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  1. Ladies and gentleman, sit back relax and let me tell you of a little sapling with big dreams. A story of hardship, grief, overcoming obstacles and of course friendship. Some time ago there was a little sapling called "Ember Schüttelast" growing up in the middle of an old forest. He had a quiet life doing nothing more than bathing in the sun, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature and of course snacking on some poor creatures who wondered off to far from home and found himself abandoned in the woods. Since his early days this fellow Tree man always told him how big he was for his age and how he'll grow into a magnificent and majestic Tree one day. But soon the days of quiet should end oh if only he had known.... The years went by and without really realizing it the Forrest around him began to shrink. After some time, he started realizing that some friends he knew since they were seedlings appeared to be missing. The Forrest was dying and there seemed to be no way of stopping it. One night he awoke from his deep slumber and started hearing some noises. He slowly got up and started to shuffle towards it only to find a horde of Goblins with torches and axes chopping down one tree after another. Furious because of what he just saw he charged towards them in full speed.... or at least he tried. What to him felt like astonishing quickness seemed to not be enough to even get close to them. they just leisurely walked away from him and went on about their work. He tried all night getting them but the effort proved to be futile in the end.... Saddened by the experiences of the last night he had a good and long thing which led to him deciding to follow their tracks to where they supposedly came from. They are destroying his home so he would wreck theirs. He walked for days until he reached something that looked very strange to him. There was a large area in the distance with strange blocks upon blocks made of his dead friends. He instantly knew that would be where he'd find the culprits. As he was walking towards the location of his final stand he started hearing some screaming coming from ahead of him. He never heard such squeaking before but since it didn't sound like the goblins he witnessed a few days ago he decided to ignore it. As he kept strolling towards his goal the squeaking got louder and louder until it suddenly changed into an angry cursing and he felt something hitting his legs. Once he slowly started looking down he began to notice a big silver-gray is’ round object knocked over on its side and some strange creatures running around his legs. Somewhere hitting him and a few even started climbing up his legs. They looked strange to him, kind of like goblins but they were not green and had some form of similarity to Hoggs just without the fur. He stopped for a second and tried to brush them of... he shook his leg and tried using his branches to get them off. And gone they were all back on the floor where they belonged.... or so he thought. Suddenly he felt something stinging him directly in his treetop. Trying to see what it was he turned his head but couldn't manage to make it out. Something started squeaking behind his ear and to his utter surprise he seemed to be able to make out what the squeaking was meant to say. "something something food something knocked over something something how dare you something poor cook we hungry". He froze completely for a few seconds and then thought to himself " if I understand them maybe they can understand me". So, he thought long and hard which was actually kind of difficult with the constant squeaking next to his ear until he thought he grasped the basic concept of their communication and was ready to try. "ggooo aawwaaaay. Loookkiiinng fooor grreeeen thiiinnggs toooo sstoooommp". The noises suddenly stopped and there was utter silence. He looked at the little creatures faces and they seemed different to him. "did did you just speak? a wild Tree man that can speak? what on nuffles good earth is going on". Whispers where going around, little creatures talking to each other, mumbling and watching in awe seemingly not believing what just happened. The voice behind his ear shily said: "do you understand what we are saying?". "yyeeees wwheeeree ggrreeeenn tthhiiinnggs??". After a lot of time and trying to communicate as best as they could possibly manage the situation had unfolded as followed. He had now learned that the green things he wanted to kill are called goblins and that they were spread far and wide. They were weak creatures but seemed to be rather fast for their height. He also learned that the squeaking little creatures where called Halflings and that it seemed like he had by accident knocked over their kettle