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Found 6 results

  1. New comer like legendary player of OCC
  2. Kiaora evryone, this is the story of Elves team from french south pacific Ocean : WOODOO OCEANIA™ Tropikal City of Nouméa Training Camp of WO™ WOODOO OCEANIA™ ROSTER after 3 seasons & 27 games played
  3. Studio Filthy-Floor* Welcome to the home of the sexiest strutters to ever grace the bloodbowl pitch. Please listen to the following pubic service announcement: Slip into something sexy, take your sensory enhancers of choice and prepare your body. P’Elvic Thrust are gonna rock your old world. *I thought of this joke just now after starting to write this. So I logged in to BB2 to see if I could update whatever stupid stadium name I'd thought of a couple of weeks ago when I made the team. Turns out I'd called the stadium Studio 54. Two-weeks-ago-Suido and Now-Suido are nicely synced, but Now-Suido is funnier.
  4. Just got through my first season as Elfs, not a great record of 2-3-4 but the team is in good shape. Now I need to prepare the next season and have some money to burn. Just want to get some ideas from other coaches on what you would do? My thoughts are get another player and save the rest, maybe another Thrower. Any thoughts on the stadium upgrade, anything worth considering?
  5. I've started a new team, rerolling from my previous Underworld team, the Warpstone Avengers. This will be the place where I infrequently post thoughts and analysis on the team, progression, opponents etc. We start fresh in division 6E. The team is obviously not exciting to look at, yet. They are Pro Elves, that's about all you can say about them. I went with the build of 3 rerolls, 2 Blitzers, 2 Catchers, 1 Thrower. No apo or bench. Apo will be the first purchase, and then we save for more Catchers. Ultra rapid development will be the goal for this season. I'll try to also win matches, because that'll give me more gold, but it's not going to be priority number 1. My opponents for the season of course also start with fresh teams, so we can rather generically look at them in the order that I'll be playing them: - Chaos Dwarf (coach: Feedrik): I'm happy to meet the Dorfs early, while they don't have MB/Guard, and I don't have Dodge they could counter. - Dwarf (coach: Count Mathas): Same here: Dorfs early = good. - Necromantic (coach: cwctoby): Necro teams aren't as explosive out of the gate as Undead, so having three (!) of them in the division isn't too worrying. Might see a Puppy with Block already at this point, which could make this a rather volatile match. - Orc (coach: Hidelfon): Orcs are pretty good vs. Pro Elves out of the box. They might have one or two MB already, which could make this matchup painful. - Necromantic (coach: CZero): See Necro comments above. I expect at least one Block Werewolf, along with MB on a Wight at this point. - Goblin (coach: C2MC): By this point I will hopefully have two Blodge/SS Blitzers, maybe one with Tackle even, which should give the Gobbos some headaches. However, they will be able to bring the pain to me for sure. High octane match. - High Elf (coach: Khuno Tridentis): At relatively low TV, Pro Elves should be better at elfing than High Elves. I hope this will be a very elfy match. - Necromantic (coach: Sniper Krizz): See Necro comments above. The Necro matchups aren't getting any easier throughout the season. - Vampire (coach: INQUISITEUR): It's difficult to predict how much development the Vamps will have at this point. But I feel pretty confident that this is still a very good matchup for me for now. That wasn't a lot of analysis yet for a first post, so I decided to also make a silly comparison exercise: What's better, Underworld or Pro Elf, position by position? Blitzers Underworld Blitzer: PRO: Easy MB access, can get Claws and Horns, potentially best killer in the game, overall a nasty piece of work. CON: Not very nimble, rather one-dimensional unless he rolls stats. Pro Elf Blitzer: PRO: Very effective out of the box, just one level to get the awesome Blodge/SS combo, can become one of the most annoying players on the field. CON: No mutations, bad strength access. Will never be a killer. Probably because that would mean he gets his outfit dirty. Throwers Underworld Thrower: PRO: MA7, comes with Sure Hands, can become an additional killer with just one double. CON: More of a Runner, not a Thrower. Additionally suffers from having incompetent teammates who prevent him from reaching his throwing potential. Pro Elf Thrower: PRO: Can actually throw out of the box. Like all Elven Throwers, he can become a demi-god of ball dispersal with just one or two +AG/doubles. CON: Slow, no basic skills. A glorified Lineman with a Leader reroll (until he rolls +AG). Linemen Underworld Lineman: PRO: MA7, can get Horns and Two Heads, making him potentially a very good sacker/safety. CON: Usually dies well before achieving anything significant. Can only get two. Pro Elf Lineman: PRO: AG4 means they don't get hit as often. Can get Blodge or Wrodge without any doubles, becoming relatively survivable. AG4 also means they can score when needed. Much easier to level than their counterpart. Great Dirty Player. CON: Slow, and not exactly cheap (though not terribly expensive either). Catchers/Goblins Underworld Goblin: PRO: Cheap, unlimited. With Two Heads able to go anywhere on a 2+. Many different viable builds. Easy to underestimate. Comes with Dodge. CON: Relatively slow (until Two Heads), not great at ball handling unless specifically specced for it. No general skill access. Breaks easily. Pro Elf Catcher: PRO: Super fast and agile. One of the best scorers out of the box, and potentially the best if specced for it. Great sacker. Great Blitzer with a double. CON: Doesn't start with Dodge. "Only" four allowed. Trolls Underworld Troll: PRO: It's a f-ing Troll!!!! CON: It's a f-ing stupid Troll!!!
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