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  1. Still a great run. Well done. I am used to having six but five of them were amazing so the sixth was always a toy that would die with weird builds. Frenzy juggs, sidestep was fun until he was hit with both down. Right now I have five as well and I am going to stay that way for now with 3 awesome and two that are useable. Even if get MNG, which is when I usually do it, I am going to pass on the 6th for a while.
  2. Today is still Tuesday but Wednesday at 1600 works. See you tomorrow. Oh this is brawl. Duh. I had work scheduled today anyhow.
  3. It is time for a fifth when it feels like it is time. (looks like it felt right!) I would watch Crunky, he doesn't lose. Now that you have kick, something I wish I had, you can line up offset on defense. I actually see people doing this a lot now where people used to ask me why I did it in BB1. I still line up with all my players to one side of the line and caught a kick on a blitz last week without having the kick skill. That might be a good one to watch if you want to see two players get diced. With kick I would catch every blitz. when I didn't get
  4. I am not guaranteed. There would have been two vamps in champs a few times if @Razzle Storm had not dropped out twice. The one time he came back was the one season I was relegated. we have been in the championship for half of our games, give or take a season. I am fairly happy with that but it is kind of like always being a bridesmaid, never a champion.
  5. Someone is going to championship. I didn't just jinx you, two still has three and four to play, not enough points for them all to pass you. I had two league games today. terrible dice in both. Luckily my opponent had terrible dice in my OCC game and we held on for a win. We were getting ready to score on their drive when we started snaking dodges. It took a wizard to keep them from scoring. Freight Train caught a blitz in the second half and then snakes a dodge for a KO. dodge was in the 60s, 11% on Wake Up. Opponent had terrible GFI, we were both 10+ on ones.
  6. Well once all of your thralls have an MVP one of them will have to get a second MVP which means they will die.
  7. Kjelstad Movie Monster Mayhem Afterlife United (AU) "Changing my reg because I realise Afterlife United are terrible for the short format: ...oh wait, just changed it back because I am not a pussy."
  8. Played a murder team today. He was fresh off an admin win so it was a full team of killers. I somehow stopped his drive with three players and then some crazy dodging let me throw a TD to Doomy 7 in the end zone while I still had 4 players. We had both forgotten he was there. He had three turns to equalize and we had six players back to stop it. T16 I needed 4+ 4+ and a bunch of 2s to get the ball. We did not make it. No RR but his handoff worked and we ended 1-1 and I should be happy about that since we leveled a thrall and no vamps were injured.
  9. I don't see how you didn't just talk yourself into it there. You should ply goblins, I don't know why we aren't playing goblins right now!
  10. You can check out...
  11. If you don't have any tackle in the division dodge will make movement easier. only in the early divisions do I think this works but I had a lot of dorfs when I started. For the past few seasons vampires alternate between 5 and 6 while thralls are usually 3 to 4 but today decided to skip the 6th and built a bench so I am at 5 & 9 for the first time in forever. I think I won 80K last game. Is that right? I saw you are 5-0. Really nice! Don't let that guy sandbag you. Bring the A game.
  12. They get fun after you get the basics. The 4 vampires worked for the first half. Then I was pitch cleared. My opponent down 2-1 thought about running out the clock but after 3+ minutes decided to score on 14 and see if he could take the ball and score with two turns. We used all of our rolls and some pro to throw it in the end zone for the win on 15. Well, he had a shot at a 1 turn but it failed the pass. Freight Train had 16 SPP so team development is not going well. The errant pass on 16 was a gift bouncing into my thrall's hands but he threw a 2 on the pass. I
  13. It would be 5 vamps this game but I have already decides to go with the 4 vamps as three of them are pretty good players. gratz on the tripping skelly. Hopefully you got some spp too.
  14. I get to play similar TV Brits today. I have 160 in the bank. Enough to buy back to 6 thralls, or I can buy a vamp as I am down one for the game (4 vamps +1 MNG) I don't know about buying a 6th until I have a bench. I think I just throw away this game and buy a thrall, then hopefully only the mercenaries die and I have 5 vamps and a thrall or two on the bench next MD. right?
  15. Nice start! I was going to recommend the same thing with the leader. I have done the exact the same. Only one thrall to protect. Once they get more than one skill it feels like bloat unless they are ball strippers; they all die the same. Again on the thrower I am always thinking gazer with ag5. Sidestep and Pro. Being able to toss the ball down the pitch on a 2+ with built in reroll would be nice, but you only get one offensive drive if you are doing it right.
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