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  1. Brets are being replaced by the Imperial Nobility team, so yeah this version of Brets will not be in BB3 for sure.
  2. The Celtic Tigers now have two Super Star Catchers! Eamon has been overshadowed by the younger and faster Brian, but he is just as important to the team. A real veteran, having been part of the team since its creation and having played in every single match, Eamon is a true all-rounder, who plays on both sides of the ball. When attacking he can either be the main ball carrier, or act as a receiving threat and when defending he is a fantastic ball retriever and all-round nuisance for the opposition.
  3. Ever since Brian could walk he would run everywhere. His mammy could be heard shouting all day "come back here ya fecker"! Some things never change!!
  4. What about dropping the Apo and the FF in the second roster? You have 13 players and this is Resurrection format right? Would that let you add another skill?
  5. danton

    Signups S19

    Blast from the past!
  6. Have started painting my Orc team and this is my test model for the colour scheme. Appreciate any feedback or thoughts!
  7. Finished painting my Skaven a while ago. Here are a few pics:
  8. 4A needs one or two still @Tys123 @bob152
  9. It is AV 5 and Str 1, so it's easy to remove though.
  10. Queen’s Gambit on Netflix is well worth a watch. I used to play in a lot of amateur chess tournaments and was an avid reader of chess history and follower of the professional chess scene for a number of years. It’s rare to see a work of fiction capture that world so well. It’s by the creator of Godless, which is another good reason to watch it!
  11. I like Sure Hands for him.Saves re-rolls and makes it much harder to get the ball off him.
  12. Joined in season 2 of BB1. Cannot really remember how I found the league, but it may well have been via the Cyanide forums. Played a lot in BB1 and then moved over to tabletop rather than BB2 (mainly due to work and not having a decent pc). Only installed BB2 this year when the pandemic hit and rejoined the fun in BB2!
  13. Yeah, I like the idea of making a fast team faster, but more Str 2 is a pain... I also like the idea of a second thrower as a Kicker though. The thrower is basically a lino with 2 extra skills for 20k and seems like the best player to put Kick on. I am probably leaning more that way to be honest.
  14. Human team is evolving nicely. Both catchers have been hogging the spp, but in a good way! Question is: would you now buy a third catcher in order to build a defensive one with Wrestle, Dauntless, etc? The other option I quite like is buying a second thrower in order develop as a Kicker, or just buying another lino as a meat bag...
  15. The only way to protect the ball from that lot is to kill them all!!
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