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  1. Congrats Gimlik! Top notch coaching and well deserved!
  2. Congrats @Tupi great win by a great coach. And thank you for proving once again that high elves are the best elves.
  3. Everyone knows the deadliest matches for elves are elf-offs.
  4. Just saw this! I played OCC for about a season and a half after I got over my anxiety of playing online games. I was undead fan and basically worshipped Dreamy as a god. Then RL got the better of me for a couple of years until BB2 came about. I bought right as the second seeder was getting underway and I have played in every season since. Nothing less than one of the best run leagues around. Thanks for providing a great community for ten years!
  5. No, it says “if” you end your action next to a thrall you must bite.
  6. In the BB rules it says: ”Either way, at the end of the declared Action, but before actually passing, handing off, or scoring, the vampire must feed. If he is standing adjacent to one or more Thrall team-mates (standing, prone or stunned), then choose one to bite and make an Injury roll on the Thrall treating any casualty roll as Badly Hurt.” (Emphasis my own) Since it says that the vampire must feed, that implies, to me, that there isn’t any choice. If you want the vampire sent off, you need to separate them from thralls. On the the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were intended to be optional and Cyanide didn’t implement it properly.
  7. I would save the cash as well. Wait until you can get to 12 players maybe?
  8. Loner line is the best line though.
  9. We hear this story every day. The tragedy of ghoul deaths unfold too often, but with your help, we can change that. Donate to Necromancers Without Scruples and you could help find a cure for ghoul death. I am visiting dark towers and mausoleums constantly, looking for the latest breakthrough in regeneration enchantments, and skin petrifying salves. The future is promising, but only if you help... today. Send your small donation of pure gold (or philosopher's stone) to Necromancer Without Scruples. Every moment you wait, could be a ghoul's last.
  10. The Risen Ravagers, in their 8th OCC season, got their second superstar. Their first superstar, Dane Haunted, the MB, Juggs wight, got to superstar in early S4, but having never rolled a double was not particularly noteworthy, except that he got there without PO. But now in his 45th match, Bloat Bloat Carrion lives up to his name. He didn't really shine until the leading rusher in Ravager history, Ricket Rasher, died tragically at the hands of a random hit by a thrower on @the Sage's Mourning Wood. He took up primary ball-carrying duties and all the extra work paid dividends as his strength on the pitch improved. He became more confident with his hands as he racked up the yards, and recently has improved greatly in his scrum work. Career Stats: 45 Matches Played 17 TDs scored 1 Completion 2 Casualties Inflicted 4 MVPs
  11. He has to balance out playing high elves in another league.
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