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  1. Second half you should chew on your leader every chance you get. After the roll is used. And if you start on offence and score on two or three you can sit him. And you will double promote if you win your division so just level your vamps.
  2. I saw you had a good chance to one turn. The blitz did you in. I think one turn you started off with a snake eye dodge that I found questionable, but that whole second half was rough. I also watched the stinkers play. That is a good looking team too.
  3. I played two games in CCL this week and was diced. One team I played against was nearly 100% in everything. No armor breaks at all. I figured at that point nuffle owed me. Blood Bowl karma. I was paid back with a snake eye ball carrier dodge that let me go up 2-0 despite what my md2 blurb said. All those things happened, just not in the order I recalled. Maybe you should get diced in ccl and change your luck, Bouffon!
  4. MD2 Another tense one today with Dark Elves that had had two nasty witches. A stripper and an STR 4. Do you ever look at the MVP and think "Please don't be a journeyman..."? Well I have been saying "please be a journeyman" since I could buy them and maybe level them at some point. Who do these legends think they are? Mvp... so back to the game. I scored first and my KO all came back. we stole the ball, 2-0 at the half. Elves did have three turns to try and score but we took it on a failed snake dodge and had no one in scoring range. oh, threw a rookie vamp blo
  5. I only sidestep if I roll agility. That way they gaze the sidelines. Block, dodge, tackle unless I get a stat. I know I have a player with dodge then block but it was a double level. I just think those three are the core skills of the game. One thing I am missing right now is jump up.
  6. I had 2 ko and a dead on my T1 defence. This is why I tried to score as quickly as possible. Need as many KO rolls as we can get. And sometimes you just have to push your luck.
  7. I am trying to convince myself that a tie is good right now. This game is killing me. Killed three players. Would have been four if the apothecary didn't work, but it kept a legend alive. I barely had enough money left over for Doomy 6. On his first drive my opponent removed three players T1 so I guess he felt confident enough to bring the ball up. We took it and eventually scored but the next drive we could not stop. Wound up pushing the ball carrier into the endzone T7. At least it stopped a turn 8 from happening. Who knows how many lives that saved. On our dr
  8. Oh, I wouldn't say anyone is missing him!
  9. Was it an ogre? And those are not all in tier 3, some are just tier 3 teams. [Oh, I see the tier on the side. Are there really only 18?
  10. The punch is now the helmet, no? S17 i have rubber helmet and football I could say I won three awards in a season. But gold football + rubber football feels redundant. But if you want to make absurd claims I can go for 4 with that stupid money bag. Again though, somehow necro took more cas than me or I would have a true three this season.
  11. I have played a lot of vampire teams but do not recall ever taking Guard. Other than on a thrall when I had a leader. I don't think Bantha had any but I am pretty sure @Valentin did as he played a bash game. I would go Jump Up, Pro or Diving Tackle although I think the latter goes better with Stand Firm. One of my dead legends was SS with diving tackle taken last after my stand firm died.
  12. I had an ag thrall in bb1. No need to worry about lust on the pick up. It was still 2+ 2+ to get the ball into a vamp's hands but much safer. Once he had sure hands he became one of my favorite players. I even used apo on him once. A thrall! I don't know that a fifth wouldn't be good, I just know it is not a necessity at this point. I am thinking about buying back my fourth roll. My leaders last for about a game and a half. I am down a vamp for next game with 9 players and a tv of 1670. That puts us right at 1750 with 150 in the bank. I am thinking I hold off
  13. You are going to have lust, you just let it happen. Move thralls first. Sometimes you just lose a turn, sometimes you lose a player, but sometimes you just keep pushing your luck and walk away with the ball. You are strong and agile. It is a great combo with a couple skills. You will be thanking Dennis.
  14. Classy, culty. Sure. Most of us agree with the 4/4 start. Not too late to change it. I just think you need a couple to gaze, one to blitz and another to pick up the ball.
  15. I prefer the dome. I pass and gfi a lot of I have a roll left. With ag5 the rain isn't much of a bother though I do pick up in tackle zones a lot. I know someone has the food area. I think it is to cancel the rock but I lose enough players that it would be a good idea to not give your opponent a bribe.
  16. Divisions are out and I don't feel like going to work so... Lot's of vamp teams this season. Razzle dropped from championship again for something called "life" @Moppedhupe & @LordJair welcome. If you need advice with vamps just ask and we are happy to give it. even when you don't ask. Lord Jair I am positive I have seen you around. Shanba has a really fast team and thinking back to that fifth vampire, you have an ag thrall to pick up the ball. You definitely don't need it yet and your other vamps all need a skills. Some desperately need skills. bl
  17. That is kind of our thing. [now that I think about it, I wonder how I don't win the helmet every season [[I would have had both this season, but @Emilius stole the rubber with his Necro
  18. The familiar part was ending the season with vamps again, but your season was different. last time you were playing for the championship. It was like you got hit by a big truck or something* and just never recovered. You still have three really nice pieces so I don't feel as if I am kicking you while you are down. well, not too far down. [four! I didn't see Kurt was still there. That is too many good players.
  19. That would have been two vamps in champs. Just lie in waiting again for the next time I fall. @Mongloom must have felt like deja vu.
  20. I think a fifth is safe, but you need to get block on Louis and tackle on anyone. probably Francois. I usually don't mind having a rookie that can stand put until I need him to gaze or something. And as you can see from my new ma5 Vamp I usually don't make apo available to them
  21. Played Norse that only had tackle on Dirty Players (2). But frenzy so they got to the POW a lot. I let an early -ma on a 3/6 vamp go and no regen. I might keep him. It was one of those games where I am trying to figure out what to do with four players the last quarter of the game. Two were usually stunned, so not too hard to figure out. Before we go too far with this, yeah, Doomy, 2-0 win. Leveled a block vamp and rolled doubles, took +ma. I had a good chance of going up 3-0 but a double lust just killed it. Then his zerker had a couple chances to score but could not pick
  22. I did until some god damn nurgle coaches killed them.
  23. I do it just so you will post here.
  24. Three deaths today. Apo saved Freight Train. I forgot to look at pows today but the only time he didn't roll them seemed to be when it was both down on my rookie. I had fantasies about leveling up but two blitzes in a row on the ball ended in dub skulls. First time I rerolled a push, then a failed lust which was rerolled only to end the blitz and another turn with skulls. 5 ko, 4 cas 2 death and an apo death. Then in a wonderful shit show next to the sideline my rookie was surfed with the ball. It was really something. Excellent play.. No injury but the throw in was dow
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