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  1. Undoubtedly... By the way, my MD1 match should be watched only if you want to learn how to really screw yourself over from the first half and onwards.
  2. Come now - I very rarely have 3 linemen on the pitch beyond the first couple of turns. I've been blessed with some good positionals, though. I still remember that game against Khornight when my 5-6 remaining players against his 11 norse somehow turned 0-1 to 4-1 between turn 3 and turn 13... too bad I let him make it 4-4 before the match was over...
  3. My zombies being very unlikely to ever produce a legend, I'd better brag about their first superstar at least. All hail to Kia Hjelte, killer and scorer extraordinaire for Botkyrka fullmäktige (yes, 3 TDs is extraordinary for this team)!
  4. I don't think my standards are particularly lenient - given their generous exposure of now oft-repeated body parts I find it very likely that the female characters I mentioned are meant to appeal sexually to at least a significant amount of the customers. I admittedly forgot about the halfling cheerleaders, though. they do indeed provide a counter-example. I agree. I interpret some of the examples of scantily-clad males provided earlier in the thread as an ironic lamp-shading of the sexism inherent in the gaming world. A self-irony I can appreciate, even if it stops short
  5. If you claim that females are not only allowed when dressed in a sexy way, maybe you should provide an example of the opposite? It's no coincidence that every female player type is AV7. And I already admitted that there are lightly dressed male players, the difference is that 1. there are plenty of more heavily armed male players as well, and 2. even the lightly dressed males aren't always intended for the coaches to drool over (goblins and trolls being obvious examples). I'm certainly no expert on the Warhammer lore, but I do realize it's a humorous parody and I often appreciate t
  6. You can, actually. More or less scantily-clad male characters, like Norse or Kislev, do exist, but there are also plenty of examples of male characters in- game that are NOT intended to be sexy in any way and still are an accepted part of the game. Female characters, on the other hand, are ONLY allowed in-game if they are alluring to the (presumed straight male) player's eye - amazons, witch elves, cheerleaders, BB1 wardancers, they all sport thin clothing and big boobs. Given the aforementioned new orc cheerleaders I might need to add "OR, in exceptional cases, if they can be laug
  7. My zombies get their first point! Wheeee!

  8. Very nice! I can't think of any adjustments I'd like right now, first impression is just that it's excellent! Now I feel like figuring out how to make your crest appear as my team's logo in-game... and I should definitely start using it on the official municipal documents I make at work.
  9. I'll get in line with a humble request for a sig for my new OCC2 team. It's an all zombie team named "Botkyrka fullmäktige" (It was supposed to be "Botkyrka kommunfullmäktige", meaning "Botkyrka municipal council", but that was too long. So now it's just "Botkyrka council", which is a bit meh, but anyway...). As you may have guessed the theme is the governing body of my home municipality, and the players are the actual council members elected a couple of years ago. Preferably the sig should include zombiefied council members (for this theme I'm going with zombies of the mindless-slave
  10. Of course you watched. I didn't quite agree, though (as you may have gathered). Without the nominated player, one side of the pitch was fairly open, but before he retreated I found him quite in the way, ending up turning a downhill block into an uphill one. Also, the player is mainly useful in offense, and might well have been benched anyway had the bug not occured.
  11. Ironically, I usually always use the dice log, and when spectating I scoff at matches where neither coach notices an extra player. Then, when it finally happens in a game where I'm involved, I'm busy with the chat window...
  12. Agreeing isn't always simple, though. In this scenario, any solution means that the bug works to the clear advantage of one of the players.
  13. I haven't had this bug happen to me very much, so would appreciate the input of more experienced coaches. How would you handle the following situation? You kick off the second half. Your opponent receives and has a good start, depitching two of your players. Half way into your own first turn, your opponent points out that you must have started with 12 players. The players you haven't moved already are key players which you wouldn't want to remove from play. The players you have moved are more or less in your opponent's way. What do you do?
  14. I'd say the second time, but fair enough.
  15. No rotation for those relegated from Championship?
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