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  1. And with that, match 5 is here and we get the infamous @Ethelredand Marquise de Sade, the super duper legend for the Dark Elves. Let's go and try to kill us some elves!
  2. Here we go with match 4 against some Underworld rats and their cousins, coached by @Francach This one will be a tough one, as we are giving them a ton of inducements and he has 2 nasty, nasty blitzers.
  3. In week 3, we try to handle and take care of some greenskinz, as we take on @djikicigoand his Orcs!
  4. And then there was week 2 and the Necro team coached by @Javelin. Let's see if we can survive this one and maybe even get us a win against a solid coach!
  5. Oh baby, the new season is upon us and here we go in Tier 2A for a second season in a row. Let's see if we can get on a good run this season and promote out and move back up to T1. In week 1, we get it started with some ugly Chorfs coached by @DarayawusThis should be an interesting one, going against a goofy Mino!
  6. Alright, here we are with the last week of the season and we know we aren't promoting. The ultimate result is do we stay in T2 or get relegated. If we lose, we drop down. If we win or tie, we stay in tier 2. So all we need to do is find a way to eliminate the elfy BS and pull the tie against @Borkeand his pesky Elves! Also, there is no commentary during this match, as I wasn't able to be vocal while playing. So game sounds only. Sorry!
  7. that's the way it goes sometimes. I've certainly had them go heavily in my favor more than once. haha
  8. It's now week 8 (we lost our video of the week 7 match), and this time out we get some Orcs coached by @DraconisBlade and we need to win to have any kind of chance to promote or stay at this level and not get relegated. So let's go kill some big green ugly guys!
  9. OOOHHH baby, it's time for a mirror match! Some Lizard on Lizard action as we get @Igralius in this one.
  10. It's week 5 fans and this week we get some Chaos...the first of 2 on the schedule. Let's see if we can get a win in this one against @Dimmy Gee.
  11. Week 4 is upon us and we get the Necro coached by @EvilSmoothieand we know he is going for fouls before this one ever even starts. This could turn ugly quick...let's see how well we can guard against it!
  12. Here we are with week 3 and this week we get the nasty Nurgz coaches by @naoufel70. Let's see if we can survive this one and get a win too.
  13. Week 2 is upon us and this week we get to take on our nemesis race, some Dark Elves coached by @EthelredCan we pull off a win this week? Come on in and find out!
  14. It's a new season and we are up in week 1 against some Necro! Let's hope that this one goes smooth and we can pull out a win with minimal losses against @Grufffand his Necro.
  15. Well here we are with the last week of the season and we get the division leading Dark Elves coached by @Trunkhead. This DAE team hasn't lost a match the entire season and Trunkhead has done a very nice job this season to get this team where they are. Now let's see if we can go beat them and finish the season strong!
  16. Week 8 see's us playing our last Orc match-up of the season and we need a win to try and stay in the middle of the pack, so we don't get demoted back down to T3 next season. So, let's see if we can pull a win out against @unglaublicher and his Orcs!
  17. Week 7 comes around and see us playing our first of back-to-back Orcs match-ups, as in this first one we get @DakaMan and his greenskins. If we can run off a few wins in a row here, then we have a shot at still being able to promote. Let's see if we can start it off right here.
  18. I keep my own spreadsheet for all of my teams where I keep track of all of their stats. This allows me to keep track of past players and where they were on their stats before they died or were retired, etc.
  19. Week 6 comes around and this week we get some Norse coached by @Khornight. Let's go kill us some Norsemen!
  20. This time out, we are in week 5 and we get some crazy humans coached by @brocCooLi. Let's see if we can get us a win in this one.
  21. Alright, now that the super scary and hard part of the season is fully behind us, we can move forward and see about winning some games and building our players back up! Let's get it started this week against @juvesak and his Amazons!
  22. Here we are at week 3 and we are now through the claw teams for this season so hopefully we can have a smoother run to finish out the season, as we try to win some games and get back to where we can promote up next season. It all starts here with @Kia Sidhe and his Brets!
  23. Week 2 is upon us and this week we get to try and recuperate from the drubbing we took in week 1. And we are doing it against @Emilius and his Necro. Let's go get us a win and survive as well.
  24. And here we go! It's the start of yet another new season for the Lizards and this season we are back up into Tier 2. Let's see if we can make a good run this season just like last season and move back up to Tier 1. In this first week match-up, we get the scariest team in the div and hopefully we can skate through these ugly Nurgz coached by @Tys123 with no damage and sneak out a win in the process.
  25. Here we are (a little late) with match 8 from last season in the OCC. We won't be playing the week 9 match, as it will be an adminned win due to a drop-out. But here in match 8 we get @Tys123 and his Nurgle. Let's see if we can keep this mini run that we are on going strong and continue the rebuilding and rising of the Lizards back to the top!
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