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  1. No you are getting confused in your old age. Sun Drop is the player that gets killed in S25 of Champs!
  2. Awesome work @james cook I think that Brian should also be on the top 10 list for XP too, but not complaining!
  3. Better to build one as a carrier with Blodge and Sure Hands and one as a sacker with Wrackle.
  4. It’s better and worse at the same time. Better: Your vamp does not leave the pitch for failing it You can hit another vamp if you need to You roll for armour (not straight injury) Worse: It’s a 4+ if you want to do anything that isn’t a block or a blitz You can kill or seriously injure your own players if you fail it. Also hypno gaze is much better.
  5. Juggs is also a double. I would probably go with Jump up. Fend or Dauntless would be fine too.
  6. Sure Hands if you don’t already have it somewhere else. Tackle is always an option if your team lacks it to, cos this goat can get to ball carriers through a screen and blitz them with 2 dice.
  7. I doubt the rr will be 50k for this team. They are more likely to be 70k. A group of angry men and goats are unlikely to train well together from a fluff perspective and this looks like a tier 2 team where you have to cut things at 1000 tv.
  8. No love for frenzy? I’m no vamp coach, but frenzy would seem to be good for a player like that. Hypno Gaze makes frenzy even better on the sidelines.
  9. Yeah, the duplicate names are annoying One was a double input by mistake because the game wouldn't let me hire the player while the opponent was sending a challenge and the other was because I was sure I hadn't already used that name. Was expecting at least one of the duplicates to die by now, but Nuffle obviously won't allow it....
  10. It hasn't been for a lack of the opposition trying to kill him! Brian likes to spend as much time as possible on the bench during a match and is used to playing hide and seek with the opposing team if he has to stay on the pitch for a prolonged period. Also there is such a thing as "luck of the Irish"!
  11. Padraig started off his career as a promising "jack of all trades" blitzer who could play the ball, support his team mates and also deal out some pain. His role evolved, however, after the team's main enforcer Seamus McKill was tragically stamped to death by a horrific Chaos Dwarf team a couple of seasons ago! Padraig was forced to step up and take on the role of enforcer for the team and a subsequent injury suffered in the dying seconds of a match last season made him focus on damage dealing above all else. In the opening game of this season the team once again faced a horrific looking Chaos Dwarf team, but Padraig, fueled by memories of Seamus' tragic death, went into a wild frenzy and injured four of the opposition's players!
  12. After 49 matches Brian has cemented himself as a true Legend for the Celtic Tigers! Averaging exactly one TD per game and closing in on 2000 rushing yards, his stats speak for themselves! Not content with practically always being the fastest player on the pitch, Brian has now added leaping to his phenomenal array of abilities. He has played a huge role in the Tigers' successes over the past seasons in the OCC and regardless of where the Tigers go from here, they will always owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Now feck off Brian!!
  13. Congrats! Bonus points for winning with Berts in a high tv environment!
  14. If the community makes enough noise about lack of redraft options then I think they will have to strongly consider adding it at some point. Given the severe lack of polish of the current version of the Beta I can see why they have shelved the idea all the same. Correctly implementing the rules and having a UI that doesn't make your eyes bleed have a higher priority for sure!
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