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  1. Turn 4 vs humans. Dead vamp. All thralls are dead or KO. Freight Train just doubl;e lust off the pitch Turn 5, stood up a vamp, lust, turn over. I have rolled one pow all game so far Turn 7. One player on the pitch. T14 just started with one rookie vamp. Even with three players I was getting to the ball but no more than a push. If anyone can tell me what I did wrong, go for it. Maybe letting a vamp die on T1. t14 ends pitch cleared. I could tie if he can't pick up the ball
  2. +ma always feels magical. Especially on a vamp for some reason. It makes the two turn TD one less roll. I hope the blodge vamp is giving the rest of 6 nightmares.
  3. I did not have the money to buy up to 12 plyers.. If I had thought I would not lose money every week I might have saved to buy my fourth roll back. It was a combination of pessimism and frustration with feeling like it was now or never. And that it didn't matter what I had when I have rolled so many turn ending dice. In hindsight I probably should not have bought the vampire. I could have managed with 5. I didn't really take the time to think it out. I may have been able to make money after losing a 230 vamp and 50k in fame. Even this week I broke even with a 1. So I think it is really because you didn't talk to me sooner.
  4. Got it, brother. I think this is my third season on "top" but I won't be staying unless I really turn it around next week.
  5. Not me. I am in 8th place. I can't afford thralls. I used to enjoy a bench but a lot of death. Two dead this week but actually used apo on a kicker. [Oh, and rolled a 1 on winnings. Again. So many 1s.
  6. 28% skulls today. balanced D6 but still the turn ending double ones. That combined with the armor/injury dice has me struggling. 1-1 with four players left. I still manage to stun a stalling ghoul today but when we picked up the ball and were instantly hit wit a POW I went toward the sideline hoping for a difficult throw in for my opponent's 11 players. nope, dropped right in front of a wolf. I marked him but ag3 was not failing any dodges today. This could be my worst season yet
  7. I think the rule book says MVP has to go to dead thralls.
  8. I couldn't break armor on woodies and we were 57% with dodges. Pretty much all you need to know right there. Dodging with the ball became double ones and before you know it Bats are down 4-1. I had a chance to score and make it 4-3 with 3 turns left but double ones got us. It ended up a score but with only two turns left I tried to move into position where I could cover the pitch and then, double ones. So many turns ended with double ones. When you think you might need a season off, you need a season off. This should ruin the game for me for a while.
  9. I thought my BBT Ogres got lucky rolls. Sure Hands was a good call but I think Tackle was the only other choice. It is too useful. If he didn't have AG I would have said Tackle. MY AG Ogre just rolled a 6. Not sure what to take.
  10. Bring your wallet, I'm an alcoholic.
  11. Yeah, who hasn't done that? Porno Ray got me to join when I first found Blood Bowl. Blame him. If you ever see him again. @RayXXX
  12. Kjelstad


    The wizard makes you feel like you just got a free 150K!
  13. Elves today, and I lost two very good tackle pieces this week. scored on turn 2, couldn't get to his sprinter with ma 6 tackle and he tied it up at the half. The second half I get a blitz and even though I keep getting stripped, I manage to score. Then I just can not get a break when I take the ball away. Even though I take down a no skill elf I can not follow because of lust and he easily picks up the ball to run away. When I do catch up I roll my 7th pair of non POW dice on a blodger with the ball. My third tie. The only good news was winning 70K putting the bank at 90K. I am hoping for a good payday next week and a sixth.
  14. I think block dodge and tackle are priority since they are the but in rerolls. Tackle when sacking the ball. We need all the help we can get. Built in rerolls. I have to stop posting on my phone...
  15. Most people take Dodge on the first level but I'm a fan of block.on the defensive side they both save you one out of six times, unless the other player has tackle, but one of them helps when blitzing the ball. I guess it helps when dodging away if they don't have tackle, and that's why I usually take Dodge second on a move vampire. They score a lot.
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