containing their supposed next meal. The one that managed to climb all the way to his top without getting shaken off called himself "Polo Großjung" and was somewhat of a self-proclaimed leader of the group. They were a Team looking to do something called blood bowl and as luck would have it they were missing a Tree man since one of the two they recruited got chopped down by the goblins in the middle of the night a few days back. Polo explained to him that goblins where much too fast for him to catch and since they would just run away his attempt would be futile. And then came the question that would change everything and give his life a new purpose. "do you wanna join us to play blood bowl? There are a lot of goblins playing as well and you are allowed nay even welcome to kill them. and they can't just run away because it is against the rules." Ember Schüttelast had a deep and long think. The way it was explained to him he would most likely not be able to come back to his forest home but the way it was going he wouldn't be of any help doing so anyway. After some time, he decided that if he can't change the situation this might as well be the best way to punish the goblins for their wrongdoings. "Mmeeee Iinnn, sstooommp Ggoooblliinnss gooooood tthhiiinng". So, it was decided and history came to be. A few days later the Team joined season 34 of the CCL. An open league for anyone to try their steal and lose their spurs. The Teams carrier started out slowly with some early wins, a few draws and well a lot of losses but what do you expect from Halflings. But things started to take a turn for the better after the Team got used to each other and especially because Ember Schüttelast started living up to his potential. At first, he got faster cause his teammates had only told him a half-truth. The Goblins and other things where not allowed to leave the pitch on their own but they still where allowed to run away from him. The next thing he learned was how to not only stomp on people but how to slap people with his branches as well making him able to block. shaking of enemy players still seemed to be something that would be useful so next up he trained shaking them off to get his legs free and "run" after the goblins he loved squishing so much. After some time had passed and the season was nearing its end the prophecies of his sapling hood friends came true and he became bigger than the others Trees around. Much bigger and much stronger. The Team finished the season with an overall winning record which is considered unnormal for your average halfling Team but it wasn't quite enough to qualify for the Playoffs. But since their winnings weren’t shabby at all they decided to go into retirement. They didn't achieve greatness, they wouldn't be remembered by a lot of people and time would wipe their names but they still lived and most of them "or at least the few that shouted the loudest" where still fine. What use is being remembered to you once you are dead? why take the risk? So, they disbanded and went their separate ways. The Halflings scattered around town and Ember Schüttelast decided to go back to his home with his new best friend Astmann Erdbeere. Astmann wasn't as impressive as himself but they developed a deep-rooted friendship over the course of the season and since he had nowhere better to go he decided to follow Ember to his home. They wandered for a long time and after a few days arrived at the forest.... or at least where the forest should have been. There was nothing left not a single Tree. Ember started looking around for days if he could find any remains of what once was a great forest. A sapling, an acorn anything.... but there was nothing left. After the last Tree had been chopped down they seemed to have decided to burn down what was left and level the whole area by doing so. He was struck with grief and in his great mourning he suddenly took root. Astmann decided to join him since there was nothing really better to do. And so, they sat there for days... weeks.... month.... and nothing happened. This seemed to be their life now. Just two sad and lonely trees waiting for their final days, which could actually take very long if you think about it because well they are trees. After nearly a year that mostly felt like a comatose slumber one day he started hearing noises. These cursed goblins seemed to have noticed the two trees that remained where they thought to have left nothing behind so one sunny day they decided to come back and chop down the two trees they seemingly missed. But this turned out to be a mistake.... a grave mistake. With a loud Roar Ember unearthed his right roots and immediately stomped the Goblin closest to him which didn't move because he was in complete shock. A swing from the left, another from the right and