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  1. Just the one, though. We don't overdo things here.
  2. Thanks. I didn't read the others yet, but I know there were a lot of entries, so I'm guessing that was the case. I also think they went for more straight-forward storytelling, something I was worried about as I was writing. Having recently listened to Christopher Paolini's latest book (he was the final judge), I get the feeling he's more of an action guy who likes things a bit more up front. I might give it another overhaul in a while, and see if I can find somewhere else to submit it.
  3. No luck this time, unfortunately. Didn't even make it to the 25 runner-up prizes, which felt a bit like a kick in the middle bits... But writing is like Blood Bowl: the only thing you can do is keep rolling the dice! I'm confident my writing is good, so I will keep throwing it at people until it sticks.
  4. Yeah, true, forgot about that. You have to send a ticket once the round has started.
  5. Kick the team, then have the replacement join. They will take their spot.
  6. The story is now submitted and approved, so it's available to read here, if you so wish! I will know how it fares in the competition on november 24th.
  7. So that should mean it'll be out by August.
  8. Since I'm now on medication for ADD, I was able to finish writing a story for a competition in four weeks (instead of three years for the last one). If anyone is interested in giving some feedback on a 5k words fantasy story on the prompt "A grown dragon finds a lost — or abandoned — toddler in the forest. Write a fiction story about what happens next", let me know. It's for a competition and the deadline for submission is in six days, so I will need you to get back to me with your thoughts by Sunday. Poke me here or email me at thewritemagnus[at]gmail.com.
  9. Didn't even realise it was out! I will add it to Mount TBR. Pratchett is amazing. Though his Discworld collection is a maze, and some of the books aren't quite as brilliant as others. That was a good pick, though! Mort is another must-read, and Equal Rites is high on my list as well.
  10. Yes. It's great there are no overpowered players in this game.
  11. You get a message saying it's not possible. You can still pick something else.
  12. I was super disappointed when I rolled a third strength for a minotaur once and found out about that rule. Not that a STR 7 min is to scoff at. This one had blodge and claw, too, lol. Ahhh. Those were the days.
  13. Probably rolled a 1. That is always a failure, regardless of modifiers.
  14. Hm. Reached some kind of limit? Check on the images in your account and see if you can figure something out. I've never seen this before with imgur, but I haven't uploaded tons of high res screenshots either, mostly memes and stuff. Though they go a long way back. Let me try to paste my oldest one, just to check: Seems to work.
  15. I'm guessing the people who don't like it are Americans. He uses a variety of British accents (as well as others) to represent the different cultures in the world. I'm on the fifth book, or tome is probably a better word, all being 7-800 pages. Still enjoying it. The storytelling is a bit weaker at the start, but I can see this is where he honed his craft before writing the amazing Children of Time and Dogs of War.
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