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Found 1 result

  1. Drunk N' Disorderly OCC Season 14 - MD 1 Roster: 01 - Danny DaTroll - Troll 02 - Sneaky Git - Goblin 03 - Grishnash - Blitzer 04 - Mega Grog - Black Orc 05 - Elf Breaker - Black Orc 06 - Mark Castillo - Thrower 07 - Chase 'Rage' Hermanson - Blitzer 08 - Matt 'Karnage' Karn - Blitzer 09 - Jesse 'Bear' Dugas - Black Orc 10 - Anthony 'Baron' Jackson - Black Orc 11 - Rat Smasher - Blitzer Starting Staff: Rerolls: 1 Apothecary: 1 Fan Factor: 1 Coach Assistant: 1 Cheerleaders: 1 Game 1: Sons of Green (Wood Elves) - Result: Defeat 0-4 End of Game Report: Rat Smasher +5 SPP (MVP) 10 Armor Breaks, 1 Explusion Phew boy. That was a rough one folks. The first four turns came out as best as I could have hoped. One of the enemy linemen were dead, another knocked out, and I pushed out his wardancer off the pitch. The ball got fumbled inbetween three of my blitzers fairly well protected, and now it was all up to me. This is where the white man's greed comes in. To add insult to injury I decide to foul with one of my black orcs, and after that moment I realized I was losing control of the pitch. Turnovers started happening left and right, and with ease my opponent broke into the ball and threw it around however they wanted. In the end this was my fault, as I had plenty of good luck and good rolls, just poor positioning and not staying focused on getting myself in as good of a spot again. A few misclicks and poor choices compounded the issue in the second half and allowed my opponent to farm plenty of skill points. Toward the end of the game, my Troll almost got killed, saved by a last minute Apoc roll. At that point I knew I just needed to get my players out alive for next week. I learned a lesson this round, and I look forward to applying some new tricks next week to keep the odds stacked in my favor. I regret nothing about the fouls, more fouls for the foul God.
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