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  • 4 - The OCC Warning System


    The OCC Warning System


    We now employ a forum-based system of warnings to track coaches who break our rules, in and out of the game. When a coach has been warned, a big red banner appears at the top of the forums when they log in. The warning will contain:


    • The warning category
    • A description of why the warning has been issued
    • A point value


    Until the coach has acknowledged that they have received the warning, they will not be able to interact further with the forums. If a coach believes the warning has been issued based on false or lacking information, they are still welcome to contact the admins to discuss their case (even after acknowledging it).


    Warning Points 


    Warnings have a point value between zero (0) and three (3). The points from a warning are removed from your total a year after it was given (but the warning remains).


    When a coach reaches a total of three (3) or more points, they will be up for review by the Orca Cola Directors (greensuits).
    The common result of such a review is a permanent ban from the forums, though mitigating circumstances could lead to more lenient punishments.


    0-point Warnings


    The warning system includes warnings worth zero points. These are a tool for our admins to give wrist slaps and make a coach aware that they may be treading a narrow path. A high number of 0-point warnings would also weigh unfavourably should the coach ever come up for review.




    On top of the warning system, we have a hidden system of notes that we use to keep track of coaches who miss matches or regularly turn up late. We use this to root out one of the lowest breeds of Blood Bowl coaches, the match dodgers. Don't worry if you occasionally miss a match due to real life. Do worry if you systematically try to avoid challenging matchups.

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