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  1. Scripts not visible on my tablet, so I'll look into that once I'm on PC... Can I just write 'anything but elves or flings'?
  2. I'm available, though both my previous seasons kind of... faded. One mentoree was too busy, the other is switching teams after getting annoyed with the current team (so I'll continue with him on Undead).
  3. I hate the idea of having 3 Catchers... But this might be the one case where it's justifiable, since the other two have their roles pretty clearly laid out.
  4. Whoa, the forums didn't pop up a notification. I'll contact Magnus the Pink about the Goblins. I am available if there's a need for, say, covering the Necros as well. They and Skaven are among my favorite teams, after all.
  5. Juriel

    Nine Lives

    Here is to my team, after two seasons defined by not getting any removals against AV7 with any amount of MB (but Tomb Guardians dropping like flies from anything): I wish I could say that going Guard/BreakTackle on TGs, as I normally would have, might have changed things, but with how scary even one GFI is, I don't think extra rolling would've helped things too much. Plus, I wanted to force myself to re-learn patience, and to think my turns through ahead of time... so did playing Khemri accomplish that? Bleeeergh no it didn't! I am still bad, whi
  6. Juriel

    Nine Lives

    Ah, sorry about the lack of updates. With the BB2020 leaks, I kind of lost my willpower for this, because clearly I can only focus on one thing at a time. Coincidentally, I've also been playing really bad, so I'm only 3rd in 2B currently. My TGs keep rolling deaths (especially on 2d-against blocks vs them), but so far it's only stuck to the lowest-SPP one (repeatedly). Of course, there's also a reason why I keep placing the lowest-SPP TG in the riskiest spots... I'm unsure of this team's future now, simply because doing any kind of a themed build is impossible in BB3 (u
  7. I'm excited about Skaven getting a reset to a full team every season. Of course, the lessened removal options also hit your Stormvermin, while every elf team has a MB hitter now, leaving only mutations to make up the difference... I have never regretted starting with the Rat Ogre (just have to manage one game without apo), but then, my expectations from the RO were just to have early removal, Guard assist for others if they happen to level, and to draw off heat from the Stormvermin until they get to MB. In my experience, they manage to die off on their own by the time you start won
  8. Infinite open leagues were never a healthy environment. Just leads to a distorted play experience like 11-man teams only and killer teams conceding vs other killer teams, and people aiming at that most efficient TV level for their race, etc.
  9. Storing SPP is something I'm curious to see working in leagues. Near the end of season, you can save a lot on redraft by waiting until next season before picking a planned double... random regular skill savings aren't worth it, because you'd save 30k to get a random pile of crap.
  10. Snots might get silly. 14 players on the pitch, 6 more on the bench, 5 big guys stomping all over you (while the rest foul you, or swarm in your way so you cannot move anywhere, or just remove any assists vs the big guys), and you only get one blitz on a Snot per turn. Sure, attrition gets to them, but the extra player inducement renders that moot. Curious to see how that plays out.
  11. It turnovers like it would for any failed pickup attempt. No Hands just auto-fails it.
  12. Wizard looks just too tempting, to discourage a Gutter from stalling in your/their backfield with the ball. That said, you are playing Undead, and fouling is a key part of that experience. But I'd rather you practise it on elves and not poor, innocent rats.
  13. Juriel

    Nine Lives

    2B MD2 vs Bdawg - Carteret Cavaliers - Bretonnian Time to travel abroad, to play at the home pitch of these Bretonnians! They must have an interesting season, having played the other Khemri just last week, for which they had induced a wizard... but, they've bought a newbie Blitzer since then, so we have no such worries! They're still at just 11 players (+an induced peasant), so my aim is... well, it's the same it always is, only more. Their defining element is Sir George, the perfect knight with ST4, MB and the rest. Actually, it's a relief to play on a pitch where ther
  14. But why invest more into a costlier and slower player with a nega-trait?
  15. I'm not expecting much in the way of league tools in BB3. I miss the level-up roll, but the random skill roll will just have to take its place. Stats just won't be seen much because of the SPP cost, so only ones even entertaining those are players who can score often, are fine with the most common result being +MA, and start with some basic skills already, so... wood elf dancers and catchers, dark elf blitzers and witches. And maybe, just maybe, orc teams' dedicated ball-carrying goblin? I'm excited for the reboot button that is the season change. You actually can strug
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