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  1. Here we are (a little late) with match 8 from last season in the OCC. We won't be playing the week 9 match, as it will be an adminned win due to a drop-out. But here in match 8 we get @Tys123 and his Nurgle. Let's see if we can keep this mini run that we are on going strong and continue the rebuilding and rising of the Lizards back to the top!
  2. In match 7, we some more Nurgz, this time coached by @razta. We are doing well this season and the team is slowly starting to get re-built. Let's see if we can survive this round and continue our upward climb back to the Championship tier!
  3. it certainly did in this case...haha Although it did rankle Frank Furter some. Can't say I blame him. I'd have been frustrated in that scenario as well. :)
  4. Week 5 hits us with some stinky Nurgz, as we face @Frank Furter. This one is a classic example of a coach whinging after the first turn of dice (yeah, it was me doing the whinging) and then the dice slowly changing and going complete my way by the end of it.
  5. Here we are at week 4 and we get another one of the elf teams, as we face off against @Khuno Tridentis and his High Elves. Can we keep the small amount of good luck in our favor through this one? Come on in and find out!
  6. And in week 3 we get to pound on some puny Elves and hope they don't pound back! Welcome to the channel @GaryW
  7. Welcome to week 2 folks, where we get to face off against @Luke4444 and his big old greenskins. Let's survive this to fight another day and hopefully steal a win in the process!
  8. Well here we are football fans, the start of the new season in OCC and we stayed in the Tier 3 level, so that is good. Now can we have a good season and start the long process of climbing back up the tiers? Here's the first match in that step and we get @Pylon and his chorfs!
  9. Alright, last match of the season and we get @Sindain and his dark elves. We just need to win to guarantee that we stay in T3. If we lose we demote to T4. let's get it!
  10. Well here we are in week 8 and this week we get to try and survive against some "Holier Than Thou" Brets! Hope the peasants forgot to wear their cleats in this one! Compliments to @Varrus on an intense game!
  11. Here we are with week 7 and @Kia Sidhe's Brets. I know these guys can be very honorable at times, but let's hope today, that they are a little slower on their feet than normal, so we can bag us a few!
  12. Week 6 see's us matching up with our last hard hitting team that we should have to face for the rest of the season. And unfortunately, it's @Calcium and his Chaos. We need to dodge some killers on this team and see if we can sneak out a win in the process.
  13. Here we are with week 5 and this week we get some Brets! YAH for us, we might actually get a softer hitting match for a change...here's to hoping. Let's see what @TheSir has for us in this one.
  14. Well for match week 4 we get some more elves...hopefully this week will go better than the first week's match against elves went! Let's go see what we can do against @james cook and his Elven Union team!
  15. Match week 3 is upon us and we the Dwarves coached by @Peacefrog77 this week. Let's go yank on some beards and see if we can piss off some beer drinking louts!
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