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  1. My daughter really likes Futurama - when she watched it, I did too :) Seems like it as yesterday...she left home SIX years ago...!
  2. :) Sent an invite...think it crashed...so sent you an invite via OCC PM too.
  3. Hi, need your Discord name so I can send you an invite to the server :). FAO @BumFillups
  4. I really like the 1 min games, as I find the adrenaline rush lovely :) With you we are 7! BumFillips Hardcore Stig Khornight matts373 Peacefrog77 Thernlow Waleed ..off topic are you a Futurama fan? ..or a Zapp Brannigan fan? :)
  5. Update...will be running it all via Discord.
  6. Hi Everyone - I have recently...well...three months ago - become a big fan of shorter time-per-turn Leagues. I have only found two 1-min a turn leagues: one is a gimmck-needed league with specific parameters, and the other one is by invite only to top coaches (coaches the organizer deems as top). I will be running the League via FB (hopefully by Discord too) - have started a FB Group a few minutes ago - private...so only me in ... will look into creating a Discord group too, by this weekend) A good starting point is 10 coaches, with all play all...top four through to playoffs. No rules limitations - just play and see what happens. Suggestions will be considered for Season 2 - well...if S1 is completed and we get to a S2! Two things: starting at a 2-week per Match day turnaround: with a fresh MD 2-week limit starting when the preceding one finishes. Thanks for reading. Sincere regards, Waleed.
  7. RL suddenly got completely full - only managed three games in nine days! I will be this short of time for 3+ weeks yet, at least, so not signing up for S20 - not even had time to research the races I am (was) down to try out.... ..keep safe everyone, and may your Season 20 go well....or as well as Nuffle allows!
  8. Thanks - did not now that....managed to avoid most BB3 spilers/info - will wait until it is out for a few months :D.
  9. Thing is, I keep thinking of The Life of Brian, when I see the graphics....
  10. Looked at the three Human Teams today - Actually like the Bretonnian build of four wrestlers and four catch blitzers :) So picked them over Human. Also the Kislev do not appeal, having looked closely at them...too much prancing about in their graphics. Bretonnian**Dark Elf**Elven Union*LizardmenVampire** ** favourites, * like them 10+ days to whittle them down to one :D.
  11. Hi Everyone, a US based League, A-Game, is looking for a Coach to join it's entry Tier.....they are one short....I had to withdraw due to change in my work hours. They use Discord to organize games, their Admin Discord ID is “A-GamePeacock#1014” They are time-zone friendly! So anyone can apply. They are one coach short. Thanks for reading :)
  12. My heart is thinking Vampires, head Dark Elves. Had a league game over at the UKBBL at lunchtime today - made careless errors as DE...I coached them more like a Wood Elf team...and lost a Blitzer in only my second game with them - failed Apothecary roll. Need to be patient - as WE I score quickly, same as Elven Union...trying that with DE did not work at all for me today - a Good Coach with an Average Orc Team (all rookies) took my DE apart! Very sobering... Managed two games in the Open Ladder being patient, got a Win and a Draw against a souped up Killing Underworld Team. I had an old experienced DE team from months ago. Think I will try with Rookies in Champions Ladder. I used to be good with Dark Elves....so am tempted to try them in S20. Checked out High Elves today...their sneering attitude really is off-putting: I know they are only pixels...but they are so arrogant! Could not stomach coaching them - would want them to die every game Even tough High Elves have won all types of Championships with Different Coaches, do not fancy Coaching them week in week out (Did coach them in Champions Ladder a few months ago, 27 games..13-3-11). So down to seven races to pick from: BretonnianDark Elf**Elven Union*HumanKislev Circus*LizardmenVampire** ** favorites, * like them
  13. Cor, Elven Union...mmm..am playing them in a small League, the AAFBBL, and enjoy using them, despite 13 dead in 24 games, and currently carrying a ST bust, three AG busts, an AV bust, and two niggling injuries. There is a lot of Bash there. They do have one luxury of a ST boost :). Cor, did not know DE would play the same in BB3. Not played them in ages - just started a new team over at the UKBBL, am on MD 2/11 there. AM actually tempted :). Am currently WE over at the ReBBL, on MD2 of 13....they are doing well...only 12 dead in 31 games and multiple doubles and stat boosts, doing them here too would be too much I reckon. Bit of a digression - came here to post that I researched Skaven today - cannot see a way of coaching them, to win, without a killer Blitzer..the MB/Claw/PO/Tackle/Horns/Juggernaught piece...bah...so have taken them off my list. Now to pick a race out of 8 BretonnianDark Elf*Elven Union*High ElfHumanKislev Circus*LizardmenVampire*...* these four interest me for my OCC S20 entry.
  14. Ah, yes, especially as I'd need 4 minutes to coach them :). Ah, yes...especially as Leap is quite heavily nerfed for them in BB3. Right, have eliminated three of the races after a few hours doing some RL - Amazon, Halfling and Ogre - there is so much MB Tackle around my team would get creamed in the OCC Main League. Going to be one of the following ten races come Season 20: BretonnianDark ElfElven UnionHigh ElfHumanKislev Circus*LizardmenSkavenVampire*Wood Elf * thinking of Kislev Circus and Vampire at he the moment - will have to give them some practice in Public Ladders to see if I fancy Coaching them here.
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