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  1. I found that a 4str thrall becomes a huge target. Takes the heat of vamps till it dies and fixes that crazy TV
  2. Pro is nice but with that movement he is going to be able to get to the ball 9 out of 10 times, and I'm saving a real roll for that. Jump up is great, but he already has 8ma Sure feet and fend have never been my thing. Strip, most carriers are going to be sure handed and dodge if they can get it. Probably why I would take tackle. I have had two MA8 and they both looked exactly like that. [Oh, and congratulations!
  3. Maybe some day. His whole team is "overrated" If that big dummy had not tripped and broke an ankle I might want to resurrect them.
  4. No, you have too many thralls and you don't bitch enough.
  5. It was a good run. Two championships and a Seahawks style loss on a third (bad coaching) and all these stats thanks to James Cook. Not that I would have had to tell anyone that JC did this, but thanks
  6. I hate chefs. 0-3 loss. I pushed luck on the goal line and should not have, then I lusted in the end zone. I just haven't been into it this season. I thought about having doomy coach for me after my stroke. I should have done it.
  7. I try no never give up but I was wrecked by elves last week. Wrecked. I was still dodging ag2 thralls into uphill blocks on ball carriers but it was lost. @james cook you are an occ hero. Thank you.
  8. Every week I hit "quit" and it gives me some snarky response and I say "yes" I really want to quit!! Every week I come back though. I should have stopped after I threw a 3+ pass from a STR6 vamp to a no skill thrall with no rolls to lose a third title. It haunts me. My health is finally good but I have coached the team into oblivion. 0-2-2 and Freight Train has lost a step. There is a 4 MA vamp on the team and I can't replace him because Bantha is Dead. If anyone knows how to find his final stats I would like to take a look. I heard a rumor that I just have to say @james cook into the Mirror three times.
  9. Somehow I managed a tie even thought the orcs picked up the ball in the rain and almost moved it the entirety of the pitch on t16. The last catch failed. I pushed luck too much on t15 or I may have been able to score on 16. I knew the gfi would fuck me. I need to level some vamps and replace the 4458 vamp I think.
  10. MD2 turn one and the season is about done. MD one Freight Train failed three dodges th break an ankle and then turn one today we pro ito double skulls and lose another legendary ankle, four dice on the ball and nothing. Really hating tne game today
  11. You should be able to run past dorfs. I think they are a good matchup in any flavor That is how OCC1 slowly died off, with just a few people playing legendary teams. I do miss the days of 200+ teams and plenty of new ones to keep it fresh.
  12. Bantha, the 357 spp Blood Bowl god, has done his part and died multiple times. Now if we could get a few elves to do the same there would be harmony in the land.
  13. Nice job, but we know what you really want. See you soon.
  14. We never had more than five players on the pitch for the second half. There was no way to stop them from scoring, so we won 3-1.
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