following that another stomp saw 5 Goblins dying immediately. The rest started screaming in fear and running of. At this point he decided that sitting around wallowing in sadness doing nothing wouldn't change a thing. But what could he do? All he knew was his former forest.... and Blood bowl. He talked to Astmann and convinced him that they should go back to the city to pick up where they left off. They took some time to fully unroot but after that went on their way back to the place they had called home for a few bloody months. After a few days of journey, they nearly arrived back in town. Of course, this didn't go unnoticed and Falko Tomate, a former Teammate of theirs, greeted them well in advance to the Gate. He explained himself to Falko which went something in the way of:" mmeeee wwaaannnt ttoooo ssttooommmpp mmooorre". They were not very far away from the city anymore maybe 2-3 more days in tree speed which basically is like 2 hours in halfling speed. So Falko went ahead to check what they could do. Falko went to the office of the CCl registration to have a look around and see what would be possible. He got told that recently a new season indeed had started but experienced Teams were not allowed to join. He tried to argue but, in the end, decided to stop arguing with the registration-Troll before he gets eaten. Saddened by the news he left and started wondering the street for distractions. After some strolling around he started hearing a faint shouting in the distance. What was that he was hearing? blood bowl league? Substitution Team? Was There a league besides CCL? May this be the chance to get back on the field? He started running towards the voice and as he was coming closer he finally saw the man. He ran up to him, introduced himself and asked what all this is about. Turned out this person was called Tys123 (strange for a person to have Numbers in their name but who am I to judge) a Nurgle coach playing in the upper divisions of a league called OCC. Yes, I know nurgle coaches are a nasty bunch and most people don't want to associate with them but this was his chance. Seemingly a Team in a somewhat lower division had quit early in the season and they were looking for a replacement. This was their opportunity and maybe it would be the way back in. Falko told Tys123 about his comrades and that they were looking to play again to reminisce in days of past glory. After some consideration the Nurgle Coach agreed and overwhelmed with joy Falko ran back to the two trees. And that is how the story came together. All their old Teammate where notified. Luckily, they were all still in town and through some kind of miracle none of them got eaten in the meantime. Not all of them where excited about the big news but hey if a talking Tree tells you to do something you do it. Dying on the field of blood bowl is still better than just being squished for having an opinion and so it was decided with an absolute Majority. Ouch Time 2.0 would again be standing on the fields. It is time to make new rivals, settle old grudges and who knows maybe even get even fast or god forbid bigger. We'll see what the OCC will have in store for this still hopeful Halfling Team.
  2. So I have just rolled a double 6 on a rookie fling. I already have a block ag5 fling , a block fling and 3 dirty players. So what should I take? Another DP seems like overkill Don't really need 3 block flings ST3 isn't much use Sure hands to make getting the ball to the star for the 1 turner easier. But that relies on the ball landing near this player Kick Return for the same reason Wrestle could be useful Tackle would go well with DT if he lives that long Kick as a failed pick up in the backfield can mean an easy score. Something else like mb or po for giggles.
  3. Halfling Tactics, Strategies and Builds So you want to play Halflings? You sure? Are you mad? You sure? Ok, well let's do this... Cooking Your Halflings, you like food, doesn't matter if you're in a league or matchmaking, if you have 100K of inducements you want a chef! If matchmaking and you can afford to pay for a chef, without giving the full 100K to your opponent then I suggest you go for it. Star Players When you're in a private league these guys (and girl) are the back bone of your team, never underestimate the power of having 3 trees on the pitch! You will never have enough money to induce these players in matchmaking. Title Cost MA ST AG AV Skills Deeproot Strongbranch 300K 2 7 1 10 Loner, Block, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate St7 Block Tree, MONSTER! Zara the Slayer 270K 6 4 3 8 Loner, Block, Dauntless, Dodge, Jump Up, Stab, Stakes St4 Blodge Assassin anybody? Those stakes mean that Zara can stab ghouls for fun, she's a nasty piece of work! Morg ‘n’ Thorg 430K 6 6 3 10 