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  1. No match has been played by this team, so I think any replacement would be great for the division. Let me know your team and I'll send a ticket! Then you can try to schedule with @Hobnail. Thanks!
  2. We would love if we could get a similar team, a copy of the team, or even a fresh team for those daring enough. This is the team that needs replacing: https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=4484957&platform=1 Ideally we can get someone that will be able to play for MD3 that runs from 6/23 through 6/29. Please post here or contact the tier admins: @unglaublicher @Javelin @Bouffon
  3. Wait, we're allowed to leave???
  4. I definitely had hiveblood to do the white palace. I can't imagine doing it without it, and I didn't even consider the path of pain. (Though I didn't even know about it until after I got through the white palace!). So many times I would miss a jump and accidentally fall to an area I had already cleared and have to do it again. It was so painful until I finished it, then it was very rewarding. I would still place my struggles with Radiance above the white palace though. I don't think I'll even try the absolute variant.
  5. I picked up Guacamelee 2 last weekend, that isn't as good but it's still a ton of fun!
  6. I just finally beat The Radiant for the true ending last weekend. Took me at least 80 tries to beat The Radiant, and for awhile having to beat The Hollow Knight every time before even getting to fight Radiant was kicking my butt! I have not done the Trial of Fools or The Nightmare Grimm (I chose to banish the Grimm troupe). I had a ton of fun playing that game, definitely left we wanting more! I think I was at 106% when I did the final boss fight. I havne't gone back and done much in the Hall of Gods either. The White Palace was a ton of tun!
  7. I would say The Final Empire was possibly the least interesting of the Mistborn novels, it has so much world building to do. While I did enjoy the first Mistborn trilogy, I liked the Wax and Wayne novels a lot more; which are a trilogy of books in the same world but many years in the future.
  8. Speaking of greek myths reimagined, I really enjoyed Illium by Dan Simmons, and it's conclusion Olympos. It's mostly sci fi thousands of years in the future, but the trojan war is ongoing on Mars, while the few humans remaining on earth present an interesting culture. Then there's the sentient robots coming to this side of the solar system to explore the strange emissions coming from the area. I found it quite compelling. Simmons is one of those authors who has some books I love and others I don't feel are particular well written or interesting. I enjoyed these ones as much as Hyperion though.
  9. I just finished Oathbringer and have started the rhythm of war. I think I listened to the first book as an audiobook and I've read the last two. In my opinion the third entry took a little step down from the first two (with the second being my favorite so far). It might be mostly because of the characters it focused on. But it's still Sanderson, who is a very enjoyable author to read. I got my daughter into his young adult series starting with Starsight. We listen to the audiobook when we're in the car together (slowed down since covid) and we're both really enjoying them!
  10. Brerttonian may also be out in BB3, and they are good a low and mid TV, definitely worth consideration.
  11. As it's been pointed out, it seems unlikely that Kislev and Vampires will be available (at least in similar formats) in BB3, so your opportunity to play them is diminishing. AV8 elves are what they are. Always above average and excellent at some TV. They're almost always fun to play.
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