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  1. After two failed attempts in 2016 and 2018 where I didn't go past week 50, I'm reaching the endgame slowly. Week 89, got a roster of 30 lvl 6 and one lvl 5. Nearly fully upgraded since money issues went away when I decided to cheese with the bank. I have 2 Champion bosses left to kill and the Countess - I was hoping to dodge her but infection came back too quickly after I killed the Viscount. Also the Sleeper but I'm really not a fan of the Mill so might not bother. So far I had an early party wipe against the first Hag - combination of bad comp, forgotten torches and refusal to retreat; then I lost a Legend SB in the courtyard from unlucky crits and nothing else. I came near disaster against the 16-pounder when I let it fire after a disastrous turn, nearly killing the whole team. I failed to retreat and actually managed to finish it without losing anyone - thanks Vestal. So nearly DD time. I have kept myself relatively spoiler free as to what awaits me so there is some trepidation. Hoping I won't be destroyed and get to the end :) Also if you missed it, some info on DD2 here:
  2. So @Doomy77, how's Hallownest treating you?
  3. Yay! Do share the pains and joys! I was not convinced by my first session (starting with a keyboard was also a bad idea) but it didn't take long after that to really get hooked.
  4. So I'm at 106% completion and got the first two endings. I'm taking a break because my hand cannot handle more after mashing the controller for so long Left to do: - Beating the Radiance (only attempted twice, gonna take a while I'd say) - Trial of the Fool - I'm close to the end but it's tough - Delicate Flower quest - not attempted - Path of Pain - watched a video of it, not sure I even want to try - Godhome - not super interested. The bosses are fun when within the story, fighting uber versions non-stop is not really appealing. I'm gonna restart Darkest Dungeon, really need to finish it this time.
  5. Gonna get ready for Round 2! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1585820/Streets_Of_Rage_4__Mr_X_Nightmare/
  6. So after getting the last Nail upgrade and beating the White Defender, I went for the boss to see the first ending. Ended up with 44 hours and 97% completion. The story is fantastically narrated, the final fight using the music to make you understand what is happening is phenomenal. So next is back to the White Palace and killing the Failed Champion before attempting the boss again. Probably a few bits I have missed here and there too. Oh and finishing the Grimm Troupe quest. I'll have to replay the whole thing at some point, if only because I let Zote die - I didn't find him before beating Hornet
  7. Guess you've both seen the trailer for Silksong? Glad to know I'm not the only one who found the White Palace above my modest skills. Took me a long time to reach the third bench and tonight I gave up progressing further without the Hiveblood since I don't have it yet. Left to do that, will come back later. Since there are several endings, I wonder if I should attempt the final boss before doing the Palace again, so I get to see two different ones. Btw the record for speedrunning the game is 33 minutes
  8. Black Temple opened and I killed the Soul Tyrant, awakening the Dream Nail. Which means I found the White Palace. Failed Champion is still my bane however, can barely reach the second phase
  9. Ah, I know the feeling. Last night I spent half an hour on a platforming nightmare in Deepnest, expecting a massive reward, and only got a soul fragment for it! I got the Collector's Map, which made me realize I missed a lot of grubs... Going to kill the last Dreamer tonight, but still need to do the second trial and kill the Failed Champion (pure nightmare that one) and the dream version of the Soul Master (not tried yet). Plenty still to do!
  10. Wow finished already? That's some commitment I'm 32 hours in and not finished yet. I killed two of the Dreamers and currently exploring the Queen's Gardens. Encountered the Traitor Lord last night and gave up beating him, his patterns are easy but he was too fast for my level of tiredness, so it'll be for next time. Loving every bit of it so far.
  11. Ah! I'm 24 hours in and I have been actively avoiding the main quest to explore everything. The game is huge and there are always areas to revisit once you've unlocked new skills. Some bosses are pretty hard if you fight them too early... I think my worst encounter so far took me about 25 tries to defeat. Once you've learnt the patterns, it gets easier but some of them are so goddamn fast The map is a bit of a gripe for me; I literally cannot play without the charm that tells me where I am and having to spend a precious notch for this is mildly irritating. But it's minor really.
  12. Great stuff, let me know how you get on :) Should probably post the link for convenience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAO2urG23S4
  13. Anybody played this one? I'm about 18 hours in, nowhere near completing the main quest line as far as I can tell, and it's so good the sequel is already on my wishlist. Not bad for a game that's cheap as fuck. Stylistically, it reminds me of Darkest Dungeon, only cuter; the resemblance is also true in that the game does not hold your hand and is pretty hard. Playstyle wise, it's a metroidvania but scratches my Zelda itch. Strongly recommended.
  14. I'm reading the Stormlight Archive by Sanderson, which may or may not have been discussed here already. I was convinced by the first book and floored by the second, starting the third. I understand why it's popular.
  15. Ysabel is the only one I've never read (once I'm finished the current one). I'd be hard pressed to say which one I liked the least beyond the Tapestry.
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