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  1. Went through Britannia S1 and 2. It's a quirky mix of historical drama cheeky piss-taking that doesn't take itself seriously yet still manages to deliver some good dramatic moments, particularly in season 2 when I feel the show and the actors both have grown. Just don't go in thinking you're about to watch a serious historical drama, because that it ain't.
  2. Don't think they cost anything, actually. But if you need to shave cash you can just buy and fire assistant coaches or cheerleaders. No responsibility taken for the emotional rollercoaster of those affected.
  3. It doesn't affect the gameplay in any way.
  4. I hope they listen to their beta testers this time.
  5. I will gladly build a team around inducing a mad squirrel.
  6. It's ridiculous what an absolute mess it is to get hold of various shows today if you want to go about it legally. I don't condone pirating of creative property, but at the same time it's not strange that people do so when the legal options are a magnitude more complicated or even unavailable. It's my firm belief that when there's a quality, simple to use, and easily accessible solution people are happy to pay -- and the ones who won't were never going to anyway. Anyway, I can recommend Lovecraft Country, which I can only describe as a pulpy, anti-racist fever dream.
  7. Like a Justin Bieber song. It does have a nice ring to it. I'm not sure who originally came up with the name. And yes, Andy and Zunk do seem to drive a lot of coaches our way.
  8. Cool. You guys should all have gotten some fresh new awards based on S4 and S5 participation now!
  9. Hey everyone! I want to do an informal query to our coaches about how they ended up playing here! Did you discover us in the old BB1 general chat? Were you recruited by a friend? Was it a mention by a streamer (and if so, which one?) Mainly I'm just curious, but it will also help us know what to focus on in the future when we want to increase coach numbers. So tell us a little bit about it. Myself, I had seen people talk about various player-run leagues in the old BB1 in-game chat, but had avoided them with the biased idea that they would be poorly managed. I finally flipped when I played a really friendly and decent coach in a match and they recommended the OCC (and vouched for me, since that was a thing back then), though sadly I can't for the life of me remember who that coach was. Anyway, I started playing in BB1 Season 14 and in S16 I was talked down by my admins and division coaches from quitting the league mid-season, which would likely have earned me a well-deserved ban. I suppose that's a good thing in retrospect, because I went on to redsuit and then informally volunteer to run a test league in BB2 -- which earned me an invite to the tailor for a green suit and the task of setting up the OCC proper in BB2.
  10. ORCA ONION NEWS LOCAL ELF STILL ALIVE AND FEELING JUST FINE AFTER GOING FOR IT We sent our star reporter Rye-Anne Addams out to Middenland Park earlier today to speak to Runny McElfpants after the riveting events of the Wild Roses' second match of the season. Runny, who has already been nicknamed "The Elf Who Went For It" by fans and teammates alike, describes how he had caught a long pass and had run up the field leaving the opposition behind – all standard fare for a wood elf team – but then came the amazing moment: in order to score before the whistle blew, Runny had to go for it. Imagine the surprise of the audience when Runny went for it and did not trip and die. Rye-Anne Addams, dedicated to reporting only the truth, did her due diligence and found the extraordinary tale corroborated by the audience, Cabalvision, and even grudingly by the opposing team. When queried, Runny confirmed that he had, in fact, not tripped and died. Nor was his neck or back broken. Our ever sceptical reporter asked about any other injuries – perhaps a broken arm, a sprained foot, or maybe his eye fell out – but Runny assured everyone he was feeling just fine. When asked if he ever intended to go for it again, Runny laughed and said that surely no one would tempt Nuffle twice in such a foolish manner. Well there you have it, gentlefolks, straight from the elf's mouth – miracles do happen. *** You can find more ORCA ONION NEWS by clicking the tag:
  11. This is on indefinite hold as I'm not quite feeling it after BB3 announcement. Going to stick with OCC matches for now, and maybe I'll start over with new rules if I find them fun to play with. :)
  12. Neato. I'm coming for you, C2MC!
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