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  1. Ai - good for teaching the basics regarding how to use skills but how it plays will only ever teach you bad habits i find as no human plays the way it does Best take a look at Pidpad Challenge in Orca Cola Affiliated Leagues Section if your looking real challenge rather than going through single player one :lol:
  2. Saurez with have missed 20% liverpool league games without ever being sent off. Independant panels my arse was trial by media in both cases regarding Saurez. If he was english wouldnt seen the half of what he been put through.
  3. If i were to say what i think in post i think i crash the forum with excessive amount of typing i do
  4. SSC created teams and new teams for next season not counting existing answers by looks of it
  5. Dont seem right to celebrate but that confused the feck out me yesterday and if happened to you aswell that ends my confusion in trying to explain it as much. I knew was my bloody turn .. :lol:
  6. no wizard was 990 v 870 Both Down - both players ko'ed - i didnt use apoth - dont think he had one. I was middle of moving cursor when it appeared and suprised me as i thought was my turn it went down to 26 seconds back to game then it appears again now with my thinking even if he did catch the end right before time changed to me once he came back out it should been in my time so couldnt come back up why seemed strange. might been something to do with ko and apoth
  7. or might been right end of his turn as he got both down and i was just about to select my man. he brought screen up once then went away again then came back up again so should been my turn as i was moving cursor to select my man brave and fast usually once the turnover happens as clock switches does it not?
  8. Just had chaos opponent abandon vs my flings in FOL when about to score my 2nd to win 2-0 now that not the issue. I was just about to click a man and abandon screen appeared just before i about to click so lucky i didnt press it Question is I thought this been changed to stop this happening or is it like this normally still or since server update has it changed?
  9. RayXXX


    aye i think so Dreamy. wont stop my ogres attempting to take another few hundred off them .. im piling on everything and booting everything :lol:
  10. RayXXX


    That is the question are you Mutually Assured Destruction enough to take on Styggers Chaos team that are defending the BBATTL event they won when it was last held. They are also former OCC Champions before retiring to the BBATTL circuit. If you have 2000+ team from one of BBATTL leagues hanging about doing nothing come take a shot at them. Annihilator Tournament
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