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  1. I gotta observe that in my exp. most detrimental talk of the midgame being exceptionally dull and grindy (even by 4x standards) are true; though so are all the positives of early exploration, game crispness, etc. It's Paradox so I fully trust this will be rectified by patches and DLC but after having put in a few marathon sessions I don't know if I can wholeheartedly recommend the game in it's current state.
  2. I've been eyeing this with a bit of interest but am afraid it would just sit in my library. If someone does organize an OCC thing, please PM me, it might put me over the edge to get it.
  3. Cracked and got this 2 days ago btw. I was just telling Pid the other day how I sometimes spend money in the sanitarium for lack of anything better to spend it on... Then I noticed that many costs are associated with hero level. This leads me to theorize that if you truly want to build an "A Team" efficiently, the best way to do so would be to wait til your town is fairly developed and then hand pick rookies with positive quirks you really like, lock those in immediately while it's 'cheap', upgrade everything on them as soon as you can while it's 'cheap', etc. That said, I'm not finding the game quite difficult enough that the grind necessary to do that would be worth my RL time - though I'm not that far in so wtf do I know anyway.
  4. Oh I really wasn't sure what you meant and clumped the learning curve into the bad mechanics and synergy bit. If you meant other things then I really don't know what you're talking about without naming specifics, which doesn't mean you're wrong by any means. Also I don't think that money and popularity are inherent shows of quality so I'd say it's largely irrelevant in relation to mechanics. I just meant that bit as for being worth the effort, because if truly you are confident that you are capable of winning these prize pools then it likely becomes worth the effort all gaming enjoyment aside. Most people don't like their jobs but deem them worth the effort for less payout. But again I don't think it's practical to approach these games expecting to become a top professional player, especially if you don't enjoy it; much like regular sports in that regard.
  5. Bigger man than I. I've advocated for hard drug addictions over MMOs for instance, and still would but it's not a common topic of conversation. I never got the impression that's what you were doing though, I was just curious what you didn't like about the mechanics. I've gleaned the learning curve isn't worth your effort (relative to pay-off), is there anything else though? Not that that's not enough, again just being curious. As an aside regarding being worth the effort, several players have been made multi-millionaires via prize winnings already via Dota. That's certainly worth the effort but that's not a practical reason to start playing methinks.
  6. I would agree with the steep learning curve. Most of the not having fun along the way tends to be a toxic community though and not the intrinsic game. To that extent you could leverage the same toward public match making in Blood Bowl, though the learning curve is not quite as steep. Mind you I'm not trying to argue with you or win you over, just my observations. Personally the first time I tried Dota was in beta and I didn't stick with it for much of the reasons you mentioned, that and the inability to re-bind keys (in beta). I tried it again perhaps a year later if not longer because of the community of BB players that would hang out on Ventrillo and play it time to time. The 2nd time around, aside from the BB crew, I made a friend who showed me the proverbial ropes and since then, aforementioned toxic players aside, I've become quite a fan.
  7. What are shit game mechanics to you R? I ask as a Dota player but with no offense taken.
  8. Watching with interest but will wait to buy as my experience with Bethesda games is that they're good canvases turned into actual good games by modders a year later.
  9. I don't think the communities problem is if it is or isn't old school. Look at the excitement around Warhammer Total War and Mordheim in this sub forum. Glad you enjoy BB2 but don't do yourself and us an intellectual disservice pretending that is the problem they(we) have with BB2.
  10. As a short aside and a bit of a necro, this is not a compelling argument.
  11. On my wishlist but I feel I've probably enough games right now. However if somebody is organizing a co-op group I might be persuaded with only mild prodding.
  12. I was not aware I was British til this moment. Soul searching will commence once I figure out where I left that thing. Ah but as for the new video, to be honest I'm not sure I like how the chaos warriors look at all - nevermind the drop kicking - but to me that's very negligible and it's overall looking quite good. Presuming this was edited footage of course, fouling with the same player that just blocked, TV raising per TD (outside some campaign functionality), those would be some rather big nopes for me.
  13. Congratulations, bit of luck is always a part of BB but you don't get to be OCC champion unless you deserve it - and you do. Thanks for the honorable mention. For all our strategic talks in client and scattered around the forums, I look forward to finally playing you for the 1st time next season. Expertly said Remthar. This ^^.
  14. They were thanked on the official BB forums. But does it really deserve thanks? It's essentially "In the spirit of desiring your money, after your indignant protests, we've decided it will not be wise to excrete into your supper plate."
  15. I just don't understand what they don't understand about *optional*. Give us the CRP, then do whatever you like. It's not that these rules sound so intolerably bad, or really even bad at all, but this approach does nothing to inspire confidence in a company in whom I already have none. Things could still change but as of right now, I'm not buying unless: 1) I get rave reviews from a majority of my most trusted BB sources; if Dode PMs me acting like a school girl with a pony type stuff. 2) OCC forces me to switch - and if that's the case one really has to ask who in that scenario is really deserving of my money?
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