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Found 7 results

  1. So for PONI, a res tournament where you get a random star then build a team around it, my draw this season was Ripper. Now, the SENSIBLE thing would be to build a solid orc team. But sensible is also a bit dull. Sensible isn't my strong suit. Goblins are bottom tier, so they get more TV and more skills! I mean, if you could add some fun skills to their positionals, what might that be? Ball and chain with MB and Block (possible though it costs 3 out of 9 skills)? Give me some fun suggestions! And there would be plenty of cash leftover for bribes. And you'd have three trolls, so can definitely give one strong arm just for TTM. I mean, THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES! So yeah, talk me out of it? (Or into it.)
  2. So, as someone who hasn't really taken a stab at Nilbogs before, I'd appreciate any and all input on the subject. At first, I was very keen on including every positional in my roster, but that seemed like a bad idea overall. After checking out the Division we find ourselves in, I also feel like a Bombardier and Pogo would be ineffective. The Bombardier will get tagged by the vast amount of fast players and same goes for the Gob-On-A-Stick. On the other hand, a well developed Pogo-Boy just sounds like a lot of fun. Currently our starting roster would be: 2 Trolls 1 Chainsaw 1 Fanatic 10 Goblins 2 or 3 rerolls No Apothecary If I take the Pogo, it would 100% be a 2RR roster with 9 normal Gobbos. Thoughts? Khuno Tridentis - Ultimate Ultimates - High Elf - - Borke - Lustrian Kites - Elven Union - - UTC +1 C2MC - Alliteration Aggregation - Goblin - - INQUISITEUR - The Dakul - Vampire - - cwctoby - Grim Wood Reapers - Necromantic - - Count Mathas - Count's Duran Duran - Dwarf - - SniperKrizz - Nasty Necromancy - Necromantic - - Czero - Bohemian WAAAGHsody - Necromantic - - Feedrik - The Fire-Dorfs - Chaos Dwarf - - Hidelfon - Mordheim Renegades - Orc -
  3. Ozone

    AG Bomber

    Hey all, Playing in a stunty league and just levelled up my gobbo bomber. I was about to fire him if he didn’t roll a double...but... he rolled AG! Now i’m puzzled. Does anyone have experience with those? He seems nice but is worth double his cost in TV...
  4. Warboss Gorbash was sitting on his thrown in one of the larger caves underneath Karak Eight Peaks. The snotling that made the mistake of running past him while he was hungry promised to be a tasty snack that was quickly disturbed when one of his chiefs stormed in. “Boss, boss you not believes what I heards”, the intruder cried out. “Whats yous problem? Cant see I’s in da middle ovv important fings to do? Or you wants be eaten after snack, dats it?” Gorbash visibly was displeased, the snotling’s head exploding between his sharp teeth with a wet squelch. Breschdleng flattened his ears to his head frightened by the thought of being in the snotling’s position. “Erm… no... It’s about dem stunties…” His stammering was abruptly interrupted by the lower half of the snotling landing in his face. “Whats wiv dem stunties? Dem trying to do da smacking again? Dem wills see dat deys get ‘eir beards cut again!” Angry red eyes fixed on the little goblin. “No dems not ‘ere. I hears a bunch of ‘em Ironhammers takes a go at some blood bowl. Its something wiv Orcs drinkingfing.” The Ironhammer was no stranger to both of them. Countless times they fought against each other during the dwarves’ pursuit to reclaim Karak Eight Peaks. “Yous know who dem is fighting da blood bowl?” Gorbash’s interest was sparked. “Oh yes, boss. I send some runts to get knows. I’s smarts; me thinks ‘Hmm boss will want know who dem stunties be’. So I waits and yous not believe what me runts tells me. ‘em tells dem stunties are some of ‘em Ickle Iron Hammer. And I thinks hmm heard ovv dem some time. And you knows I ‘membered ‘em were dem stinky stunties dat run away the bigg smacking we has and stoles us the fun ovv ‘aving new pants holding fings and ovver fings from their beards. So me thinks, why not stick it to ‘em stunties and stomp on some ovv ‘er groins in da orcy drinkingfing.” It was clear that Gorbash was intrigued. ”Hmm sounds like some inneresting thinkings you has dere. You finds some stoopid ovver goblins and you doos go dere. I’s finding way to get to ‘em. And when yous meet dem stunties you brings me lots ovv beards for power stick”, he said pointing at the ceremonial staff, marred and decorated with dwarfen beardscalps, they had stolen a few years ago from a human priest. “Oh I gots already thinkings, boss. We gets ‘em stunties and some ovvers too. Chances ‘ere is some ratses, humies, and ovver fings too. We can gets loads of shinies and some fun smackings and fings. I’s sure we finds some goblins to go dere.” And so Breschdleng went on kicking some Greenskins into his soon to be team. When he returned to his warboss, he was only half surprised to see that the Ickle Iron Hammers and his OCC Hools got in the same division. He only heard rumors on how his Warboss achieved this feat, but most of them involved either a lot of gold or very painful things done to a certain PidPad. No matter which it was in the end, he was only interested in getting some beards for himself and his Warboss. Team: Troll 1: Mosha Troll 2: Lobba Goblins: Stoopidgit, Runtgit, Nobovver, Da Stompa, Cantouchdis, Loblob, Doodga, Ballfinger, LivinBomb, Looney: Sawfing
  5. Does anyone know by chance whether Cyanide has any plans to update the Goblin roster with the Dive Bomber and Ooligan?
  6. So after a long time away from blood bowl i’ve been asked if I fancy dusting off my old goblin team and play in a table top league but i haven’t played for well over 5 years since the game was relaunched...i’m hoping that trolls still (sometimes) hit hard and the chainsaw is still good but has anyone any advice for me in terms of starting a new team?
  7. So I thought at first this was a bit wacky then I saw it in action on the first turn. Each bomber tries to throw a bomb at the AG 4 Hail Mary Goblin with the idea that he'll catch it and then hurl it up field. Only a Goblin would even think of trying something so crazy. If things work out perfectly it's two Hail Mary bombs flying up field every single turn. The regular Goblin bomber is AG 4, Catch, Jump Up as well so the passing is pretty reliable by Goblin standards.
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