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  1. Does that actually count as a compliment? There are volcanoes that are not as old as Hobnail... Print this out, leave somewhere prominent: "Dear Wife, for my anniversary this year I would like a game on the computer thing. Thank you, your husband Hobnail."
  2. I'm sure that technically there could be a program to determine the seeding... but Pidpad has made things complicated enough that no-one else understands what is needed. And therefore he is the most important person here. Remember that... else you'll be facing a season of orcs/dwarves/evil chaos/dodgy elves (delete as applicable). The other greens just make a bit of noise occasionally so people remember they exist ;-)
  3. Hobnail went on a campaign to get his rep as high as his age. He's still a way off... so come on people, help him out!
  4. Answers not ending in 'off'? Such as "F__ off you ____s! Get off my land! In my day..." You sir are strange. Cyanide MUST, and in fact will, do nothing of the sort. To use the oft-quoted EA example, they "update" their sports games year-on-year with no way of keeping a team, and still expect full price for it. And people still buy it too. Wave goodbye to your old teams, or don't buy it. You answer yourself here... but basically yeah, you play because the game Bloodbowl is awesome, not because the PC game is. \o/ Come join me, my MacBook loves FUMBBL! Get OCC onto FUMBBL and I'm an even happier camper than I currently am. Which isn't saying much, given I'm at work and haven't slept (particularly well) in over a week...
  5. I picked chaos. Spent a few minutes going around the playbooks bit, but my French isn't that good so I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do. Couldn't find the "kill anything that moves" tactic so gave up. Went to try "playing" some games.... challenge, disconnect. Rinse and repeat a few times. Gave up. All in all... its definitely a Cyanide game.
  6. Very wise words... though it does imply you didn't try hard enough on Saturday night. I always thouht that wood elves would be best for day 2 at a tournament, because you don't need to think, just roll dice. (Oh look who won overall, wood elves!) Am gutted I couldn't make it this year, things have just been far too busy recently but hoping that I can escape for the weekend next year. I'll have to build up some browny-points in the meantime. And then paint up a decent team rather than the non-decent elves and chaos I have ready at the moment (or I could take my goblins with their current 0-0-6 tournament record?) PS: Doomy, many congrats on that record, not only did you finish above some very good coaches but you also got almost as many points in one tournament as I managed in the previous two :lol:
  7. I tried to get back into the Cyanide game, starting up in a mini-league elsewhere. Game 1 lagged like never before, taking about 2.5 hours to get the game finished despite both players going pretty quick. Game 2, having turned down the graphics settings as far as possible, midway through, my PC blew up the socket is was plugged into and took out all the electrics upstairs... I quit the league at that point and went back to FUMBBL. May try again in a month or so when I get some more free time. Pro elf catchers are not over-powered, they are fragile and need protecting. I expect you can write some very interesting match reports with only 2 players, you could really develop the characters. Try harder.
  8. I used to write match reports, back when I played. Although I've just realised that was 10 seasons ago As a former pro elf coach (theyy are still in the Holding League, so could return one day!) I'd like access to the secret section with the hot wives and dwarven voodoo please. EDIT: dunno why BJJ_power-gaming_hero wants to see more match reports, how many has he written recently? I guess when its just a case of "turn up, win" there's not much point... :lol:
  9. True... but its a lot of doubles to get there. I guess Pact or Chaos with a couple of doubles and AG increases could also work.
  10. That would be awesome... intercepting on a 3+, with a catch reroll... me want! And 4 of them running around the pitch too :lol: EDIT: and then giving them disturbing presence too, so for the rare occasions they didn't make the interception, the pass/catch roll become much harder
  11. Is it that time of the year again already? With all the snow around I hadn't noticed...
  12. Nuffle is punishing you for playing an unofficial team Try playing as vampires... my team on FUMBBL are awesome. First game, my 4 vamp 7 thrall lineup was reduced to 3 vamps and 1 thrall... by turn 3. That's my turn 3... when I received. I spent most of the second half with 1 thrall being chased by 4 vamps. Played another game last night, I managed to pass 1 out of 12 KO rolls. Nuffle really does not like those guys, I can tell you...
  13. Just shut up and lose, power-gamer
  14. Yup. And the skaven have a goblin (or underworld?) logo. And the dwarves have an elf logo! Usual quality service from Cyanide.
  15. Hmm... looks good. I'd love it if the other turn-based game was something like Necromunda or Mordheim, or something way-out and whacky like Dark Future... but instead I'd expect it to be something like Space Crusade (i.e. very similar) or Space Fleet / BFG - I'd expect something based in space, since GW don't really seem to think much beyond SPAYS MARIIIINES!!
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