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  1. And then week 6 came along and we get to take on the nasty, nasty orcseses coached by Papa Nasty. I am not looking forward to this one at all.
  2. Week 5 is here and this week we get to take on the Dark Elves coached by @oldone_bb It's time to go up against our nemesis race. Can we get the win this time?
  3. Week 4 has us going against the Necro coached by @Javelin. We need to start getting some wins to have a chance to get back in it this season.
  4. And then we get the mirror match, as we get to line-up against the other lizard team coached by @Haugster
  5. Here we go with week 2 against @Khornightand his mighty Norse!
  6. And here we are with the first match in the new season and we are back up in the Championship tier. Let's see if we can pull off the win in week 1 against @AndyDavoand his Woodies!
  7. I guess I forgot to post the week 9 match against the High Elves coached by @Galentio, so here it is. Fighting to get promoted up to championship next season.
  8. honestly, I wouldn't have went leap at all...you are dodging anywhere you want on a 2+ already...the only good thing from leap is to leap away from tackle instead of dodging. Either way it's still a 2+ no matter if you leap or dodge. and if you fail you are still using a team RR, so the leap is useless...just a wasted skill and 20k. You'd have been much better going with either SS, sprint, or sure feet. SS is just good in general, especially on skinks. sprint and SF would help with the potential 1 turn...whether you are catching the ball with him to score or using him to get the ball and pass it up the skink that is 1 turning to score.
  9. Here in week 8 against the Necro coached by @Javelinwe try to get a much needed win to try and promote to the Champion tier next season. Let's go get this...
  10. And here we in week 7 and needing to start getting some wins if we want to promote back up to Championship tier next season. This week we get the Brets coached by @Count Mathas
  11. Week 6 brings us up against the Undead of @Giraffe Shepard. Let's see if we can go get us a much needed win in this one.
  12. And here we are in week 5 going against a tough coach in @Khornightand his Norse. This is set and promising to be a good one.
  13. And then there was match 4 against @Crunky Chops and his crazy Vampires!
  14. And here we are back with our week 3 match against Papa Nasty and his very nasty Orcs. We didn't have a match in week 2, as our opponent had to cancel the match.
  15. Here we are with week 1 of the new season in the OCC and we are back down in Tier 1. Week 1 sees us going up against @Daliborand his dark elves.
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