Loner, Block, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate Good old Morg, most of the time I use Zara + Deeproot, but it's always nice to have 4 (st6+) heavies every once in awhile! Builds Matchmaking There are two ways to play matchmaking, Option 1: I'm not a Halfling, I'm a man! The plan is to build a normal BloodBowl team, go up and over 1000 TV fill up on RR's and players and pray the dice are kind! 2x Tree 14x Fling 4x Re-Role 1x Apothecary 2x Cheerleader 2x Assistant Coach 1x Fan Factor Option 2: I have more skills than you! The plan is to bloat up you TV to start, then trim it back as you gain some skills, try your hardest to stay at 1000TV, the less tackle you see the better. I'd suggest firing any player that doesn't roll a double, but it does get bloody hard to finish a game with anything less than about 13 players. The vast amount of Fan Factor is so that every time you lose a game, and you will lose games, will drop your TV by 10K, giving you more room for those precious skill. I'd suggest not using an Apothecary because you really don't need it, Flings die all the time, get used to it, and Trees don't die, well hardly ever, so you really don't need the bloat. You could also ditch the Fan Factor and pick up extra players, firing them as needed, if you like, but don't underestimate the extra cash you get from Fame, not to mention Rocks and Pitch Invasions going your way. 2xTree 12x Fling 4x Re-Role 0x Apothecary 4x Cheerleader 4x Assistant Coach 8x Fan Factor So after the team has played 100 games, and you've been managing your TV, firing none double players, you might manage to make this team, for 1000TV. 2x Double skill Tree 5x Double skill Fling 7x Fling 3x Re Role 0x Apothecary 0x Cheerleader 0x Assistant Coach 1x Fan Factor I know that is an imaginary team, but you might actually stand a chance playing against a fresh team when you have two Block Trees and half a dozen Blodge Halflings. Private Leagues This is where these little fools start to shine, using inducements Flings become a force to be reckoned with! Here are a few ideas for builds, but it mainly depends on the team value of the other teams in the league that dictates how much you can spend. 1: The Minimalist 600TV 2xTree 10x Fling 1x Re-Role 0x Apothecary 0x Cheerleader 0x Assistant Coach 0x Fan Factor If you're in a league with 1000TV fresh teams, I suggest you use this build, it might not look like much, but you'll be able to induce a Chef and Deeproot Strongbranch vs a 1000TV team. Leaving 400K in your bank also gives you a lot of room to manage your team, replacing trees that don't roll doubles and such. 2: Classic 740TV 2x Tree 11x Fling 2x Re-Role 1x Apo 0x Cheerleader 0x Assistant Coach 0x Fan Factor This is the build I used when I started my private Fling team, I was up against teams ranging from 1000TV up to about 1700TV. A more balanced build than the one above, picked up a 2nd RR so if the chef fails I'm not in such a mess, and picked up the Apothecary so I can control my injuries a little. 260K in the bank is always nice. 3: The Re-Role Thief 1000TV 2x Tree 12x Fling 3x Re-Role 1x Apo 4x Cheerleader 4x Assistant Coach 9x Fan Factor If you're going into a league with 1400TV+ teams, then you might want to try a build like this, the idea being that you use a chef to steal all their re-roles and the Cheer, Coach and FF stop them from getting any free RR's back from the kick off results. You could cut the apothecary, 2 re-roles and a Fling to get your TV down to 800 as another idea. 670K of Inducements This is the magic number! With 670K of inducements you get 2 Star players and a chef, you'll note that all my above builds have 14 players max, this leaves room to hire Zara for 270K and Deeproot for 300K, your chef come in at a 100K, which gives us the magic 670K. Wizards and Bloodweiser Babes are the most useful after that, Bribes are kinda silly when you have so many players but still useful, and I wouldn't bother with an extra Apothecary unless you have some really nice Flings you want to be able to save. Skills Treemen Basic Basic build is any combination of Break Tackle, Multi Block, Guard and Grab, depending on what you want to do with him, if you get a Treeman to lvl 4 and haven't rolled a double or +move then I suggest you fire him and start over. Doubles Block - Make your Treeman even more reliable! Jump Up - Sick of laying around on the floor, not rolled a +move, then this skill is for you, and if you still fancy the 4+ roll anyhow, you can have a free block for your trouble. Dodge - If you've already got Block then this skill will make you an St6 Blodger, with Stand Firm, praise Nuffle for your lucky lvl rolls and watch your opponent curse the very ground you walk on. Also stacks nicely with Break Tackle. Sure Feet - As tall as a tree, as fast as a