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  1. jbecks

    Signups S12

    Having moved house and spent every day and evening renovating! I have finally set up my PC...hoooraaaah! Ill return to the league with my orcs, Da Blackfangs
  2. Yes cbbakke thats it There has been quite a few characters over the years...and I did like the days when the smack talking threads were quite busy!
  3. Who was the guy who called you padpid on purpose and thought to proove cpomb would win him the title :D, Yes SSC was hardwork, it led to me burning out too. The days of Ventrillo was fun
  4. Long life ISM! Long Live ISM!! haha and there was someone else, who, I can not remember that was incredibly funny and mostly annoyed pidpad!
  5. the stadium that prevents weather changes is a must for khemri I think!
  6. I think you should coach pro elf’s, everyone knows they have the hottest wives and throw the best parties.
  7. welcome back Juriel, this is my first season back from a long break too. Im just waiting patiently for chaos pact im coaching orcs, but maybe should have coached vamps or kislev
  8. I did almost pick vampires, because I unexpectedly had a good win record with them in MM
  9. Ogres are amazing, so much fun. If only they had goblins instead though! im awaiting chaos pact for three big guy smash
  10. I don’t recall you previously adding the 77 though, which is why I assumed you forgot your login details, taking into account your age, it’s quite an honest mistake of mine
  11. Where did the 77 come from!
  12. Doomy did you forget your login details?
  13. Pid, Orcs Da BlackFangs I did finally make my mind up
  14. Just kick doomy and give me his spot, he won’t win anyway anyway
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