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  1. Teams I have: Chaos 1770 Chaos 1780 Dark Elf 2080 Dark Elf 1670 High Elf 1340* Dwarfs 1040 Nurgle 1290 Wood Elf 1460* Undead 1510 Underworld 1440 Skaven 1060 * seem the best fit? or I can do a fresh Rookie Team of DE, HE, WE or Elven Union.
  2. I am down to 2 Leagues...so can do this :) I'll check what I have!
  3. My son never knew me during my win win win days, when I used to pour over rules and just want to win...nothing else mattered.... ...my daughter remembers those days (she is thee years older than him). Son bought me BB2 and got me into that. I have not really cared abut winning since 0200 Hours Boxing Day 2010 - when I had an Epiphany Moment in life. On 21st December 2020 my son asked me to try and win some Blood Bowl games - he had just seen my Underworld be brushed aside, with ease, by some Necromantics, over at the UKBBL. Once BB3 comes out I am aiming to sign up for the UKBBL,
  4. My son just told me he is getting me Blood Bowl 3!!....Yippee. So even if RL is tough and I cannot play the next few months, I should be back for Season 1 of BB3 :).
  5. Summary of team performance to date: Played 120, Won 50, Drawn 25, Lost 45. Win Rate of 52%.* My Chaos Performance is Played 377, Won 186, Drawn 78, Lost 113 - win rate of 60%. Overall Performance is Played 1097, Won 575, Drawn 227, Lost 295 - a win rate of 63%. *experiment of not having killers, and for a long time having no tackle or stand firm comprehensively failed. Trying Side Step. or other things fancy, does not work. Simple smack and try and pitch clear works. Remnants can get the ball and score. Also some Wrestle and Dirty Player is neede
  6. Team Roster as at the end of S18. Do or Die... 1780 TV 130k in Treasury 6x FF 2x RR 1x Apothecary1x Cheerleader1x Coach Assistant Stadium, "DDX", is at Level 2 with a Royal Box. Squad of 4 Chaos Warriors and 10 Beastmen. 1. Stewie Griffin, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Claw, Tackle (147)2. James T. Kirk III, Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow (57)3. Arnold J. Rimmer III, Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Broken Neck (AG Bust), Tackle, Mighty Blow (79)4. Stanley H. Tweedle II, Block, Guard (27) 5. Tuco III, Horns (0)6. Dr. Evil III, Horns, Sure Hands (12) 7. S
  7. S18 - Division 2C table ended as: 7-0-2, +8 Chaos 6-2-1, +6 Nurgle 4-2-3, 0 Orc 2-5-2, +1 Necromantic 3-2-4, -2 Dark Elf 3-2-4, -3 Underworld 3-1-5, -3 Chaos 3-1-5, -3 Chaos Dwarf 2-3-4, -2 Necromantic 2-2-5, -2 Chaos (me!)
  8. Season over, and team ended 10th and relegated. Oh dear. Enforced break for 3+ months. May be back, or may have to wait for the start of BB3.
  9. Away loss..it was dire: Liquor Store Squad 1-0 Do or Die... Quad skulls self KO on my turn 3 when every Orc was basing my players led to being smothered, outnumbered and them scoring T8, afterI had manged to get the ball free on my T8 with a desperation play. Orc Drive: manged to smother them, but an uphill double pow got them free and a big scrum at he halfway line. My rerolls used up with failed double blocks. and failed my last ditch attempt on T15. Orcs just stood around, based and had an exhibiton match. If they had not lost their star goblin self casualtied with a 1/1 dodge on T6
  10. Dr. Evil III is in Hospital with a Broken Jaw. Season 15 MD9 is an away game. Liquor Store Squad v Do or Die... 4th v 8th Orc v Chaos 1340+100 v 1700 Luke4444 v Waleed Treasuries of 40k v 90k 1 Goblin, 2 Linemen, 3 Blitzers, 3 Black Orcs, 2 Journeyman (9+2) v (13) 4 Chaos Warriors, 9 Beastmen Away Stadium is "Coca-Cola Coliseum" - a Level 4 Stadium with a Magic Dome (Weather starts nice...and stays Nice) Sponsor is Orcidas: The well known brand encourages friendly competition and team spirit. Just remember that for them, a match nev
  11. Yes. Some RL Bad news meant no gaming to March 2021, but in August was told, hey it may not be to bad - go back to a normal life...however some bad news means I need to stop until probably 6th February (or later if unlucky). I was just getting back into it - 2 weeks ago I was in 7 Leagues, then last week in 6 - after next week will be down to 5. May be back in time for the end of BB2, or a start of BB3....or if unlucky in RL, no idea!
  12. Team news: Dr. Evil III is in Hospital with a Broken Jaw MNG).
  13. Frank's Fowlers 2-1 Do or Die... One of those dire one-sided games, 14 turns favoured the Nurgle, two favoured me. We smacked each other - they ripped through my team. I did sod all to them. A dull mindless game, at least it only lasted around 70 minutes. My babe failed, he recovered both KO's. Played T2 to T16 outnumbered by 1 to 4 players...yikes. A T15 one in twelve play got me a consolation TD. They suffered more through a failed dodge (death regenerated) than I could cause all game. They killed one (Apothecaried to Reserves), MNG'd One Badly Burt 3, and KO'd three.
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