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  1. Wait until you find out how much it costs to have your name engraved on the shield, then you might not be so keen
  2. UKBBL is switching over to BB2 at the end of the current season. I dare say there are a number of coaches who could be 'rescued' from there? Admittedly quite a few already play here as well :)
  3. It seems the further Spiller manages to climb the leagues, the more that drops off the bottom. Should have just waited a couple more seasons and started at the top :p
  4. Don't normally get excited by individual players, it's a team game after all but today this happened... Got a picture quickly before he dies
  5. Have no proof, but I suspect longer running leagues tend to gravitate towards certain races over time as they have more survivability, especially when starting fresh against developed teams. A move to BB2 would mean a tv 1000 start and more opportunity for all races to get a look in? Switching over before that chance seems a shame to me.
  6. and England. I travelled all the way from England!
  7. That makes sense Dio. After taking dwarves all those times you can't gave much soul left.
  8. When you select the ball carrier in BB2, all your other players in range will have a target/sight ring round them. The colour of this shows the range. Believe the ranges are White/Yellow/Orange/Red? If you pre-plan a move then these colours change so you can judge in advance what the range will be. It's one of the things that feels slower than BB1, but as soon as we get used to it, all will be forgotten :)
  9. Guess people see different things in films :) The 2nd death star didnt seem to take all that long to build either, and this was mainly a base on a planet, rather than a position in space. Guessing that would be easier to complete. As for Kylo Ren, you got it right. He is NOT Darth Vader, I believe that is kinda the point behind his character. He is a Vader wannabe that clearly has flaws and weaknesses.
  10. Running Windows 10 (sadly as it came in the new pc) BBmanager used to work and now it gives the error message as other coaches mention above. Have already installed the 45min Windows update that seems only to have slowed Edge down to a point that I've gone back to Explorer :S Have checked for further Windows updates and there are no more. Am personally almost entirely computer illiterate, so if anyone can explain what needs to be done to sort this, I'd be grateful :)
  11. I reset my password tonight as it happens (haven't used BBManager for a long long time), It went into the Spam box not the inbox. Maybe check there if you haven't already :)
  12. Ah, well i certainly didnt want to push in if there is :)
  13. Woohoo :) thanks guys. Will try to apply when i get home if that's ok?
  14. That's cool, I can wait :) And thanks for the kind words Doomy. Showing them to me mam :-P
  15. Hi I have been turned away at the door of the Snotling Soda office as I've played OCC a few years ago! Would like to register my interest in (re) joining the main league please :) Have no old teams stored and I promise to get my name changed to Itchen Masack (same as in game) when I figure out how.
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