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  1. Bonjour les gens, Après quelques saisons ... Entraîneur de retour avec une nouvelle équipe Nom de l'entraîneur - SNOT SPIRIT Nom de l'équipe - Atomic Jumping Wildcats Race - Elfes des bois
  2. me too i want -)))))) send the money money -)
  3. Hi @james cook Glad to see you again -) Friendly
  4. héhéhé @zippy75see you soon mate...I will be there the next season too. Have a nice day
  5. Hi folks and @zippy75 (nice to see you again). I play in LFBB too it's very nice. I like it I come back in OCC...a real pleasure....
  6. Hi Mate sorry for answering with too late !!! this logo is very nice i prefer this one!!!!
  7. The Moot's Panthers (Flings)will be happy to have a new logo -))) Thank you i can be generous -)) hihino emergency
  8. Hi Tribble, Is it possible to add under my logo some informations like statistics W / D / D for the running season and the past season? Thank you Friendly SNOT
  9. Tribble, Ok mate sorry i have not understood all your post but don t worry i understand. See you soon Friendly Snot
  10. Tribble, i have sent you the detail of rules about ELITE and 100 G i hope it give you some ideas -)
  11. Triblle yes of course i think you make each time the best you can... for having more information on ARENA 100 GLADIATORS and ELITE SMALL TITANS i send you the detail of rules on you bow messages in BB In advance thank you very much Friendly snot
  12. Hi Tribble, How are you? i ask myself if it s possible to have more picture on my sign?... In fact i wish to have 2 more pictures (for example my stats, a logo for my 2 leagues: -ARENA 100 Gladiators -ELITE SMALL TITANS (a stunty league) I don t know if it s possible and allowed for my leagues See you soon mate Have a nice day Snot
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