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  1. I've joined the legend club! Not quite the +str level I was hoping for but a normal roll. He's currently got +ag, +mv, block, dodge, tackle.. I'm probably going with side step, although I'm liking pro more and more recently.. I managed a 5-0 win for MD1 against a beaten up Nurgle team. Dice were certainly on my side when it counted. Even then I *only * managed 22SPPs. You must have had some crazy dice to get to 26spp with a rookie team!
  2. I only have MB on one vamp and I decided against the full PO JU build, mainly because I think dodge is of more value to keep him around and in the right place. I've got one skill-up left if he gets there and I may end up getting PO for that, without JU it won't be as good obviously but still it can be used when it's important enough. I haven't gone guard on anyone yet either, although unlike Kj I'm lacking a str6 guy that can get 2dice against the ball carrier reliably (gazing multiple guard away isn't always possible). I may go for it on a last skill-up. However I'm keeping everything crossed for a +str vamp (ideally on my +AG,+MV, Blodge tackle one!). Having used 6 vamps for a bit, I would say stick to 5 for the most part. Having 6 on the field at once means you only have 5 thralls and that is the biggest issue. 3 on the LOS, 2 guarding your vamps from blitzes just doesn't give you enough coverage. You lose a few thralls and it gets very risky doing anything.
  3. Nice to see championships still have a vamp for this season. And I see that there are quite a few new vamp coaches joining as well, welcome all! I forgot all about a skill-up roll from last season on a Thrall, nothing special you may think, but this time I rolled an +ag. This is his first skill, so fresh with potential.. what do people think? Should I go with a ball carrying Thrall to free up a vamp for more important things?
  4. Hopefully see you back soon, it's been great following your progress and sharing stories and tips.
  5. I knew you couldn't stick with those pansie elves for long! welcome back to extreme risk extreme reward play with no stalling!! Looks like I'll be going back to dev 1, shocking final game that felt like I could have won if nuffle was being kind. Multiple ball carrier blitz fails, lust fails at the worst times and constant removals. You could say a pretty standard game!!
  6. Nice one, so in the champs? At least it looks like two will be on there. I doubt I can stay, although I managed a win against necro top of the division. No need to thank me @Kjelstad! I like that the top is quite close this season. I had a good game and there were a few swingy turns but bloodlust behaved itself mostly and even pro came through on the important stuff.
  7. Try to make a lasting impression, I'm sure he'll love your AG5 running rings around his PO-ers Good luck!
  8. Yeah that was a bit of a frustrating game on both sides I think. In fact most of my games have been this season! Quite a change from last season where I had a chance of getting a clean sweep, so far I've only managed one win! I'm back down to 5 vamps now as well after my continued GFI failings in the last game, it was a bit unnecessary but still you don't expect to roll 1,1, armour break, injury, injury roll dead, apoth dead, regen fail... but these things happen. At least it was my newbie vamp (2 skills). I'm going to probably keep 5 vamps for a while now and see how that goes. I may get a concession this week, which is unfortunate but keeps my players away from a killer team for another week. Looks like I'll be going down to div1 again unless loads of people drop out!
  9. I had a pretty bad first match.. one of those games where I lost all my thralls and couldn't stop my opponent due to lust. Comes back to my earlier thoughts on having too many vamps on the pitch at once (I still think 5 is optimal, but keeping six around to see if I can make it work). I didn't think I played particularly well either, so ended up with a 2-1 loss. I really could do with a Str 5 vamp or even some guard as I can't really get to str 4 ball carriers. MD2 on Monday against Chaos Dwarfs could be deadly..
  10. Personally I haven't seen the need for the thrower. I would generally only pass if I have a reroll handy, unless I don't have an option. I definitely wouldn't take it on a Str 5 piece, but I guess you have got 3, which is a bit of a luxury that I'm missing!! I would go with tackle as well I think
  11. Has anyone seen this preview from ign: https://www.ign.com/articles/blood-bowl-3-the-first-preview Not much you probably didn't know already, but alarmingly it said early access September with a full released Feb 2022! They'll be a few more seasons of bb2 yet it seems!
  12. All hail our new champs!! Congrats @Kjelstad!
  13. Alas my opponent conceded as he had enough early on from my crazy dice. Don't blame him really. I didn't even check on the rubber football! Was it close? Looks like I'm joining you in the champs then! We can virtually call it yours now. Has a chaos dwarf team ever scored 6 TDs in one game!!?
  14. After reviewing your division, does Sindain need to get 5 more TDs compared to their opponent to beat you? And Fantus needs 6? You never know but it's really looking good at the mo. We'll know tonight once they complete their game! Fingers crossed!! Interesting on the kick front. I'm still learning but generally I let the opponent go first if I have a choice. This really comes from my experience with other teams though, I'll have to mix this up a bit in the future.
  15. Vamps can be quite punishing when the dice are against you and you're still early in development (as in no legends yet!). They certainly play the long game! Hopefully see you again soon! We may even start hearing more about BB3 when you return, although no sign of vamps yet for that. So no doubt we'll be here for a while !
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