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  1. RL suddenly got completely full - only managed three games in nine days! I will be this short of time for 3+ weeks yet, at least, so not signing up for S20 - not even had time to research the races I am (was) down to try out.... ..keep safe everyone, and may your Season 20 go well....or as well as Nuffle allows!
  2. Thanks - did not now that....managed to avoid most BB3 spilers/info - will wait until it is out for a few months :D.
  3. Thing is, I keep thinking of The Life of Brian, when I see the graphics....
  4. Looked at the three Human Teams today - Actually like the Bretonnian build of four wrestlers and four catch blitzers :) So picked them over Human. Also the Kislev do not appeal, having looked closely at them...too much prancing about in their graphics. Bretonnian**Dark Elf**Elven Union*LizardmenVampire** ** favourites, * like them 10+ days to whittle them down to one :D.
  5. Hi Everyone, a US based League, A-Game, is looking for a Coach to join it's entry Tier.....they are one short....I had to withdraw due to change in my work hours. They use Discord to organize games, their Admin Discord ID is “A-GamePeacock#1014” They are time-zone friendly! So anyone can apply. They are one coach short. Thanks for reading :)
  6. My heart is thinking Vampires, head Dark Elves. Had a league game over at the UKBBL at lunchtime today - made careless errors as DE...I coached them more like a Wood Elf team...and lost a Blitzer in only my second game with them - failed Apothecary roll. Need to be patient - as WE I score quickly, same as Elven Union...trying that with DE did not work at all for me today - a Good Coach with an Average Orc Team (all rookies) took my DE apart! Very sobering... Managed two games in the Open Ladder being patient, got a Win and a Draw against a souped up Killing Underworld Team. I had an
  7. Cor, Elven Union...mmm..am playing them in a small League, the AAFBBL, and enjoy using them, despite 13 dead in 24 games, and currently carrying a ST bust, three AG busts, an AV bust, and two niggling injuries. There is a lot of Bash there. They do have one luxury of a ST boost :). Cor, did not know DE would play the same in BB3. Not played them in ages - just started a new team over at the UKBBL, am on MD 2/11 there. AM actually tempted :). Am currently WE over at the ReBBL, on MD2 of 13....they are doing well...only 12 dead in 31 games and multiple doubles and stat boosts, doing them he
  8. Ah, yes, especially as I'd need 4 minutes to coach them :). Ah, yes...especially as Leap is quite heavily nerfed for them in BB3. Right, have eliminated three of the races after a few hours doing some RL - Amazon, Halfling and Ogre - there is so much MB Tackle around my team would get creamed in the OCC Main League. Going to be one of the following ten races come Season 20: BretonnianDark ElfElven UnionHigh ElfHumanKislev Circus*LizardmenSkavenVampire*Wood Elf * thinking of Kislev Circus and Vampire at he the moment - will have to give them some practice in Public Ladders to s
  9. Hi Everyone, am re-joining the OCC League in S20. For a good fun experience, with a chance of winning games. Only just saw the thread about S20 signups, have 14 days 22 hours, 49 minutes to decide :) Initial trawl of races, I have it down to 13 I'd like to pick from. Just a knee-jerk post, not really thought about it....yet! Not decided if number one priority is fun, or winning. AmazonBretonnianDark ElfElven UnionHalflingHigh ElfHumanKislev CircusLizardmenOgreSkavenVampireWood Elf
  10. Cor - that was the 666th reply (above) to this thread :).
  11. Cor, Pidpad has the S20 Sign-ups thread started! Have managed to resist signing up to more (other) leagues....am waiting to be in S20 here. Definitely not coaching a killing team here - and there is no way to be a winning Chaos Team without killing - tried everything over the years BB2 has been out. Got 15 days to decide which race to be :) Got choice down to 13 of them: Amazon Bretonnian Dark Elf Elven Union Halfling High Elf Human Kislev Circus Lizardmen Ogre Skaven Vampire Wood Elf
  12. Ah, better explanation - I reckon 50/50 chance of being able to play in April. IF I can play, I'll be here, with a rerolled team - one that does not need killers or Dirty Players as a necessity :). Yesterday I played as souped-up Nurgle v souped-up Underworld: and did not have the desire to kill them....Nuffle spotted this and ensured my MB/PO/Tackle failed all game - ended up a draw I have stopped playing in any new leagues now - am in four though: ReBBL as Wood Elves, on Week 1 of 13. AAFBBL as Elven Union, on week 7 of 11, may leaving at season end, so I can play here at OCC. G
  13. Been playing some games in Public Ladders, and at the moment do not enjoy coaching killing teams - which means Do or Die... no longer appeal to me as I will have to reshape them as a killing team to be successful. However, desire to play BB is back :). In five weeks; team will be signing up for S20. 50/50 chance I'll reroll, and have to say goodbye to this team...
  14. Hi Ethelred, when is the deadline please? Thanks!
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