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  1. Well, a lot. I mean, I mostly just listen to Spotify these days, although my actual music collection on my laptop currently has this many albums: Working from home, I think I've only left the house about a dozen times since March, so I've had a LOT of time for YouTube rabbit holes. I think I got to the Miley Cyrus covers via Jimmy Kimmel tl;dr - I've listened to a lot of music this year Edit: Spotify have decided these are the 100 songs I've listened to the most in 2020: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1EM
  2. Actually though, the honest answer to "What are you listening to now?" Is probably this... Despite it's flaws, I'm really enjoying the game and the songs Refused recorded as in-lore band Samurai are excellent.
  3. One of the things I've discovered since lockdown... Miley Cyrus has some excellent covers in her arsenal. If she ever does a full rock or metal album I wouldn't be able to just dismiss it without listening...
  4. Most recently doing as bad as ever with a new human team in 6D. At least you have an excuse, I'm just downright playing badly
  5. This was totally your chance to drop a "Don't you know who I am? I'm kind of a big deal" Welcome back
  6. The nominating target thing on a blitz for mino's etc is irrelevant. Nowhere in the rules does it say you have to move towards your target, and they specifically state that you do not have to use the block part of the blitz action. It still counts as your team's blitz action for the turn, but other than randomly pointing at an opposition player and saying "that one" it's unchanged with regard to using the blitz solely to move.
  7. Only really had a skim as working until 22:00, but I'm feeling strangely positive about the new edition. I started with 2nd ed and think this ads back a little of the complexity from that version, while maintaining much of the streamlining that was required for 3rd ed to get game times down.
  8. I have it in my hands... (just in time for me having to start work)
  9. Didn't they already have the exact same issue with the launch of the new edition of 40K?
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