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  • 2 - Signature Rules


    These are the rules for signatures on the OCC forums.




    These are forum settings and you will not be able to save a sig that breaks them:


    • Max one image.
    • Image no more than 130 px height (no width limit, it gets cut off automatically if it's too long).
    • Max two lines of text (an image counts as one line).



    An example of signature image height.




    Signatures should not detract from the purpose of communication by being too distracting. Don't make them ridiculously flashy or give them annoying animations. If we find your sig too obtrusive, you won't get in trouble. We'll just poke you to let you know.


    The two lines of text hard limit can be circumvented by simply typing on without hitting enter (the text will wrap to several lines). Don't abuse this.




    If you want to sport two separate signature images for teams, you still can. Just put them in one image with a translucent column between them. To not get cut off, you might want to stay around 600-800px width, but it varies depending on the screen resolution of each user.


    You might be able someone to help you create a team signature image in The Creative Corner.


    And if you don't want to see the sigs at all, you can disable them in your account settings.


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