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Found 3 results

  1. This is where I will upload all of my OCC match videos. And where you can come and hang out with me on my stream. Whenever I am playing BB, I should be streaming!
  2. Hi. I'm CalciumCas. I've been playing BB since 2nd edition (circa 1990) and immediately fell in love with the mix of gridiron and fantasy with added chainsaws! With the advent of online gaming I found FUMBBL in 2007 and up until 2015 I racked up over 5000 games including 23000 fouls, which got me a reputation of being a below average yet dangerous player. Since 2015, it's been all about BB2, and recently I have joined a number of leagues (after resisting league play for years) including here, ReBBl and the SFL. I wish I'd joined leagues years ago..I love them! My 1st love is Bash, I'm all about the Blood in Blood Bowl and I will cheer just as loudly when one of my players gets smoked as I will when I add your star players skull to my collection! The ultimate honour in BB is to go out on the pitch. I've probably been banned/suspensed/punished more than any other BB'er in history, and I deserved 99.9% of all of them...I am certainly doing better, but you know...work in progress & all that Up until now I've been posting my post game videos and analysis in the division chat, I've only just learned that I can do it here! I love the fluff behind BB, I love legacy teams along with all the peak and troughs of perpetual/semi perpetual play...There's nothing better than a team battling back from adversity and near destruction...and if there's one thing that's for sure in BB... WE ALL HAVE IT COMING. DISCLAIMER : I do tend to swear in my streams and my content is not to everyone's tastes, so please be aware of that before watching. Some like my content, many don't I did think about posting up past games but let's start on a high note with my game from the past week! Game link Week 6 vs @Spydyr Soooooo Most of the time Blood Bowl is a cruel mistress, and up until today's game I've been kicked in the teeth in other leagues, but for some reason known only to Nuffle, my fate this season in the OCC is destined to be somewhat better than usual. Firstly I felt that I matched up well against Spydyr's lizardmen, despite his strength advantage (a ST5 AND a ST6 saurus?) his team roster spoke a thousand words, and most of those words were used to describe pain and suffering. His team has taken a kicking this season, and we've all been there so we can all relate to how tiring this can be...This is where I really didn't help. The game (by Spydyr's admission) went as expected, but I think he was being a bit bland with his observation...IT WENT BLOODY BRILLIANTLY FOR ME! Frankly I wish I had these kind of dice every week, my bash game was firing on all cylinders and my fouling game was off the charts, it felt like I was terrorising FUMBBL again circa 2007-2015! Whatever I stomped on I destroyed, and the ref was either a sado-masochist or too terrified to blow the whistle on my team. Spyder put good pressure on me when I over committed trying to bag that sweet sweet ST6 Saurus! Despite the pressure, I had literally removed everything I hit and the T8 score was easy. The 2nd half saw Spyder not quit as many coaches would have but actually manage to stall until T12 and score against the run of play, sadly for him he lacked the players to stop my winning TD drive late in the game, and I managed to gain a very nice skull in the process. Now most people know me, I show no mercy and I ask for none in return none either. I will rejoice in your best players demise and laugh just as hard when my favourite clawPOMBer get's crushed by a rock 2 friggin days ago in another league (I'm over it honest). When I have my foot on the throat of my opponent I do not lift my foot, I push down. I did in this game as well but instead of celebrating the death of that tooled up tackle POMB jump up Saurus I felt like Spydyr had taken enough of a kicking. I still chased down his remaining player with the intention of turning him into a nice handbag or a pair of cowboy boots but was almost relieved when he was just KO'd. I've known of Spydyr for quite a while, I think I'm correct in saying he's a FUMBBL veteran and I know of his BB credentials, he's a really good player. He's also (unlike me) a nice guy who takes the bad beats as well as anyone I know....And Nuffle only knows it was bad for him this game! He was classy in chat during the game and respect is due. I know that Spydyr's team was in Div 1 and is a well known team with a legacy. I love teams with a legacy, teams that have experienced highs and lows and I have a massive respect for the type of coach that sticks with a team through the peaks and troughs of league BB. I genuinely hope your team recovers and I hope to see you back in Div 1 soon. In the meantime POMB THEM ALL march onwards at the top of the division with another skull for the skull throne as they eye up next week's victi...oops I mean opponent James Cook and WooDoo Oceana!
  3. Hey fellow Blood Bowl Fanatics! The Dauntless Athletic League is looking to expand in Season 2 and is now recruiting new coaches! This is a NFL-Style league played within North American time zones. 24 teams divided into 6 divisions, and we want more! We do training camps, the draft and free agency in our league (like the NFL) and do so in-game. Looking for a League that lets you develop mixed race teams without all the min/maxing douchebaggery that goes along with it? Then you need to check us out! The league's experience level is from novice to experienced, with maybe a a small handful of players whom are anything remotely close to "expert." Season schedules run weekly and use a schedule-based ladder format (NFL Style) hosted on our website so that there isnt any regulation or promotion between divisions. New teams are built as mixed race teams, using only one roster to build the starting team. Then during the off-season coaches have the opportunity to trade and/or draft for players from the other rosters in their group. Coaches that will be happiest here are those that want a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the game, and will be active within our small and tight-knit community of enthusiasts. This is very much a private league, so expansions like this will be rare! For more information; and to see if it's the league for you please check out our website: https://jparsley00.wixsite.com/dauntlessleague Interested Coaches feel free to PM me with any questions or comments! Once accepted, information regarding to the FB group, discord channel and alike will be provided. Thanks for checking us out, and I hope to see you on the pitch! ~RK Blaze
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