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  1. I do like how my panicked photoshop of David Attenborough basically became a theme for the whole season, each one better than the last!
  2. Out of the elves, I find the vanilla elves the most interesting. Both their catchers and blitzers have good, non-standard starting skills that make them interesting. Kislev are hilarious when they work and frustrating when they don't, and same goes for vampires. Dark elves are excellent fun if you get leap + jump up assassins, otherwise avoid!
  3. Well, somehow I ended up qualifying for the elimination round. I needed to up my TDD by two for the final match, and I did. It helped that my opponent gave up and passed on turn 16, but even so I had to knock the ball carrier down, the ball had to bounce favourably (which it did), then I had a pickup with SH bull and a handover to the other bull. However the elimination goes, I consider getting this far a raging success.
  4. Almost sounds like a bug. Just play it anyway. You can always get more darkness.
  5. It's random, so I guess you're just unlucky. The exagryph is probably the most powerful and easy-to-use weapon. Boost the special a few times and it can get laughably easy to clear rooms.
  6. Since I'm actually missing playing random BB matches for the first time in months, I've created an amazon team and joined CCL. I'm sure I'll regret it soon. But here goes a try for another 50.
  7. Best team blog in ages!
  8. I just used whichever one had the darkness bonus. They can all be immensely powerful and good fun. The spear was the one I struggled with a bit at first, but there are some upgrades to it that make it insanely fun to use. I liked giving it the bouncing effect on throw, then adding lighting damage to special, particularly if you can get some upgrades on the lightning damage and/or extra bounces or speed. You just threw it and watched people explode around you. Then of course, there are three extra aspects for each that change how they play a lot.
  9. Yeah I run BB2 on absolute minimum settings and it's not like that's a demanding game (though it is poorly optimised). Hopefully I can either get a "real" job soon or find more clients than I currently am for my editing. At least now I'm working actively on both of those things, which hasn't always been the case.
  10. I've had an eye on it, definitely something I'd want to try, but I need a new computer first. I actually tried to play the beta. My computer didn't recover it's sense of self-worth for weeks.
  11. There are soooo many good combinations. One piece of advice is to just roll with whatever you get. Don't get stuck trying to build the same old combos. Almost every time you experiment, something new and super powerful pops up.
  12. I'm two matches in of five, first round of swiss (which means something to someone, I'm sure -- I just play). Drew against zons -- I know, I know -- but they did a breakout score in turn 16 with a chain push and several dodges past tacklers (starting with a 4+) and two gfis. Then I beat some orcs, mainly because both halves started with a pitch invasion in my favour. Also, matches are 2 weeks so it will be a while yet.
  13. <Read in a posh British accent.> For most of history, the life cycle of a chaos dwarf has remained a mystery. That is, until a chance encounter by an amateur naturalist would change our understanding – not only of dwarves, but of nature herself. Good evening. I'm David Rattenborough, and tonight on Blood Bowl Planet, I'll be taking you on a journey of discovery as we unravel one of nature's strangest enigmas – and some would say, her biggest mistake – the chaos dwarves. It was one late summer morning that Flippa Raddish, a simple cha
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