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  1. 4A needs one or two still @Tys123 @bob152
  2. It is AV 5 and Str 1, so it's easy to remove though.
  3. Queen’s Gambit on Netflix is well worth a watch. I used to play in a lot of amateur chess tournaments and was an avid reader of chess history and follower of the professional chess scene for a number of years. It’s rare to see a work of fiction capture that world so well. It’s by the creator of Godless, which is another good reason to watch it!
  4. I like Sure Hands for him.Saves re-rolls and makes it much harder to get the ball off him.
  5. Joined in season 2 of BB1. Cannot really remember how I found the league, but it may well have been via the Cyanide forums. Played a lot in BB1 and then moved over to tabletop rather than BB2 (mainly due to work and not having a decent pc). Only installed BB2 this year when the pandemic hit and rejoined the fun in BB2!
  6. Yeah, I like the idea of making a fast team faster, but more Str 2 is a pain... I also like the idea of a second thrower as a Kicker though. The thrower is basically a lino with 2 extra skills for 20k and seems like the best player to put Kick on. I am probably leaning more that way to be honest.
  7. Human team is evolving nicely. Both catchers have been hogging the spp, but in a good way! Question is: would you now buy a third catcher in order to build a defensive one with Wrestle, Dauntless, etc? The other option I quite like is buying a second thrower in order develop as a Kicker, or just buying another lino as a meat bag...
  8. The only way to protect the ball from that lot is to kill them all!!
  9. I like Dodge. Bash teams will often easily get two dice on him, but with Blodge he’ll be harder to deal with for them. Stand Firm or Break Tackle later on both go very well with it.
  10. danton


    Looks interesting. I have wanted to try the boardgame for a while, so this is a good way to get a feel for the mechanics too. Also it will be coming out on the Switch, which should be a nice platform for it.
  11. One point to bear in mind about lack of Titchy on the positionals is that it means they actually exert a normal tackle zone when it comes to opponents' dodges. So while it makes their dodging worse, it also makes your screens better.
  12. Couple more things: Kick Team mate appears to have been simplified compared to the rules for it in the Ogre Spike magazine. It's now a second Throw Team Mate action that you can make in a turn, but the launched player is removed from play if you fumble. Also Swoop has been nerfed, as the player now scatters D3 squares using the throw-in template instead of scattering three times using it. Additionally it no longer gives +1 to landing.
  13. Yeah, but I am fairly sure now that you can't use fumblerooskie, because it states that can be used as part of a move or blitz action, while throwing a bomb is a "Throw Bomb" special action.
  14. Yeah ladders like CCL are still likely to be high TV environments, because you can play a lot of games in a season. That's a good thing though, because it can provide variety compared to normal league play which will likely be lower TV in general, depending on the length of seasons. Resurrection tournaments could be interesting. Each team could get 1100 tv and then an amount of spp to spread among players as per the new rules. Allowing random skills would add a lot of work for TT tournaments, but you could just allow Primary and secondary choices as per the new cost system.
  15. Yes, that is what I said above. I read it wrong initially. Prayers to Nuffle table is interesting. Basically it's there to help teams with lower tv when the higher tv team spends money from its own treasury during inducements phase. So if the CTV of both teams is not equal after inducements spending by both, then the underdog can roll on the table for each full 50k difference in order to get extra bonuses.
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