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  1. Coach name (in-game BB2): Mercy Flush Team: Necro Team name: Ruff Justice Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018: Confirmed!
  2. If you have a link i'd love to read it.
  3. Wow! That a serious list of high calibre BB coaches you got going on here! i'm gonna be brave... count me in! :P
  4. Many of the Star Players from Blood Bowl will play integral roles in the story narrative found in the campaign, portrayed as closely as possible to the original miniatures seen in the board game. Star Players will be hired in multiplayer and custom games to the same extent, using the pre-match inducements window. .... interestingly, looking back at the launch website splurge, it does read slightly awkwardly in hindsight... maybe i mistook 'portrayed' to mean more than 'looks like' doh! Even so, it's kind of a strange pledge to make as many many official star players were never released with their own official GW model in the 1st place. I'll still hold onto the hopeful theory that Pass Block is just a graphic oversight. In BB:CE the 'new' animosity skill was introduced & works ok* but for the 1st few weeks was not actually visible in the player's skills box.
  5. I'm not sure what criteria you're basing this on meebee, can you give me a more detailed breakdown?
  6. Brilliant work - a fantastic front page feel. As a casual coach who likes to randomly pop by & catch the latest goings on in OCC this is perfect.
  7. gave it an improved font on the motto & some kind of purple supernova to jazz up the background. not sure if i'm barking up the wrong tree with this idea, give me your thoughts, i can hapily start again. :)
  8. ok, i've switched up the fonts to try a different approach here. also yellowed up the 2nd 1 to suggest a more 'pharaoh' feel than undead.. any ideas/ feelings on font style in particular?
  9. Hello Mynoc... where is this list? are there dates when requests were made? is there some rule about doing stuff in order? if theres a pecking order for 'artists' i didn't know i was stepping on toes.. i just popped in to help out as it was a bit of fun.. i'll leave it in your safe hands from now on. sorry guys,.. i'll leave you with this 1 seeing as it took time & effort.
  10. still not quite there yet.. text & colour will get more attention asap. not quite on spec yet mate - but i thought i'd get the ball rolling, i love that sand face pic, but its tough to overlay stuff atm & make it look right.. yet! bare with me.. i wanted to try something with this guy but i haven't got the right size boot to stomp his head yet! lol keep you posted.
  11. erg... this one's come out a bit weird! - there's something i like about it tho, i'll keep making amendments & ask for more development ideas asap. B)
  12. Captain Thorrek Woah! this is gonna take a bit of time to get a few ideas on this... erm.. i'll try but it might not be quite as specific as you've requested... bare with me! ... in the meantime... cradle1369
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