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  1. What is the official OCC rule regarding the double spp bug? its been around for as long as the game so though there was a solution but the answer i get from my tier admins is that nothing can be done so you are just fucked if you are on the bad end of it and get double injuries on your players etc... it happened after my game today resulting in my opponent getting 38 spp from a single game which just seem so wildly unfair to the rest of division.
  2. No redraft and Nurgle as a starting team, OCC3 is gonna be such a diverse league
  3. You can’t really protect mummies from claw. Claw mighty is the end of mummies as your key players.
  4. High elves 4 ma8 st3 ag4 players is a lot of fun and they won’t be in bb3 and if they make it in they will suck due to leap and passing rules.
  5. Returning team 2flash2furious high elf
  6. if the squirrel have right stuff its insanely good
  7. Spun into a drunk verbalHM with a min/maxed undead team back in bb1 and while I was POMB’ing his skinks to death he was so kind to tell me that I should come play in a real league so i could learn that I wasn’t hot shit..
  8. With nurgle being one of the starter teams, we could just switch immediately and nobody would notice a difference...
  9. Yeah don’t ignore the count, but only take him when you can also get a wizard. I’ve played 2 seasons in occ1 at the top where I was 800-1200 tv down every match so I got a whole playbook full of inducement plays. Hell I was competitive in the championship back in occ1 with a almost rookie team consisting of only 1 good ghoul + decent mummy+ wiz and the count. with the count you always have a plan a and b, plan a is to get the ball to the count after the wiz since most bash teams can’t scramble good enough to take down a st5 ss piece. plan b is if it’s a suboptimal wiz/scatter to hypno to get the ball free. But yeah the count is good but too expensive and will lose you matches when failing a catch or pick up.
  10. Should have either switched sides a turn before you did or stayed with the plan. turn 6 i would have dodged your bc ghoul through, it works 8/9 times and had more or less secured the td and if it had failed there where 2-3 of your players covering the failed dodge. i find that when shit hits the fan and you are a mummy out its better to get as many of your opponents players stuck on the remaining mummy as possible and then scramble with the ghouls, so i dont think you where wrong in switching sides you should have just committed to it sooner and utilized that the ghoul can outrun his gobbos.
  11. Never have a better question been asked, 4 min turns are the worst part about blood bowl. 4 min are in reality 6-8 min with the 15 sec timer. Nothing apart from playing dorfs make me think less of a “person” than somebody thinking for 15 sec about if he should take the pow... nobody is able to run out a 4 min clock unless the are deliberately doing it to grief their opponent 2 min turns are plenty of time for even the slowest player..
  12. Never Igor, bribe dp will keep you safer. A disciplined cage where the mummies are never alone on the corner is key in this match. Underworld usually lack the guard to just hit the mummies straight on if there are a zombie next to them. the strength blitzer will be a problem but at least it doesn’t have po.
  13. Buy 2-3 dedicated fans with the extra money from roster 1 they pay for themselves with the new winnings system. Skaven looks strong with the redraft system but cant really decide if I think it makes up for the removal of lightning bolt and ma10.
  14. Yeah and its not like ccl already have enough problems with a mentally ill person playing 20 chorf matches a day 365 days a year
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