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    Nice writeup. All my christmas`s came up in this game, you were very unlucky. For my next game, shoe is on the other foot, against the killer Nurgle, just hoping to survive intact, but doubtful. GL for the rest.
  2. Team was c2000 tv but reaching div.1 soon put paid to that. Struggling to re build now, will have to hang on until BB3 before re rolling. Nice write up!
  3. Nice work. Post script to the game & my fears of the dice. Md2 vs elfs, got completely outbashed, 2 dead blockers including my st4/claw legend. As things stand i`ve decided to give up on bb completely at seasons end, just had enough. All 4 of my league teams have gone bad for too long, can`t remember last time i won. The way our game went was totally unexpected. It`s going to be a long tough season for our teams with 3 nurgle in the div. Gl for the rest, hope you get a new krox soon!
  4. Pylon

    Signups S16

    I`d like to return after missing the current season. Pylon: Bleak House: Chorf: Previously in 2a 1790 tv.
  5. .....just hearing that sound effect!
  6. @Mongloom Great report! You dealt with the Bulls forward charge very well, fortunately your fouler had a bad day. Never got my head around your frenzy play, to my cost. Embarrassing to have one player surfed, but a second & my best player, unforgivable on my part. Unable to get a player number advantage, really struggling near the end, thankfully you found so many sculls to save the day. With my tv advantage, hoped i could win this one, but you played the better game, would have been no complaint`s if you had won. My ball c
  7. Pylon

    Skill advice.

    I`m also fairly new to Nurgle, but block for me (except i got + ag on my first), the kick option would be interesting though, but with no skills on a rookie team, perhaps later in their development. Then skill up pests as per @MaidenManiac advice, which is best practice from what i have read.
  8. Just won 2 games in a row, something has gone wrong. Worried now i might decide not to re roll, nuffle played that trick on me last season.
  9. I effectively did the opposite, went from Brets to Kislev. Only stuck with them 3 seasons, if the peasants were av8 it would be more attractive, not keen on av7; plus the ridiculous wrestle on your only strength access players. Prefer Humans to either.
  10. Pylon

    Skill advice.

    At the rate i`m losing rotters, only 6 games in a wholly rookie division, i`ll need to keep such players also.
  11. Pylon

    Skill advice.

    Just couldn`t keep the Lizzies out & they got him.:) Tending to agree keep, as already lost 3 rotters & he will be more reliable for pickups.
  12. Pylon

    Skill advice.

    Well second game at Ag 4 & the Rotter has now got a double niggle. Not had much experience with decay, thought it took only the worst injury, not both. I`m assuming advice will be to fire.
  13. My only blitzer died, so i am intending catchers only for the remaining games as you suggest. Seems a bit elfy, which i don`t particularly like, but at least will be a change. I`ve always been a hybrid fan, though latterly tending towards bash. Yes i am currently considering a break, though a good win with my OCC Chorf`s last night has eased my feelings a little; one more game for them before i have to decide.
  14. New depth`s: Turn 1( Kicking) first block - dead Kislev. First blitz - dead Kislev. Turn 4 Dead Kislev. Tried to save my +st lino, but apo`d to -st! By turn 5 outnumbered 4-7 Swelt ht took one Kislev/4 Lizards. Just pressed end turn at this stage for the rest of the game. Team is now 6, 5 available for next game though ,2 have perms. 90k in bank. This follows first 2 games where both my opponent`s acknowledged my, almost, unbelievable bad dice. Worst part, still 6 games to play with this "team".
  15. Yep, that`s how it works with Kislev. I`m into my 3rd season & only 9 players, 2 have perms. Sadly still struggling to find a positive note, should have rr`d last season.
  16. Pylon

    Skill advice.

    Thank`s for the advice, will go for it.
  17. Hi, My team is 3 games old (my entire Nurgle experience - other than 7 turns mm, my oppo dc`d) & first rotter has levelled, 5+6. Should i take +ag to make a ball carrier? Only 2 rr`s at present though 120k in bank, intending to get 3rd asap. My block pest has been carrying, though it does feel wasted when he does, as i have no other block/wrestle player for blitzing.
  18. My thought`s are +st allows him to mark more players (tail) & get 3d blocks more easily to give a greater chance of putting the opposition down. I appreciate these aims don`t work together, but are weapons depending on circumstances. Not had to make a 6+6 decision so far on the Bear, so interesting to hear your view, will keep it in mind.
  19. These sort of games do seem to happen more frequently to Kislev.
  20. & leaping always fails when you least want it to.
  21. Would be a shock to your oppo if you cancelled the wizard stadium & hired a wizard!Then I would normally go wizard first, & perhaps slibli? If you stick with the stadium & you foul, alternative choice, slibli, 2 loners & babe, gives a bench & fouling possibility. Should take my opinion very lightly with my track record with kislev (lost again, bear team, though did suffer 6 bh plus some ko`s vs 3 game old undead - just seems normal now).
  22. Can see you have a cunning plan to stay top of the deaths table with your wizard stadium.:)
  23. & here we go again. Bearless team suffered 6 bh & several ko`s vs Khemri (approx 1200 tv) who suffered one bh, 1 or poss 2 ko`s. Both catchers were out of the game mid way through first half, wizard failed, only 3/3 this time. Lost 0-1. Have already decided i will pull out of REBBL when season ends, so this team will be gone. Will have to decide on my Bear team in BBTactics, managed a draw last game.
  24. Well that is bad, but 5/5 happened to me twice in the space of a few week`s, will try to find out what team, i currently run 4.
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