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  1. I did until some god damn nurgle coaches killed them.
  2. I do it just so you will post here.
  3. Three deaths today. Apo saved Freight Train. I forgot to look at pows today but the only time he didn't roll them seemed to be when it was both down on my rookie. I had fantasies about leveling up but two blitzes in a row on the ball ended in dub skulls. First time I rerolled a push, then a failed lust which was rerolled only to end the blitz and another turn with skulls. 5 ko, 4 cas 2 death and an apo death. Then in a wonderful shit show next to the sideline my rookie was surfed with the ball. It was really something. Excellent play.. No injury but the throw in was dow
  4. Vampires are about to go away, or have a complete makeover. Fucked over. They are very unique. Don't let any rat faced bastard try to steer you away. They can be made into killers but just like pit bulls, they don't have to be.
  5. Someone on discord was talking about a vamp team getting three blitzes
  6. are you the vamp that had 3 blitzes?
  7. Turn 12 this week and two players left. not one regen has worked. My opponent would have to do something stupid to lose this one. So many pows on dodge. While when I do get a good play because they do something stupid it is double ones. Really fucking down today. pitch cleared on 14 I got double dice on the ball twice. First time, well I didn't, it was a snake eye dodge, but the second dime was full of stupid dodges with a 4+ in there where I used my reroll just to get there and push. I was curious so i looked. 65 [6s]. Those were armor/injury rol
  8. ...I meant to as well. So I rewatched last week's game and I knew I was not playing my game. There was a blodge beast on the line and instead of a thrall, I stuck Freight Train on it. I did end up knocking it down, but I didn't really get into scoring position. Then he managed two cas and three KO on defense before I BH a tasty thrall and suddenly he starts turn three up 11 - 5 on the pitch. I end my drive with one stunned vamp on the pitch. down a TD. When he started his drive with 11 vs 7 and said he was not sure how he was going to win I was pretty confused. The
  9. I ment to watch that but the greeting card companies said I had to spend time with my girlfriend today
  10. It is about time you had a stat up!
  11. I don't know what happened. I had two players left at the half. down 1-0 on my drive. @Gadajs must have fucked up. He got robbed. and he is a good player.
  12. He just started turn 3 and I have 6 out. Fuck this game
  13. Nothing I could do today. I bitched about it enough on the Discord "Dice shaming"
  14. I had a lot of KO too, and a babe that did nothing. On the bright side I will be able to get a bench in a few games. On the dark side there are four nurgle in my division
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