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  1. And so the frustrating season continues. With only 2 weeks left, we absolutely have to win out to have any kind of chance to stay in Champs next season. It starts here in week 8 with the Brets of @Lasker
  2. Here we go with week 6 and this week we get the Humans coached by @danton. This is the season of the draws in Champs...so let's see if we can dodge the draw in this one with a nice big win!
  3. Week 5 is upon us and we get the crazy Vamps coached by @Kjelstadfor our pleasure and enjoyment this week. This should be a fun one!
  4. Here we are in week 4 and we get the top team in champs currently with @Kinroth and his High Elves. Let's see if can squeeze a win out of this one and get back to the top!
  5. After a so, so match in week 2 to give us a draw, we are back again to face off in a mirror match against @raspeland his Lizards. And we are in a big hole to start, as we are missing a Saurus and our Krox. Gonna be a rough one I have a feeling.
  6. Week 1 went well, now let's see if we can keep up the good karma against some claw-less Chaos coached by @mbCARMAC
  7. The new season is here and we are back in Champs! And here we go with week 1 against one of the 2 chorf teams in the division this season. The first one is coached by @Nibenon and has the potential to do some damage if things go his way. Let's see how well (or badly) this one goes!
  8. Even better, on the kickoff, a double rock kills both Sun Drop and Brian on the same play. hahaha
  9. Last match of the season is here and we are all about surviving this one to be ready for a fresh run in Champs next season. With the Tier 1 crown in hand, we will do our best to make sure that Sun Drop survives against @dantonand his Humans in this one.
  10. Brian...isn't he that one turning Human that Sun Drop killed in S25 of the Champs???
  11. Week 8 is here and we are almost complete with running the tables. Let's go get our 8th win of the season against @Weblinand his Pro Elves!
  12. Well match 7 is here and we are still perfect on the season. However, this week we get the killer Chaos team coached by @Stahlburg and this one promises to be an ugly one. Come on in and see what happened!
  13. Welcome to week 6 and our journey to go perfect this season in Tier 1A. Our opponent this week is @Suidoand his Undead. Will they be the next mark in our quest?
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