sig in my profile?, I don´t do it for a long time and I don´t know well how can I do it...
  10. Thanks, it´s really nice and special.
  11. Dear fellow, I change the team name. Really love the sig to do this. I use the last one with William´s poem. Really thanks for your work. I´m in debt with you.
  12. Wow. Really impressed. This one it´s really nice. Only one note, team name is Neverending Rest. Thanks for your work fellow.
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