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  1. Bantha, the 357 spp Blood Bowl god, has done his part and died multiple times. Now if we could get a few elves to do the same there would be harmony in the land.
  2. Nice job, but we know what you really want. See you soon.
  3. We never had more than five players on the pitch for the second half. There was no way to stop them from scoring, so we won 3-1.
  4. MD9. I will save Doomy from reading another write up and just post a team photo.
  5. In that case you want juggs. Both down on a block ball carrier is a push and a strip. Both down cancels wrestle. I think Tys' was that if you roll push on stand firm or both down vs block, you don't have to dodge away
  6. I can't spin this one today. dice loved me and everything @Filadeus tried failed. I think he was out of rolls by T4. I only had one big failure where I couldn't blitz the ball but even when I did stupid things and lost the ball I got it back. I might actually make the Championship if I win one more.
  7. This next one is dedicated to someone that has been an inspiration over the decades and I have really enjoyed. This week was killer Nurgle coached by someone that used to kick the shit out of me in The Big Crunch. As I normally do, I named a thrall after him in an unflattering way. That brought me up to 15 players and a TV of 2340, 10k from the next spiral. But it also gave them a wizard, Max (str4 chainsaw) and two bribes that were eventually spent niggling legends. Turn one, I had left a 4th player on the line. Legendary vampire. Max only stuns him while my opponent passes up a +3 foul to GFI for a +2 foul on his unflatteringly named thrall. MNG, that would be the first of many removals. It was also when they stopped talking to me. Turn 4 the opposition was using rerolls on blocks to remove my sixth player. Turn 7 was the worst a thrall would take when Aunt Man died. We normally do well on offense but could not score on our only drive. After possessing for one turn on our entire drive, thanks to a blitz we could have set up better for, we finally had to just throw ball up the pitch so that they would not score. Bats finished the game with two players on the pitch; 8KO, 9CAS and a death. Luckily regen worked and the three touchdowns we scored in the first half would be more than enough to sustain our victory.
  8. I would take block or he will die. I had a frenzy jugs vamp I used for surfing and a both down killed him. Never fails. I like Chaney and your other players are not going to be missing exp vs Orcs if the dog blitzes instead of vamps.
  9. A lot of hobos have tried to jump on Freight Train. It is late here and I am tired so I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud of that one.
  10. Every turn I have been setting up to fail lately.
  11. Freight Train cracked his skull and then apo tried to kill him but regen did its job. Once. I had a turn with five ones today. There were 11 non ones but four of them were my armor break after a failed dodge. Then a troll rerolled dub skulls and the murder started, and regeneration stopped. Luckily the good guys were still able to go up 2-1. With four thralls, an equal number of legends and a wizard we were able to pull off enough fuckery to keep orcs from scoring and walked out with our first win today.
  12. I played with 6 players a lot of the game and still managed to tie (not a win) thanks to a gfi in the end zone. Things are looking up! your thralls are more developed than mine, Bobsol.
  13. Undead is a good match up. Slow, no claws. No fear: that is your ball!
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