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  1. Only 2 weeks left and this is the first of those against @Rymdkejsaren and his Chaos. Let's go get a win and sew this division up.
  2. And in this week's match we get some Brets coached by @Kia SidheHopefully we can get another win here in this one and keep the good vibes going!
  3. We didn't have a match in week 6, as our opponent wasn't able to make it work that week. So here we are with week 6 and our match against @Peacefrog77 and his Dwarves. Let's see if we can keep our great season going with a win here in this one.
  4. We didn't get to play in week 4, but did get the admin win. So now we are here in week 5 going against @fisherkingand his Wood Elves to try and keep the good run going. Come on in and see how we do.
  5. Week 3 is here and we get some nasty Dark Elves for our troubles. Our nemesis race. We've had a good start to the season though, so let's see if we can keep that streak and run going here against @Stommand his elves.
  6. And we are back with week 2 and going against @Tribble and his Skaven. Can we keep the momentum going after a good week 1 win and go 2-0, or will we come crashing back down to earth in this one. Come on in and see what happens...
  7. The new season is here and we were bumped down to Tier 2. The division looks nice and diverse this season and we won't be going against 5 cpomb teams so that is a good thing. Week 1 see's us going up against @Galenth and his Wood Elves. Can we get a good win to start the season up? Let's go find out...
  8. It's the last match of the season and all we need to do is survive so that we have a team for next season. Can we stave off the Chorfs coached by @McMichi in this one?
  9. Here we go with week 8 and the season is pretty much a wash at this point. So, let's see if we can keep the existing players alive and more importantly, not get Sun Drop killed in the last weeks...including this one against some Nurgle coached by @LaserBrum
  10. Week 7 is upon us and this week we get some beat up, but still nasty humans coached by @danton. Let's see if we can get a win and salvage our rough season to try and at least stay in Tier 1 next season.
  11. Here we go with match 6 and we are in a fight to stay in T1 and not get demoted. There is still a chance that we could promote as well, but we need to run off some wins. This week we get some Chaos coached by @midievil
  12. This week in round 5 we get some Brets coached by @Varruswho just seem to have our number every time we play them. Can we change it up this time around?
  13. And then we moved on to week 4 against some Underworld coached by @Woofbark. Maybe we can finally have a break from all the kill cpomb'ers? Probably not though...haha
  14. And here we go again with yet another kill Chaos team. Fun times continue on for the Lizards, as this time we get @Stahlburgand his Chaos.
  15. most of toxicity is a ruse for the stream and videos more than anything. I play to my opponent and do what I can to rile them up and get them off their game. If I get in their heads, then they are more likely to make costly mistakes. Hence what I did with you in the chat during that game. Sometimes that is part of my strategy...sometimes it's not.
  16. Well the new season didn't start out exactly as we hoped and now we get the first of many claw kill teams, so this should go swimingly. Let's see how bad @Calciumand his run-of-the-mill Chaos hurt the Lizards in this one.
  17. It's the new season and we are in T1 for another run at trying to get to the Championship tier again In this first match we get @Khornight and his Norse.
  18. Here we go with the last week of the season and we still got a slim chance to promote up to the Championship division next season, but we need some thing to go our way...including winning this match here against some Nurgle coached by @Frank Furter.
  19. Week 8 is here and we are moving along quite nicely in our quest to try and get back to Championship tier. Can we beat these lowly knights and secure our promotion. Come watch as we try to beat some Bretonnians coached by @Varrus
  20. Match 7 rolls in and we have made a good charge to the top of the standings and actually have a solid chance at promoting back up to Championship next season. Can we continue the good run here in this one against a tough chorf team coached by @Pylon
  21. The Lizards are on a nice little run and here in week 6 they will try to continue that against some Khemri coached by @Mongloom
  22. Here we are with week 5 and things are starting to turn around and look better for the Lizards. Let's continue this good run against @Javelinand his Necro in this one.
  23. Week 4 is here and we really need to get this season turned around. This week we will try to do that against the Norse coached by @Khornight. Let's go beat up on some vikings.
  24. Well this season is going down hill quickly. We need to stop the bleeding and get a win to turn things around while there's still time. Lets try and get that done here in this one against the Necro coached by @Bärserk
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