Dorf! Make your Treeman 4ma, ok so thats still quite slow, but he is twice as fast as he used to be! Goes nicely with Break Tackle! Nerves of Steel - Treeman surrounded, running out of time, need to toss that Fling off now, then this is the skill you want. Tackle - A 2nd double skill, not that important, but does stop them running away from you quiet so easily. Frenzy - Again this is a 2nd double skill, best to have Block 1st, +move wouldn't go amiss with this skill either, but an st6 Frenzy player will keep your opponent guessing, well just as long as he doesn't take root! Be warned, you can't have both Grab and Frenzy on the same player, so it's either or. Pro - Now I know your Treemen don't have loner, but they do still have some annoying skills that you can't always face using your a Team RR for, like Stand up rolls, 3 dice blocks that turn up pushes, and also good for those Take Root rolls when you've either used your team RR or need it for something more important! Leader - With AV10 Treemen are a great place to stick a half price Re-Role, shame there are so many other skills to choose from on those important doubles. Stats +Move - Yes please! It's a 4+ to stand up with less than 3ma, so +move will let you stand up every time, wonderful. +Strength - ST 7, maybe if I already had block, tough call, maybe a double skill, coaches choice. +Agility - NO! Note: I was thinking about the +AG, if really wanted you could take it and make yourself a Treeman thrower. With 2AG + Strong Arm, he'll throw a pass better than the little fellows. Guess you'll never see a 3ag Treeman if you never take the first +AG. Other way to look at it, with 2AG it's a 4+ catch, with no Loner, so if you get the Ball to a Break Tackle/+ag Treeman, you'd actually have a pretty nasty runner, he'd be hard work to stop, but chances are he'd stop himself with a Take Root at some point, but a Treeman in a Fling cage would be a bloody funny thing to see rolling up the pitch! Halflings These are some useful builds for the little fellows, you'll probably want 2 or 3 of each, always good to have spares, some of them you'll just have to be plain lucky to make, I'll write them in the order I'd take the skills but you don't have to listen to me. (Skills in brackets are doubles and +stats that would help this build, if you get lucky) The Bird Sprint/Sure Feet/Catch/Dive Catch (+ag/+ma/Pass Block) -This is your one turner, the guy you throw, if only he can stick that 4+ landing... The Fetcher Sprint/ Sure Feet (Sure Hands/+ag/+ma/Block/Pass Block) - This guy is a real go getter, set him 8 squares away from The Bird and hope the ball lands in a good spot for the 1 turner, also your main ball carrier when you're not in so much of a rush. The Sacker Dive Tackle/Side Step/Jump Up (Block/Tackle) - You'll really need these guys vs those agility teams, I recommend Dive Tackle before Side Step because it's instantly useful. The Fouler (Dirty Player) Sneaky Git - Sneaky Gits not all that useful but if you've already got Dirty Player you might as well take it, if he gets to lvl 4 I'm not really sure what you'd do with him, he's starting to be worth more than the players your fouling.... The Tumbler (+ag) Leap/Sprint/Sure Feet (Sure Hands/Block/Pass Block) - You'll really need to roll a +ag first level to commit to this build, but if you managed to make him it would open up some nice plays. I put Sprint and Sure feet on the list so you can double him up as a Bird if needs be. The Butcher (Block/Dauntless/Mighty Blow/+st) Side Step/Jump Up /Sure Feet- Ok so this is a long shot, but he'd be such a monster, I'd turn down the +st for a double skill unless he already had the 1st 3 double skills. The Ball Hound (Wrestle/Strip Ball/Tackle/Dauntless/+st/+ag) Sure Feet/Jump Up/Side Step - Another tricky one to build, and I'd rather have a Butcher than this guy, but each to his own. The Guard (Block/Guard) Side Step - Not all that much use, but if you had two Guard Trees and a couple of these guys, it would make the middle of the pitch a real head ache for a few teams. The Thrower (Hail Mary Pass/Sure Hands/Block) Sure Feet/ Sprint - Who'd have through that Flings could play ball, get yourself some Dive Catch players and watch those long bombs fly! The Catcher Dive Catch/Sprint/Sure Feet/Catch (+ag/+ma/Block/Pass Block) - Only need these guys if you have a Thrower, if you do they will shine, can be used as a Bird. Tactics Throw Team-Mate This is basically the only way you're going to score in Matchmaking, and the threat of the one turn touchdown is one of the greatest things about playing as a stunty team. Basics As Halflings you have the most reliable Throw Team-Mate in the game, just as long as you plan ahead.... You can move a player after he is thrown as long as he hasn't moved before he has been thrown. If the player who your throwing hasn't got the ball, the only way to cause a Turnover is by crash landing on one of your own players, that's not to say the guy your throwing wont crash somewhere safe and still break his neck, it just won't turn you over. Throwing a Team-Mate uses your Pass action for that turn, so you can't throw the ball and a player in the same turn, makes placement for your 1 turn touch downs very important. The rolls for Throw Team-Mate 2+ Take Root - Not that important if you don't have to move before you throw 2+ Throw - Thanks to starting with Strong Arm, and no Loner, Trees are great at throwing, Tacle Zones count, the same as throwing the ball, pay attention! 