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  1. It's the new season and we are in T1 for another run at trying to get to the Championship tier again In this first match we get @Khornight and his Norse.
  2. Here we go with the last week of the season and we still got a slim chance to promote up to the Championship division next season, but we need some thing to go our way...including winning this match here against some Nurgle coached by @Frank Furter.
  3. Week 8 is here and we are moving along quite nicely in our quest to try and get back to Championship tier. Can we beat these lowly knights and secure our promotion. Come watch as we try to beat some Bretonnians coached by @Varrus
  4. Match 7 rolls in and we have made a good charge to the top of the standings and actually have a solid chance at promoting back up to Championship next season. Can we continue the good run here in this one against a tough chorf team coached by @Pylon
  5. The Lizards are on a nice little run and here in week 6 they will try to continue that against some Khemri coached by @Mongloom
  6. Here we are with week 5 and things are starting to turn around and look better for the Lizards. Let's continue this good run against @Javelinand his Necro in this one.
  7. Week 4 is here and we really need to get this season turned around. This week we will try to do that against the Norse coached by @Khornight. Let's go beat up on some vikings.
  8. Well this season is going down hill quickly. We need to stop the bleeding and get a win to turn things around while there's still time. Lets try and get that done here in this one against the Necro coached by @Bärserk
  9. Alright, let's see if we can right the ship after that rough week 1 match here in week 2 with the mirror match against @raspeland his Lizards.
  10. And here we go with the new season of OCC and we are back up in Tier 1. The division looks tough with some good coaches and tough teams and we get to start it off with some nasty Nurgle coached by @naoufel70.
  11. And here we go with the last match of the season. It's as simple as this...if we win we promote back up to T1. If we lose, we most likely stay in T2. If we draw, we'd normally stay in T2, but this season it's possible that we could still promote. The only issue is, we have to figure out how to stop the natural 1 turning Human Catch that @danton has.
  12. It's time for match 8 and we get the KHE of @Mongloom We can still promote if we finish strong, so let's go get a win in this one.
  13. This time out we get the Nurgle of @Tys123and this one is primed and loaded to be a nasty and ugly match. All we are really hoping to do here is survive and hope we can somehow find a way to win as well. Here we go...
  14. And with that, match 5 is here and we get the infamous @Ethelredand Marquise de Sade, the super duper legend for the Dark Elves. Let's go and try to kill us some elves!
  15. Here we go with match 4 against some Underworld rats and their cousins, coached by @Francach This one will be a tough one, as we are giving them a ton of inducements and he has 2 nasty, nasty blitzers.
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