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  1. Welcome back @bjj hero - I came back to BB over lockdown as well, took me a few games to shake off the rust and figure out the BB2 icons etc, but it wasn't long before I was right back to being just as bad as ever. Feel free to pop by at bbtactics.com as well!
  2. Why not the rest is simple. Balance. It'll trump logic every time.
  3. To be fair, with Covid I doubt they are manufacturing anywhere near normal scale. However I do think they've massively underestimated the market in this case as well.
  4. When I see Red squirrels back home on the Isle of Wight, no. When I've seen the big fat Grey squirrels stealing food from people in city parks while chewing cigarette ends to feed their nicotine addiction, yes.
  5. Anyone else notice it has Claws. A Claw killer on Flings/Woodies? *Shudder*
  6. When I joined bbtactics.com forums back in 2011 a lot of the community there were already active in OCC so that's how I found out about it.
  7. Coming early 2021 to pc and consoles including switch. 12 teams at launch. From trailer & GW: Imperial Black Orc Human Orc Dwarf Skaven Dark Elf Pro Elf Chaos Nurgle Last two not yet known.
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/27/video-game-premieres-from-opening-night-live/
  9. I have to say I'm excited and it's on my shopping list for pre-release. I know the changes don't suit everyone but I'm excited by the direction things are taking and simply for the change it brings after a decade or more with almost none. Bring on the thrower focused teams, the anti-guard positional play and the challenges of new skills and tactics!
  10. Well surely you both cannot be right? DE better or DE worse?
  11. I'm not inclined to agree about devaluing legends. A league runs long enough they become commonplace. Many legends are often only known within niches or hardly at all, mainly those that were the first. Sure people remember top tier teams but there are coaches out there in mid tiers of leagues with legends no one will ever remember. And even in top teams it's limited. How many people can name the 4th vampire on a team to be a legend? Or the 2nd best Claw POMBer for a Chaos team? People remember who walked on the moon first, they don't remember the 43rd person to go to the ISS, but
  12. The BB2016 redraft rules would be workable enough with just a little added flexibility to set the gold budget for different tiers. I for one would like to see perpetual leagues more mixed than the ever present 2200TV+ Orcs, Chaos & Nurgle.
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