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  1. First loss of the season. Only three vampires so we knew we were going to lose. Snake eyes gave both of us scores on the other's drive. On his last drive I just couldn't stop him. I hate dauntless. I made him reroll a dodge on T16 but the reroll worked. Then Igor took MVP.
  2. And shag is a type of carpet. I don't get it. Someone beat Jump All Stars before they climb back into the boat.
  3. a single turn? I had snake eye dodge and started the next turn lust - rr/lust- and then failed the dodge. 300 TV walked off the pitch. the rest were just bashed off the pitch. I didn't even pick up the ball until T3 because of turn ending disasters and we were losing more than a player a turn. Luckily we got a kick off roll so I could RR the lust on T5 before only scoring. I didn't dare move anything else I think my opponent missed an easy block on the ball with four or five players so I lucked into a score. Still, if you think you are getting bad dice, just play dorfs. It was god damn silly and his stalling when I had two thralls left was the only reason we tied.
  4. Post 4,000! I do not feel worthy. [And the thread turned 10 a few weeks ago. My dice looked good but that may have been due to all the great injuries. +MA, sidestep, tackle vamp; AGI, Sure hands thrall and something else died. Newb thrall, JJ Ape, dead on the first block. 360 TV shaved off. This is why I should not have spent 80K on thralls before the game.
  5. And you realize you have used a roll every turn. Been there. I play tomorrow but week one started badly, using a roll on my first two turns to prevent turnovers. Players dropping left and right so threw a bomb to the end zone with no rolls just to try and get something. Dice did even out (meaning bad dice for both of us) but his were all game changing disasters that allowed me to score with a walk in on his drive or ended his T8 equalizer. We had a chance to throw to an open thrall with a rr on 16 but there was a reason he didn't cover Doomy. 4-2 in the end.
  6. when I want to play the other race I join BBT or some other league
  7. A couple thralls for the line are good too. Make one a dp if you want to make them think about piling on with that niggle. If extra skills are 20k. I can't confirm.
  8. He will have to go through the residing gods. They are the three most experienced players in the league. So says Mr Cook.
  9. I just realized you said golden. Nice job. You just couldn't let me have one award you didn't have. And you did it against skilled teams. Very Nice.
  10. I have never had that many skilled thralls so I have no idea what you are doing wrong. I can't help there. My vamps get block, dodge, tackle. Unless you know you are not running into dorfs, then dodge first seems OK. Agi gets blodge but then sidestep to gaze on the sideline. Then pro. Your killer needs tackle and I would go jump up or pro. Jump up is underrated. I would have a lot of it if I didn't have so much MA. If you stay in the 1500s in CCL it is usually pretty easy from what I recall.
  11. what is the mix of new and returning teams in T5?
  12. That is my key to winning. Just score a lot! Nice job.
  13. It would have just went to the next tiebreaker in that case. Though I do feel as if I lucked into this one. On your last blitz you hit me head on and I was all ready to forgo the sidestep and take my chances with the fans and their throw in. We really were playing for the championship, and all I had to do was not lose too much. Thanks to Suido for getting me to play again last season. He really did PM me, so blame him, because no one enjoys my company. Ever. Also, if you figure out who will lose the bonus promotion by me changing my decision to defend the title, give them the finger for me. And I would also like to really thank everyone in that thread. I great support group for a frustrating race. Instead of listing everyone I encourage you to just read the thread.
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