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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings from a small piece of land in Europe. Are you tired of people trying really hard and winning games? Have you grown bored of professionalism, player tips and strategy? Boy, do I have news for you! From the pits of the lower tiers, I bring you Women with Attitude, the new Ogre sensation that's sweeping absolutely nothing! I have created a club where I'll keep track of the games and announce stream times and such, hopefully dragging some of you numbskulls along for the ride in an attempt to bring joy and entertainment to at leas
  2. Welcome to everybody reading this, first of all, sorry for the bad writing. I decided to re roll to Khemri this season after a small success on season 1 with my Undead guys "Blood red skies" winning the division 2A against really good coaches, it was hard to quit them to restart on the bottom with Khemri, but I really love to play them. I find Khemri the funniest race to play Blood Bowl, obviously it is a personal opinion based on my way to play this game. I have created a team based on rock and metal dead stars for the tomb guardians and Ras, the skellies will be named
  3. So I thought being with me having not been involved in the OCC over the last 3-4 seasons that I should prepare a post in preparation of my teams return. The Team: As always my Squad is Built around a Solid core of high Strength players in the Form of my Tomb Guardians and Smoking Tobacco Company in the centre of the field. The Stars of the Squad though are without a doubt my Blitz Ra's While my Ball handling headaches have been left in the dead cool bones of Co-codamol who soothes any pains some what. Sadly his parter was forced into early retirement at the end of the last sea
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