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  1. Once again dode, your thoughts are well founded. I guess i was just used to doing this with my mates in TT. But i have done it on-line before and if that were to happen then i guess im at fault for trusting a coach and can't conplain to much as i was played the fool. But hasn't happened yet so i will continue to do so unless i get burnt, which no doubt eventually will happen. Then again i may have to contemplate on this more. Cheers for the input
  2. I have just posted up a big speal on my thoughts and actions with regards to fair-play and throphies under a new title; Fair-play and trophies, in the dugout area. Feel free to read and reply to my thoughts on the matter. Cheers
  3. There has been a lot of debate lately on fair play and trophy's such as Dirty git, Bounty Hunter and Executioner etc. Here is some insite into my (Danger) idea of fair play and why i do such actions. I have had many sides and find they are each suited to different play styles. My dwarf teams for example will not foul as it is very costly if sent of but i give them other skills such as MB and PO to help remove players from the pitch. I have found the same with orcs and chaos also. Now you may say i can do the same with saurus in a Lizardman team but i find i need other skills more so to pro
  4. As i have stated in another thread " I like this league. Of all my OCC games, i have never played match's that had abusive language, rule breaking or cheats." Cant say the same for many other leagues. Therefor i like this community and wouldn't wish anybody to leave. But there are other leagues that do suit certain play styles such as all elf leagues etc. These may suit other playing styles better perhaps as another way to have their fun. Also Hobnail, i will always becareful in the future of pitting a dwarf side against your Amazons, even if those races go in my favour. I rember the last
  5. I was informed that there are only 3 more books to come, as he wants to wrap it up. After the latest book to come out (after years of waiting), it still doesn't look like ending. I do hope i does get wrapped up in 2 or 3 more books as it is very frustrating having to wait so long for the next books to come out. I love it but an ending would be nice to. My favorite all time fantasy book would have to be "Magician". But the best series i've read, just in front of Game of Thrones would be "The empire series", starting with; Daughter of the Empire. A good trilogy that one, to co-incide with Magic
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