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Found 8 results

  1. This is where I will upload all of my OCC match videos. And where you can come and hang out with me on my stream. Whenever I am playing BB, I should be streaming!
  2. We are now in the 13th season of the Lizards run and they had a good season last season and have made it back up to the Championship division. So lets go make a good run and win this title for the first time. Come and follow our journey over these next 9 games to see how this season pans out!
  3. Okay, money is a little better, but I'm getting some worn out right now, I need to sling some dice to help drop fatigue and stress levels. So, I decided to put together a Warcry Warband of comedic legends who passed on in real life. Wow, there were a lot of greats to go through, but I decided on: •1 Necromancer (Lucille Thrall) •2 Skeletons with spear and shield (Maggot & Corpsello) •1 Skeleton Champion (Charnal Chaplin) •3 Skeletons with Sword and Shield (Moan, Scary, and Shlump) •5 Grave Guard with Wight Blade and Shield (Droppin Williams, Damned Kinnison,
  4. My first match in the OCC WCQ sees my Skaven taking on some Wood Elves coached by @Arwens Arrows. This should be a fast paced, quick scoring match here. How many TD's total will be scored? 4...5....8? Come on in and watch and find out!
  5. Match 1 of the new season against a Chaos team and a coach that I have never played and no nothing about. Come and see how it turns out!
  6. Hi all, I have just started streaming and my streams can be found here : https://www.twitch.tv/andydavo I'm streaming Championship Ladder games - where i'm looking to make it into the last 16, my OCC games and my UKBBL League games. I'm looking to offer technical insight into why i do what i do so my positioning and plays are better understood. I'm also trying to make the shows as interactive as possible, so i'm having guests on and we're being fully involved with the chat. Pop over and come and get involved! :)
  7. There wasn't a video for week 1 of the new season, as that match was adminned. Here is the video for week 2 for the new season. I was promoted to Tier 2C for this new season and ready for a new run at another promotion hopefully. This one pits my Lizards against Da Coaches High Elves. A fun and well played match by both coaches. Although I think I was out-played by a touch, as I had 2 terrible blitz mistakes twice in the 1st half. Still it was a great match and my opponent positioned very well and played the high elves extremely well. (sorry for the voice sounding faint...I realized afterwards
  8. Season 1 MD1. My Lizards vs TheBaron's Humans.
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