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  1. Anti-chorf bias detected in that ordering!
  2. Humans looks like a good choice. Slight relative advantage over the normal 7+1 vs 6N (where humans are fine). You lose the block catcher, but most of opposition gives up more than that. I think the 2nd thrower is a trap. The (mediocre) skill redundancy is likely less useful to a tourney winning run than RR control via staff. I'd rather take 4 guard blitzers and use the freed up 6th normal for a wrestle lino than take a tackle blitzer. All fairly minor points tho (relative to coaching skill differential).
  3. whoosh! Wiz stadium is great for vamps at equal TV. When we get more value from an inducement than the opponent we gain precious match equity. I started 16-7-0 with vamps in champs 17 and the Wiz stadium provided significantly greater value to me than my opponent in every home game (even the ones where I didn't use mine). Not only is our expected value from active wiz usage higher than other races, but we also gain more passive value from holding it. Wiz+vamps is a nightmare for opponents to deal with. Beer stand is okay. We can fill squares easily for sur
  4. Your opponent zapping your best vamp each game is much better than him using the wiz to go after the ball
  5. I'd have taken it - especially in League. STR4 Wripper is always on my vamps wishlist (alongside the leader and +ag thralls). Every non-snack thrall exponentially ramps up your turn complexity tho so I don't hate skipping it if you can't be arsed dealing with it, after all you probably get less passive positional value from a STR 4 lino than most races.
  6. You don't even have to use the icons
  7. In case the icons are part of the problem, you can replace them with letters
  8. Three is plenty* to rip apart rookie opposition! You're my tip to win 6C Now, I'm used to 3 it feels much smoother and more consistent than 4. *until one dies or goes MNG as with only 2 vamps one inevitably snakes something and the game fizzles into a draw.
  9. Dome is okay (and gets better the worse you play) Ref's Rest Area is okay (but gets significantly worse the worse you play) Assuming that you play well though, Security Gate should provide the greatest asymmetrical benefit.
  10. dionysian Dark Elves Normal Tuesday Afternoon 18+
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