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  1. Yes, looking forwards to it, been a bit crazy this week not even sure why just didn't have any time or energy... The weekend sounds excellent.
  2. Sounds like a interesting game, no choice but to exploit your opponents technical difficulties its simply not your fault... I'll watch it when I've got a moment, anything you want me to concentrate on this week?
  3. Actual complaint beyond there being some key missing teams... WTAF is going on with this shit star player selection? Its utter drivil.
  4. Loving the new rules change is great even if I might have done plenty different myself its fantastic to see some evolution in the game... I am worried about the redrafting rules, they seem very harsh for a online perpetual league, sometimes its good fun to build up a high tv team and while I think these rules could be fun, its also going to massively restrict builds that many of us are going to want to try and be really brutal if you have a bad season, especially with the spiralling 20k cost increase on players redrafted, that's proper harsh, you get punished big time for not changing team. It might not sound much but to get a Khemri team where I want it takes about 10 seasons, that's 200k per player extra and simply isn't possible.
  5. Edril is still in the game...He can even reroll it once per game! I like it all but I think the redrafting rules are too hard core, the 20k increase each season and such low ratings will make long term team building a thing of the past.. I agree some cap should be there and that once teams pass 2k they can get silly but up to that point its fun, and playing high tv games is very much part of the chess match I enjoy. I just hope its more managable for BB3 as on table top I could edit it as I feel I want to and thus increase the base buy in and the money for matches.
  6. Notice Snotling bombers have passing skill access, hail mary for the win.
  7. I'm lazy, they just go into my bitz box... I'll get the Necromantic and the Undead teams then I can field a roster of each, I should pick up human and orc full rosters at some point as well, what I really need to do is track down all my old minis I've got most of the old teams just don't know who has them.
  8. Having a entire Undead Army from the days when fantasy existed I've no shortage of minis I could use for ghouls, zombies, skeletons and wraiths... Golems and Wolves are more tricky but those seem covered... What I've always hated about buying bloodbowl minis is they never give you a full positional roster so you either buy two boxes and have loads of useless minis or you have to get something else to stand in instead.. At least if you pick up a Undead team and the Necromantic one you could field a full positional roster of each which seems fairly solid.
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/07/terrifying-touchdowns-from-beyond-the-grave/ 100% they are wraiths it says so right there...
  10. I'm wondering about Agility actually. if 2+ is basically AG 4, does it go to 1+ or even 0+? GW games don't normally do that in which case agility teams wouldn't have much room to shift and dodging modifers would stack up harder than they do already.
  11. Wow talk about making a team that lives and dies on its positionals even more reliant on so few players. Wraiths will technically be better at there key role than they are already (more expensive I bet though even with the no hands neg trait). This is a team I'm going to want to test but its also interesting to see that while Zombies and Golems (I expect) can't pass they can still be given the ball and I assume catch as well but if you need Golems or Zombies to score your fucked cause you only have four reliable ball carriers now and two of those lack regeneration. Very interesting, wraiths could be excellent sidestepping guard/counter guard pieces but losing being able to touch the ball is a big thing... Cool I guess, will be very interesting and its good to see them become even more there own thing.
  12. Yeah I'm down for the tabletop, I didn't bother with 2016 because it was basically the same game though I've got my hands on the PDFs anyway, but being as they are changing the rules in a substantial manner I shall be picking up at least the rulebook, maybe another full game being as I have no actual idea where my BB stuff is, someone has it, I know what bag its in but who the fuck out of my long term friends possession its in I'm clueless and there's like 3 pitches in there and a dozen plus teams, plus dead zone and all the original compendiums (showing my age really). As for the computer game its a no brainer, much like BB2 was despite I've only clocked around 300 hours in this one compared to the 2000+ I did in the original versions thats still damn excellent value for money and I've just finished a single 10 team round robin despite not playing in any leagues right now so it gets use regardless of how committed I am to it.
  13. Reddit its seems to be the same place other leaks are coming from so seems pretty likely to be correct, its what I'm considering is accurate feels right as well in terms of mini releases... Big shame to lose Norse, Khemri, Vampires especially as well as Kislev, Im not sure as many people will miss Chaos Dwarfs. The concern I have is even if these teams get released later that doesn't mean they will make it into BB3, if you get 8+2 dlc teams on release then that still leaves 11 more teams via DLCs and you've got not way of knowing if they will call it a day with those done.
  14. Lets not forget the Snotlings... They may be small but they have numbers!
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