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  1. So, they've still to be based, but made more progress on my2nd ed humans. Painting a hooped jersey on the 2nd ed halflings is a right pain in the **** (15 mm high).
  2. The best* version of Blood Bowl has been confirmed as coming back! Dungeon Bowl is getting a new box set. You can see the details here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/30/warhammer-day-2021-dungeon-bowl-is-back-and-its-bloodier-than-ever/ *Dungeon Bowl is tied for first place in "Best Version of Blood Bowl" with regualr BLood Bowl and Blood Bowl 7s. Other versions may also be quite good. Terms and Condiciotns apply.
  3. Change of mind: Returning coach: AllyRdr Returning Team: Altdorf Academical Race: Human Last seen in Season 20, Div 4c
  4. Since every necro team needs a necromancer to function...
  5. Something stirs in the mists...
  6. just to clarify, I'm returning, team is new
  7. Returning coach: AllyRdr Team name: Nurn County Race: Necro
  8. https://twitter.com/TheGngrNoob/status/1449779889100443653?s=20 This was his take on it
  9. Nice one. Table top as you noticed is a very different animal, but a lot of fun. Edit to add: I know the Nurgle guy from the Twitter BB community
  10. These guys have been on constant rotation in my car stereo for quite some time now...
  11. My impressions come solely as a viewer on Twitch rather than as a player, but so far I'm not sold (I know, Ally in negative opinion shocker). The constant zoom in/zoom out every time a player moves is giving me motion sickness (for context, I get pretty bad motion sickness. The last time I tried to go on a roller coaster I spent the rest of the day feeling dizzy and nauseous). If that's not something that can be turned off, then the game will be unplayable for me. I'm also not sold on the UI at all. They seem to have doubled down on many of the features I didn't like in BB2, and from watching some game, it seems really hard to know what dice roll has actually failed at times to decide whether to use a reroll. Hopefully this is still a very early build, given that it's been pushed back again, but on past track record I don't hold out much hope.
  12. Welcome aboard the good ship OCC
  13. Been slowly making progress on my TT humans since the last picture of them... May actually end up doing an Astrogranite base, as I've just bought 400 34x34 mm mdf tiles from China on eBay with the delusion/intention of making a pitch from scratch.
  14. In today's episode of things that get me through work
  15. Next up on Ally's Carousel of Unfinished Wonders... Making my own wraiths to update my necro for BB2020, as I'm not having a bloody washing line as a player...
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