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  1. I have tried searching, but does anyone know if signing a sponsor actually does anything?
  2. Haugster

    Signups S17

    Ok Scale mates Lizzies
  3. Hi, I signed up for the reserves. New lizard team. Returning coach.
  4. Haugster

    Signups S17

    Hi! I would like to sign up for the reserves. Returning coach (from way back), new team. Coach name: Haugster Team name: TBA Race: TBA
  5. Oh, ok, what about the td frenzy award, then? Haugster.
  6. I just remembered: I also won "Stryktipset" in tier 6 last season, if my memory serves, or was it tier 4 the seson before.. Haugster.
  7. I was promised a td frenzy award for scoring 7 td's with Lookers against Jbecks' ogres in the same game he caused 7 cas on me, last match of the season, two seasons ago, I think. Fitting too, as it was only the frenzy that kept me going; The smartest thing I could have done was stalling so I didn't have to line up so many times! Consult Jbecks with any questions! Haugster.
  8. hey mate!

    Didn't know you were here too! :)


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