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  1. Hi guys! I'd like to invite you to the tournament in Warsaw, Poland which takes place in 3 weeks from now! We have nearly 80 coaches registered so far. Don't miss the BB fun! It's one of the biggest tabletop tournaments in this part of Europe! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and post here, pm me or directly contact my friend who organizes it (fantasybowlwintercup@gmail.com). WHEN:24 and 25 November (weekend)WHERE:"at footballers" restaurant (U PIŁKARZY)ul. Kołowa 18, 03-536 WarszawamapYou can get here with public Bus (ZTM) to bus stop
  2. Would be great to watch more of this kind of stuff. Very educational and great job indeed. I'm waiting for more ?
  3. Am I'm so gonna kill your Darkies old friend :} I hope for at least one!
  4. Updating the info. Coach name: rov3r Team name: Hawk Raiders Race: Wood Elf
  5. You've always had a good reaction time but now it's just disturbing
  6. Hey! Returning coach, new team. Coach name (ingame): rov3r Team name: TBD (will edit this post by 16th) Race: Wood Elf
  7. Hah! Doomy, you're still breathing!
  8. Some of the old farts around here may remember me. Especially those who admined OCC during it's early days Cheers to all of you and I hope to meet you irl in Cardiff as I'll be representing Poland this year and saw some familar names on the participants list!
  9. Where between WoW and Oblivion/Skyrim would you place this game guys? Heard there is not much of the end game contact atm.
  10. Hah many dream about that but this was discussed a couple of times and the anwser always was to keep the pool of races open. Green and red suits (with me out there once upon a time) always wanted to have people play what they want rather then with what's available Not sure about the policy now since Pidpad got green suit and plays Underworld and definitely wouldn't want 5 dwarfs in his division
  11. I was thinking about the BB2 and the options it may include. Will online platform be separated from the vanilla, LE and ChE. What kind of impact it could have on the OCC? Two mutual leagues? Global reroll? End of the world? Will they even support BB1 and will it be possible to find a MM game there after BB2 is released? New teams? If so what new teams despite Slaan (which GW gives so much hate) they may include? Some newly developed stuff? How would this affect OCC? This is just a peek of an iceberg because a lot of things come to my mind when I think about BB2.
  12. Disturbing lack of understanding of addiction processes Considering the frustration between the lines the author still haven't seen real tits despite damping his minis :lol:
  13. With Ray sitting out it seems that Despized are the oldest Orc team in the OCC. Do I hear FAP FAP FAP? Zunk is that you?
  14. Stop transforming my spam topic into a constructive discussion ffs!
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