3xScatter - You'll never land where you aim, praying to Nuffle time 4+ Landing - This is the hard part, 4+ with 3ag, 3+ with 4ag, and Tackle Zones count, so land next to two opponents and its going to be a 6+ with 3ag. SAVE YOUR TEAM RE-ROLE FOR YOUR LANDING! If you've already used your Re-Role for that turn, I suggest holding out for another turn before you try, or make your throw earlier in your turn while you still have the Re-Role spare. Of course that's only half of it, you'll usually need to pick up the ball and make a hand off before you do all that, not to mention go for its and the dodges to the end zone.... I've done a nice little play book to show you the ranges for throwing players. Well if you can make sense of that madness, you can see by the two Yellow Trees, from the halfway line it's far from certain that you'll manage to get to scoring distance, your 3xScatter rolls need to land you level with where you aimed to be able to score, this is why I have sprint as first skill on my builds, every square counts! You'll also note, if you look at the two Blue trees, that if you can push up 3 squares past the halfway line you're guaranteed to be within scoring distance, just so long as you can stick that landing. But be careful, a few squares to far and you might be off the pitch if you don't watch your aim, by that time you're not so far from running distance, so you might be better to make a push on the ground by that point? One Turn Touchdown This is the one you'll need to pay attention too, my play isn't set in stone but it gives you an idea of what it should look like. Far from easy, and if your opponent has Kick it can be very hard to score, if the ball lands behind your back 3 you've got no chance, good old Sprint/Sure Feet will allow you to pinch those precious extra squares. Throw Team-Mate Cage Break As you can see, less of a tactic, more of a last ditch effort to slow your opponent down! Up to, and including, the outline. I work it out as 49 possable squares you can land in, and you have opponents in 5 of those, on this basic plan at any rate. So odds of hitting somebody, 5/49, Lets round that up to 1/10. At the end of the day, even if you hit a corner, unless you've got a Treeman very nearby (so near that you might hit him with that Fling you've just thrown), your still gonna be blitzing 2 Red Dice, so you might aswell use the Stunty Cage Break further down the page. All that said, it is bloody funny when it works! Fouling You've got 30K players and plenty of them, get those boots out, and do it quick, you won't have that many players on the pitch for long. You can soon wipe the smirks of their 9AV faces when your fouling with +6 assists! Inducements I know I've said this further up, but just in case you missed it..... IF YOUR IN A PRIVATE LEAGUE YOU WANT AS MANY INDUCEMENTS AS YOU CAN GET! 100K Minimum, for the Chef 250K Chef + Wizard 370K Chef + Zara 400K Chef + Deeproot 520K Chef + Wizard + Zara 550K Chef + Wizard + Deeproot 670K Chef + Zara + Deeproot 820K Chef + Wizard + Zara + Deeproot 830K Chef + Deeproot + Morg That's the basic list, try your best to hit one of those marks, ditch Cheers + Coaches to pinch 20K here and there, fire level 1 Flings, could even replace a rubbish level 3 Treeman for a fresh one, pinch 40K back? There are always Bloodweiser Babes and Bribes if you find yourself with an odd amount. I wouldn't bother with an extra Apothecary unless you have some really nice Flings you want to be able to save. +670K of inducements is where the fun is! The choice between Zara and Deeproot usually depends on the race your against, Zara more useful vs low AV teams, Deeproot vs bash teams. 