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  1. Feel free to jump in with your own stories, Brawl coaches. I intended this to be for everyone!
  2. First match (possibly of the league?) done. It was a rollercoaster that ended 2-0 in my favour, though it was looking very dark after my Kislev catcher BH'd himself on a snake-eyed dodge (typical Kislev), after which both my yeti and a saurus were BH'd the very next turn! But I somehow managed to pull through, no doubt because of poor @Oregon's repeated turnovers due to zons failing to pick up the ball and sauruses failing their blocks. It was interesting though, I quite like the hybrid team I've put together, but I wouldn't want to see it against a developed mixed bash team.
  3. @Oregon I've got a window tomorrow (Tuesday 11th), can do most of the day. Otherwise, better we aim for next week, at least until I know when my OCC match is up. I can't do Thu-Sat, at least. So maybe Sunday or later.
  4. In! Also there's still one more spot if anyone else wants to enter, right? So SIGN UP FOLKS.
  5. Res is nice for the shorter format and can be combined with a number of other ideas. Also, Lino League! Only linos allowed -- I believe some leagues have done this before as a side league and have balanced it a little bit like allowing stunties a single big guy or somesuch. But it's also a nice one for res format with limited skills as that lets you give the worst picks an extra skill or two.
  6. I'm not a cat either. But I have a yeti.
  7. Dropping the APO would let me get a fifth reroll. It's res, so the only time I'd use it is to keep the trolls in the match, basically. It's very seldom worth saving secret weapons, and gobbos aren't worth the spit on the bonesaw.
  8. Here's my current setup. When I start stacking skills on a gobbo, I'm like "do I want a gobbo worth 100k?" Naw, probably not. I figure pro on both trolls should save me enough rerolls that I can afford to burn one on the occasional pickup. And if there are elves, I have a chainsaw and bombs.
  9. Sticking skills on the trolls seems like a safer investment. Gobbos just go down so easy and any with a skill will automatically be a target. Buuuut, I'm actually thinking Sure Hands on one might not be a terrible idea... ball carrier will be a target anyway. And unless I skip Fungus or reduce my numbers below 16 (which is a bad idea), I can't get more than 4 rerolls, an gobbos eat through them like squig sandwiches, so spending them on pickups would suck. Hell, why not go all in with a block/sure hands gobbo? That's going to be tough to reach for most people as tackle will be sparse and I'll
  10. The way it works is I get nine skills, but can turn two of them into a double. I can stack skills however I want (but no stats allowed). So, I'm thinking block for both trolls, mb for the looney. Then I'm not sure. I kind of want to do something fun with the bomber... Hail Mary Pass, Pass, both? A sprint gobbo might be a plan for TTM scores. Other than that, the regular skills don't offer much. Sticking dp on the gobbos seem a bit much. I do like some diving tackle gobbos, but they're a bit too specialised. Also, I can hire Nobbla or Fungus as an extra star.
  11. I've played a lot of goblins. I know the worst that can happen. But I also know the feeling of knocking someone's ball carrier down with a thrown goblin or completely demolishing a bash-team's defensive line with a fanatic.
  12. Honestly, there was never really any doubt. Ask RK to choose between run-of-the-mill tryhard or comedy self-imploding crazies and see what happens. Playing a standard orc team is just too boring. Last season I played chorfs (I had no choice cause I rolled Hthark), but at least they have some players with high pseudo-MA. I'm fine with some slow players as long as I have some fast/agile ones as well. Hybrid to the bone. Also, I've played chorfs so little that it was actually interesting to play with them competitively. Then again, that would also go for orcs. I've barely
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