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  1. At least when it gets to open Beta it'll be more playable. Closed beta is less fun and more work.
  2. Sometime during BB1 Season 14 of the OCC I had graduated from just playing my brother hot seat to figuring out I could play a pick-up match in the open league. I did that for awhile, and started reading the OCC and bbtactics boards quite a bit looking for strategy advice. I then just looked up online leagues and the OCC seemed to fit what I wanted more than any others. And even though I'm in the US, EU evenings work out a bit better for me, so I decided to give it a go and started my undead team "Undead Quiet" in season 15 of the snotling soda league and then season 15 of the main league.
  3. I think people were more asking for distinct appearance as level changes rather than being able to add or remove an armband. But we'll see.
  4. I never had more than 2 skills on all my blitzers combined when I played Kislev in the OCC. That time when they don't have block is dangerous!
  5. We have a need to replace a chaos team for the last two matches of the season in 4B. The team in question is: https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=3387162&platform=1 Might be a long shot, but anyone fancy helping out?
  6. The other thing I got in the habit of doing is always leaping rather than dodging unless my player had the dodge skill. A failed leap gives you a much better range of potential squares to leave your player than dodging does, and getting that extra movement even on a downed player can be useful!
  7. It was on your opponents drive in the first half: You can see your lineman is on the ground, and if he stood up and leaped from where he was it's 3 MA to stand up, 2 MA to leap, leaving one more MA for the blitz. But if you stand up and move one square like you did, you've now used up 4 MA. When you leap it goes to 6 MA, even though you only leapt one square. That left you with having to do a GFI in order to get the block. It worked, but then you both downed yourself. I can't say the block dice would have been different, but not having to do that GFI can be helpful. I found out the same way!
  8. I got KOR on my one turning gutter, thinking I could leave him protected and then move him to the line of scrimmage if things were safe after the kickoff. The first time I got a blitz against I realized the KOR happens before the kick off role and I just left him exposed to a blitz anyway
  9. Your team is pretty filthy! The best I was able to manage was two STR4 wrestle linemen on my tier 3 team, but they both died along with my only blitzer within two matches. One thing I noticed you do in your last match, which I have done quite a few times; was to use the leap incorrectly and cost yourself a movement (and force a GFI when you didn't need one). Leap always costs two spaces of movement, whether you leap a single space or two. So it's always better to leap from two spaces away than to move next to where you want to leap to and only leap one space. It may have just been a misclick, but I thought it was worth mentioning since that gave me issues with Kislev when I was playing them alot!
  10. My hope is they don't choose to make rookie humans look 80 years old. I've never understood that. Surely blood bowl is a game for the young to play and the rest of us to enjoy.
  11. Giving your opponent a free bribe as skaven is madness
  12. Skaven may not have to use GFI as often, but the effect of a failed one you don't re-roll is huge.
  13. It is definitely elf turf. Nothing else makes sense for skaven. The number of players they lose on failed gfi is too big to ignore. Wizard would be good, but skaven tend to be low team value anyway. Being the only one to have a wizard is too big of a tool to give away.
  14. Since the necro team is significantly changed it could be a good selling point. Then we could have mighty blow sheets.
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