3 Dice Blocks Your trees are ST6, Deeproot ST7! I don't know how well you know your block dice, but at 6st you only need 1 assist on an ST3 player to get 3 dice, with your dodge Flings this isn't usually that hard to do, make the most of it. Deeproot will get 3 dice without any assists vs ST3, so make sure your opponent hasn't got any assist against you and you'll never even notice he has Loner, he already has Block, triple skulls are rare. Take Root This negatrate is horrid, it doesn't look that bad on the surface, you don't lose your tackle zones and can still throw a block after failing, but unlike Trolls and Ogres if you Root 1st turn it's a nightmare. On Offence you really need to get your Trees past the halfway line before you can let them root, even if it's only a square or two, you need them to be in throwing range! (see above) Note, if you Blitz a Tree off the floor, i.e. Your blocking a player next to you so if you rooted you'd still be in base contact. Well it doesn't work the same as when your standing, you stand up, root, then that removes all your movement points and you've not got enough move left to make the block. Just bare it in mind, if it's an important Block, well, so important you took a 4+ roll to stand your tree up, and then it says you've rooted, you need to Re-Role it I'm afraid. Least you haven't got Loner, but chances are you've just used your Re-Role to stand up. :P Stunty Negatrate? What Negatrate? Stunty is freakin awesome! St2 is a pain in the arse, but Stunty can work wonders. So you don't understand what all that means, basically your dodge roll isn't modified by your opponents Tackle Zones, still none the brighter, I'll try and show you... So as you can see on the right hand side, Flings can make some crazy moves just as long as they can roll a 3+. The Elves on the other hand, to the left, haven't got a snowballs chance in hell of making it through that tunnel, even with 4ag. 6+, 6+, 6+, 4+, 2+, to make the same move. Skills like Dive Tackle and Prehensile Tail still effect you, and Tackle will remove your free Re-Role, keep your eyes open! Stunty Cage Break So if you're feeling rather brave you can try the above play. As Halflings, if you make it in on a 3+ (with the free Dodge RR, 88.89% of the time), it would be 2 Red Dice (About 55% chance of Turnover), but if it's a Wrestle Fling(About 30% chance of Turnover), or even better a Strip Ball/Wrestle/Tackle Fling, you'd be surprised how good you odds of getting the ball are, even better if you have a Team Re-Role to use if you get a Skull. Elves on the other hand only get into the cage on a 5+ (33.33% of the time, 55.56% with a RR), admittedly it's 2 White Dice if they do (About 2% chance of Turnover), but that's only because your ST2, if he was blocking an ST3 player like you are(About a 16% chance of Turnover), the odds are pretty close to each other! If you don't try you don't get! Advanced Stunty Crowd Surfing Now these tactics are better used by Ogre teams, Snotlings are a lot better at getting into position than Halflings, but it's not beyond you, well worth using versus sideline cages if you have enough players nearby to do it, not always easy with 5ma and 2ma players. As you can see, the idea is to fill in the gaps in their cage and then Blitz an outside player, chain pushing the ball carrier off the pitch. So top left is the usual play, lucky Fling coach also has a Treeman nearby for the blitz. Top right is a version only using Flings, bottom left and right are variations on the same theme. WARNING! : Failing these plays will result in half your team being surfed, in fact success will often result in a lot of surfing too, Side Step Flings help negate this, but still far from perfect. Have you considered taking 2 red dice instead? Higher chance to fail, but you're not in such a horrid position afterwards? Strategy These are my basic plays for offence and defence, just an outline, at the end of the day you're going to have to get your head round using Flings for yourself, when to dodge your way out of trouble and when try and block your way out. This is BloodBowl nothing ever goes to plan. Offence Yellow team is my usual starting positions, I'd jig the scrim line around to get 3 dice on any st3 guys they give me to play with. Basically you need to keep it very tight, cover the ball before you try and pick it up, if its deep move a screen of about 4 or 5 flings back before you try and pick up. But if the kick is kind then you might manage to arrange the Blue formation turn 2, more likely to take you 3 or 4 turns to get to the halfway line. But once your there that's scoring distance, you only need to advance 3 squares to make your life easier. That's the toughest cage I can come up with for Flings, some people might not suggest collapsing your wings to make a cage, but I find it's better to keep your team in one place, getting split up usually leads to being picked off, and also makes gang fouling harder. If by some freak chance you manage to get a numbers advantage feel free to stroll the ball in, but most games you'll find that Throw Team-Mate is the only way to get there. When you've got loads of inducements, that all goes outta the window, time to go to town with 