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  1. Ohhhh... The quote is "kill WITH kindness". My bad.
  2. waiting in game will be there til 22:30 before I bail.

  3. I can see the player....there is a scroll bar on the side...will the 17th roster spot be removed if I fire the player?
  4. Anyone else have a team with 17 roster spots? My DakaMancersII.V in FOL now has 17 roster spots. Is this a bug anyone has seen before?
  5. I like NFL....let me play please
  6. Was hanging around in game and suddenly got booted. Now I can't connect...anyone else having this problem?
  7. If you activate a fireball and are aiming when time expires you can go a lot longer than 15 seconds...I chose a fireball and time ran out before I decided on targeting. My opponent had moved 3 players and the fireball grid was still active on my screen. I ended up fireballing empty space about half a minute into his turn.
  8. restated the computer and all is well....I did notice that there is a new patch out today....wonder if that had anything to do with it?
  9. Just tryed to log into the server and got the message that the version I am running (chaos from steam) is not supported. Is anyone else having this problem or does someone know what might be wrong? thanks DakaMan
  10. Thanks Xanderv. The sig is great, and now ya have twice the amount of pocket gold as ya had.
  11. Sorry if I have been a pest on this...Piles of gold shall be XanderV's. It is just with the zombie head the gore made sense but with the golem...It makes me think he blew his neck gasket. DakaMan
  12. thanks for all the work XanderV. One last request...Just clean the blood off the shirt and we have a winner. DakaMan
  13. Looking better. One nit picking thing. There is no (.) after V.I I think sentence puntuation got confused into that. Also I liked the Golem as a spokesman more than the zombie. The suit and podium with the plaque is great. The zombie has a kind of whistful looking off into sky look that is not quite right. A stern focused golem is where I want to be. Here is a link to a head you might be able to bolt on....(heh, golem joke) or at least more what I am looking for. http://crazy-frankenstein.com/pictures-files/frankenstein-pictures/gaia_frankenstein.jpg Thanks DakaMan
  14. Hey XanderV Very cool. I really like the overall layout! A few tweaks. First off.. Capital D and M in DakaMancers and DakaMan, all others letters lower case. I like the golem at the podium, but could you make him a little less cartoony and a little more AMCs Mad Men? Also I think it would be cool to put the DakaMan Ent. Ltd. on the front of the podium like a plaque. Last thing bring the font size down on the Franchise available. thanks DakaMan
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