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    Instructions for donating

    In order to ensure that the prize pool is manageable and that games actually will get picked, I appreciate if donations meet up with most or all of these criteria:
    • The game is a steam key, a Humble Bundle gift, or a GOG.com gift code.*
    • The game has a positive rating on Steam.
    • The game has a Steam base price of roughly €5 or more.


    Finally, you must be fine with sending Suido the gift/serial to hold until it is claimed.


    Please contact @Suido to donate!


    Pro tip: Check out your Humble Bundle account library!


    Log in to your Humble Bundle account. Click "Keys" and tick "Hide redeemed keys".


    I found over 20 games I had forgotten about this way, mostly spares from old bundles.


    *Unfortunately, Steam has disabled the ability to receive gifts to keep (you have to add them directly to your library), so I can't accept Steam gifts for the prize pool anymore.


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    Changes shown in Purple


    Part I 

    A. Basics
    1. The primary goal of the OCC is to provide a means to play Blood Bowl in a reliable and enjoyable league environment.
    2. By signing up to the OCC, you agree to follow the rules in this document.
    3. Your name on these forums must match your BB2 coach name (contact a greensuit if that is not the case).
    B. Disclaimers
    1. The Orca Cola Directors run the OCC, and their word is law, even if it goes against the rules in this document.
    2. We reserve the right to modify these rules as we see necessary and without warning. We will announce major changes.
    3. Abuse of the rules by appealing to technicalities or wilfully misinterpreting the wording of this document will see you banned.
    4. Behaviour that contravenes the primary goal of the OCC (Part 1-A1) will be actively discouraged and may be subject to warnings and bans, even if not explicitly against any rule.


    Part IV

    C. QuittingFailing to play a Match to Completion
    Note: Please refer to Parts 1-A1, 1-B4 and 2-A1 to understand the intention of the following rules. Every match has two coaches that have set aside time to play, and every coach deserves to play their match to completion. Harsh penalties are enforced as a form of deterrence against uncompleted matches.
    1. Legal concessions are exempt from this rule. The only A coach may legally concede by quitting the match when unable to field three players at the start of a drive.
    2. If your match is cut short for reasons beyond your control, contact your opponent and admin team ASAP to explain what happened. See Interrupted Matches in Part 3-D2, above.
    3. Coaches who choose to stop effectively playing the game (e.g. end turns prematurely, play passively) may be subject to admin scrutiny on a case-by-case basis. This is a grey area – there are many acceptable reasons for such behaviour in league Blood Bowl, and admins will take context into consideration. If a coach is deemed to have failed to play a match to completion without adequate justification, they will be treated as if they had chosen to quit the match.
    4. Coaches who choose to quit an OCC league match (aka concede) in the OCC will be subject to both of the following consequences: 


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