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  1. Also the fact that I dumped all my old MD threads in the big forum cleanse a long time ago makes me sad. Back in the day, each div did their own and when I was a redsuit I did all nine MDs for several seasons (it was the least popular task). There was some good stuff there... I particularly liked the one where a coach pointed out that they came here to play BB, not get existential anxiety.
  2. I demand a revote for my epic pun-rap battle. Some of my best work and the voting system broke ON JUST THAT ONE MD. Still makes me cry inside.
  3. I'm okay with that, maybe by then I'll have my shit together.
  4. That's the perpetual state of mind of Blood Bowl coaches, though.
  5. Something that happened every now and again when there were six tiers, as well, so no huge change there. The bottom tier is still the bottom tier, it just has a different name. I wonder why the numbers are dwindling, though. Surely we all know by now that BB3 (and particularly OCC in BB3) is going to be a long time coming. I honestly wonder if it will even start in 2022, at this rate...
  6. Here are the goats that made me want to keep playing (also dodging the demotion by a hair's breadth). Doubling as sackers and thrower/carrier. There's always a threat to your carrier. Goat Milk? just needs a double on legend for leap.
  7. Going to hope for doubles on my ag 5 ma 7 goat instead. :)
  8. Tackle came first to mind as my team is really lacking there, but I want it on my wrestler first and foremost. Sure hands or big hand are both interesting options. That means both my mad goats can retrieve in multiple tackle zones, and both can sack well. Just a shame they're hogging all the spps... Anyway, goats will take a season off (for goat reasons), so there will be plenty of time to think about the development of the team as a whole. Looks like I'll only just afford a new mino before the season ends.
  9. What do you say? I also have an ag 5 ma 7 wrestle goat, so keep that in mind. This is not my only sacker; he also carries a lot. So many interesting options.
  10. Yes but on a 4+, the Bloodspawn is longer. It's going to take a while to get used to the new stats. I was like "wtf AG4 and AV9, that's mad!"
  11. Yeah, no surprise there. From what I heard from the beta they were a long way away from release-worthy, even in ea. But at least they seem to be taking their time with it. I'll cautiously take that as a good sign.
  12. It used to show on each post but that's now broken by the latest update. You can still see it on people's profiles.
  13. But I thought only Nurgle won the perpetual leagues? :( Well done!
  14. I think the Mick Jaggernaut is a fun and powerful complement to frenzy and str 4 as it opens up a lot of surf options on pieces that their coach might think is safe a step away from the side line. And since you already have high MA, you can threaten both side lines at ones if you're in the middle of the pitch, which is pretty awesome. But for general value, the +MA is solid. MB on an elf will make him a huge target, though I guess those muscles will help. It's a boring choice but not a bad one.
  15. The Ballad of Blunderous Bob Blunderous Bob was a dirty old peasant, Not very clever but generally pleasant. When asked to play Blood Bowl, He said "Not fer nuffin!" The head coach was friendly and offered a muffin. Most of his time, Bob spent on the bench. But he didn't mind it, ('xcept for the stench). Knights in their armour Can still take a beating. So coach yelled at Bob: "Get in and start cheating!" For good looks or wit, he had not been hired. Nay t'was other traits, the coach had desired. A harmless old peon; No threatening brute. Overlooked by opponents, Could give them the boot. Despite Bob's best efforts, his team was in trouble. With few players left, their efforts must double. Bob quickly need learn An unknown position. When catching the ball Became his new mission. Bob huffed and ran and blundered and stumbled, He tried really hard, but the catch he still fumbled. If you think to find In this story a lesson. No doubt it should be: Don't pass to a peasant.
  16. Doomy when he hears someone mention Discord:
  17. I didn't think there were people less apt with information technology than Doomy. But here we are.
  18. To get an image to post you need a hyperlink that ends with the image name, like http://place.link/amazonblitzer.jpg and it will automatically pop up in your message. You need to host the image somewhere. I use Imgur.
  19. I've been reading less lately because of my general state of mind (which is a bit jumbled for... eh.. reasons). But I'm still keeping up with at least one book per week, though I doubt I'll get close to the 90 books I read (or listened to) last year. Recently, I've been going through the entire Murderbot series, which is a bunch of novelettes and a novel, starting with All Systems Red, by Martha Wells. It's about a rogue security android, part machine, part cultured human stem cells, who breaks its "governor module" (i.e. slave driver circuit) and becomes rogue. These stories are absolutely brilliant, seen through the eyes of someone who struggles with the need for social connection while simultaneously despising humans and contact with them. (I definitely identify with that.) It manages to be cold-hearted and heart-warming and heart-wrenching all at once. Highly, highly recommended, even for readers who might not usually like SF. I'm currently going through some more sci-fi classics as well, so I'm now reading Solaris, and I have The Ship Who Sang and Flowers for Algernon queued up after that. My biggest non-fiction recommendation from recently is Range by David Epstein, which weighs the value of general versus specific knowledge, with a lot of really fascinating examples.
  20. You have no idea what the final game is going to be like. Instead of being a doomsayer, why don't you help the community make sure the final product lives up to our expectations? They've specifically stated that they'll implement the most requested features during early access. So get your shit together and help us make this game good, or stay out of the discussion with your negativity, please and thank you.
  21. They also stated that they will take time to implement the most requested features in early access. So it's about organising all the leagues to make enough noise.
  22. First beta opens today but it's very limited. I'm glad they pushed full release, and with early access it might even be we can start enough of a movement to get some of the much wanted features for leagues implemented.
  23. Yeah, brawl awards are a go, definitely. If we can get our coins working again, we could do some of those as well. But I have no idea about the status of that.
  24. Why did the thrall cross the road? To avoid the Freight Train! We'd like to congratulate Kjelstad for being the second ever vampire coach to win the OCC championship! Not only that, but it's the first time in our BB2 history the championship trophy leaves Europe! (As we all know, the average cup winner is from Sweden and plays brets.) Vampire supporters everywhere are rejoicing! Even Doomy took time out of his busy schedule to contribute with a supportive comment. If you'd like to congratulate this season's big winner, head on over to this thread.
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