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  1. Do or Die... 0-0 Necromaniacs USA Chaos Drive: Necromantic went all in, and with their multiple GUARD, and multiple +ST players held me at the half way. Half ended 10 v 10 players wise (their Rookie Werewolf BH, my Secondary Ball Carrier, Dr. Evil III dead but apothecaried better) Score 0-0 Necromantic Drive: 11 v 11 They went all in full tagging and potato plays - I used the Wizard and crowd surfed and gangfouled...but the made uphill plays and stoppe me - me from defensive scoring - and it all boiled down to needing a 4+ hand off, 3+ dodge, 2+ GFI to win on T16..and my team failed the 4+ hand-off. Skeletor II levelled with the MVP and learnt Block.
  2. Season 15 MD1 is a home game. Do or Die... v Necromaniacs USA No Divisional Position Yet Chaos v Necromantic 1690 v 1960 Waleed v Geiger Treasuries of 10k v 100k 4 Chaos Warriors, 9 Beastmen (13) v (14) 2 Werewolves, 2 Wights, 2 Flesh Golems, 2 Ghouls, 6 Zombies. Home Stadium is "DDX" - a Level 2 Stadium with a Royal Box (Doubles all gains and losses of Fan Factor). Team Mottos: "Victory is Mine!" v "whats Da motto with you" Game is scheduled for Saturday 17th October at 1400 Hours UTC.
  3. Team only has 11 players, so recruited two new Beastmen: No. 9 HAL 9000 X, and No. 13 Secret Squirrel IV Scouts still on the look-out for: No. 8 Servalan IV (Beastman) &No. 15 Hong Kong Phooey III (first ever Minotaur if I lose my Warriors...)
  4. Season 18 Divisions are out! 2C for Do or Die... Tier 2 2C Waleed - Do or Die... - Chaos - - Luke4444 - Liquor Store Squad - Orc - - King Kill - Disciples of Death - Chaos - - Francach - Two Heads Up - Underworld - - Zulu501 - Totsugeki Raigeki - Dark Elf - - Pylon - Bleak House - Chaos Dwarf - - mbCARMAC - Sabertooth Vag 1.0 - Chaos - - ElfiC - UnderForestWalkers - Necromantic - - Geiger - Necromaniacs USA - Necromantic - - Frank Furter - Frank's Fowlers - Nurgle -
  5. ...means Scouts are on the look-out for: No. 9 HAL 9000 X (Beastman) No. 13 Secret Squirrel IV (Beastman) No. 8 Servalan IV (Beastman)No. 15 Hong Kong Phooey III (first ever Minotaur if I lose my Warriors...) Aim of getting up to 4 Warriors and 10 Beastmen...or all Beasts and a Minotaur if I lose my Warriors.
  6. Season 16 & 17 missed due to RL difficulties, Team Roster as at the Start of S18. Do or Die... 1570 TV 130k in Treasury 4x FF 2x RR 1x Apothecary1x Cheerleader1x Coach Assistant Stadium, "DDX", is at Level 2 with a Royal Box. Current Squad of 4 Chaos Warriors and 7 Beastmen. 1. Stewie Griffin, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Claw, Tackle (139)2. James T. Kirk III, Block, Guard, Stand Firm (49)3. Arnold J. Rimmer III, Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Broken Neck (AG Bust), Tackle (58)4. Stanley H. Tweedle II, Block, Guard (20) 5. Tuco II, Horns, Block, Smashed Ankle (MA Bust),+AG, Side Step (32)6. Dr. Evil III, Horns, Sure Hands (9) 7. Skeletor II, Horns. (5) 8. reserved for Servalan IV, Horns (0) 9. reserved for HAL 9000 X, Horns (0) 10. Ivan Drago IV, Horns (4) 11. Hans Gruber IV, Horns (0)12. Yosmite Sam II, Horns, Sure Hands, Extra Arms, Side Step (45) 13. reserved for Secret Squirrel IV Horns (0) 14. Captain Caveman VI, Horns, Block, Guard, Stand Firm (32) 15. reserved for Hong Kong Phooey III, possible recruit of
  7. Coach name (ingame): Waleed Team name: Do or Die... Race: Chaos Returning team, last played in Season 15 Division 1B, 7th.
  8. ...and the very bad news was not as bad as feared...so my desire to play BB is back :) Have put in for Season 18, a returning Team.
  9. ..season over and team ended 7th...lower mid-table obscurity. The stats as they were have all gone - powers-that-be are getting somethigng set up. Due to RL I ahve to stop scheduled playing. One bit of very good news I will know more about in August 2020. One bit of very bad news I will know more about in Mach 2021. Until then I'll have to play Ladder BB2 for any BB gaming....
  10. Cor, managed a Level up: Captain Caveman VI levelled with his third skill - Stand Firm.
  11. Do or Die... 1-1 Preston Chorf End I took a Wizard, which failed, 2 babes who worked very well, and a Wandering Apothecary who worked. Chaos Dwarf Drive: 2 Lucky gangfouls took off a Bull and a Dwarf - a GFI blitz on T8 witj a 1 in 27 ball scatter from the crowd, a GFI pick up got me the ball and a defensive TD. 1-0 Chaos Drive: Chaos Dwarfs wnt all in, made every play got the ball off me and scored T13 with siiep dup Bull. 1-1 Chaos Drive: 9 of mine v 7 of theirs. And my chance of a win was shafted with 2x 1/1 plays BUT my first T16 play was a Nuffle blessed triple dodge, double GFI to get the ball free off a hobgoblin. ...which meant the Chaos Dwarfs needed a 3+ dodge, 3+ pick up to win - and the dode was failed. 1-1 Final score. Depends upon other results if team is relegated or not.
  12. cor..readers, it all boiled down to a 3+ dodge for Fantus to win - after my team had a slew of embarrassing turnovers when they were trying to win.
  13. Season 15 MD9 is a home game. Do or Die... v Preston Chorf End 8th v 5th Chaos v Chaos Dwarf 1550 v 1880 Waleed v Fantus Treasuries of 80k v 40k 4 Chaos Warriors, 7 Beastmen (11) v (12) 2 Bull Centaurs, 5 Chaos Dwarf Blockers, 4 Hobgoblins, 1 Minotaur Home Stadium is "DDX" - a Level 2 Stadium with a Royal Box (Doubles all gains and losses of Fan Factor). Team Mottos: "Victory is Mine!" v "Does my beard look big in this??" Game is scheduled for Friday 24th April at 2100 Hours UTC.
  14. Tuco II levelled with Side Step, and Hans Gruber IV, Beastman, has been recruited :)
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