3 Tree's, Zara for blitzing, and an army of fouling feet, then stroll it in with a massive numbers advantage. Defence Before we start, I know Flings #4 and #5 on both sides are in a spot that a Quick Snap would make a mess of them, but if your opponent isn't that lucky they are marking the 2nd assist spot which they will need when they are trying to attack your tree's, an ST5 player needs 2 assists to get 2 dice on your trees, so controlling this spot is worth getting taken apart by a Quick Snap. Guards of course make a mess of this plan... Yellow team is my standard defence. Again people will call me mad for not covering the flanks, but they tend to go down one side, once they commit, you can commit to stopping them. Also keeps your team closer together to make it harder to pick players off, and makes finding assist for gang fouling a damn sight easier. Bear in mind your Halflings, chances are you're not going to stop their drive unless you are either really lucky or your opponent is really stupid. I start the Tree's on the scrim line so if they root early chances are they are going to have at least 2 opponents in base contact with them, but that does depend who you're playing against, elves won't stick around and play, well almost anybody won't stick around once you've rooted. I'd concentrate on picking players off and fouling more than the ball, that's not to say if you see a chance to strike you shouldn't take it, you just don't want to be in a grind with anyone, you'll lose. Tree's usually rule the pitch if you can keep them standing, very few teams have the strength to take them down easily, so keep a few Flings nearby and they'll never get enough assists to get you down. If they blow past you and start camping out on your touch line, laugh at your opponent for being silly and be grateful it's only going to be 1-0 by halftime, always the chance of a Throw Team-Mate touch turn 8. If they score quick, you need to make damn sure they don't break your drive and score again, even at the cost of not scoring yourself, just keep the bloody ball safe. If you have the last turn of a half, try your best to not score before turn 8/16, you don't want to miss your landing and gift them the ball while they still have time to score, easier said than done. Blue team would be a defence I would try when wanting to stop a 2 turn touchdown, make yourself look big, but it's paper thin, and you'll struggle to get support to the busted flank they attack. Right these two are nothing special. Yellow is the defence I use against a nasty Claw Chaos team, Claw Minotaur's are a nightmare for Treemen, set up so they can't touch your trees, but they can touch the rest of your team, expect heavy losses, but your Flings, you should expect that anyway. Hopefully you've managed to foul the ugly bull off the pitch already so you won't need to use this defence.... Blue is a defence I'd use when trying to stop a Chain Push One Turn Touchdown, guessing if you know what a chain push score is you'll have an idea about how to stop them. My defence is far from air tight, I can see Leap, Frenzy, Grab and Juggernaut all being able to counter it. Anyone got a better version? Idea's welcome. Right I think I'm done, sure I will have missed something, I'll edit it as needs be when you've all finished ripping me to shreds. Hope I've managed to give some good advice somewhere in this monster post, good luck and happy hunting. Go make yourself some hero's!
  4. The lack of a Halfling blog disturbs me! Usually I just let someone else solve all my problems, but just this once I'm going to make an exception. First we need the back story. The team is the spiritual successor to my BB1 team the "Little Fockers". Sadly, the team name was stolen in BB2 for a Dwarf team by coach JBPUK. Curse you, Mr. PUK! The team's hero was "Huge Focker", a MV 3 ST 7 Block, Multi-Block, Break Tackle mountain of a Treeman. To my everlasting shame, I abandoned the team before I could get him to legend in favor of a Necro team with eyes on the Championship. Sure enough the Necros finished Runner Up a few seasons later. Yet the hole in my heart remains. "Dirty Fockers" are my redemption. S4 Division 6F : 4 Wins, 4 Draws, 1 Loss - 16 points 3rd S5 Division 4C: 2 Wins, 6 Draws, 1 Loss - 12 points 6th S6 Division 3A: 3 Wins, 1 Draw, 5 Losses - 10 points 7th Career: 9 Wins, 11 Draws, 7 Losses The Fockers jumped out to an amazing start, but 4 straight losses to end Season 6 have hurt team morale. Somehow we wound up in Division 2A for Season 8 and the team is mortified. A complaint filed with the league office was quickly revoked. Team goals will remain fluid throughout the season. Going in, however, the aim will be to protect our assets and see how they perform after their recent vacation. Let's meet the Stars! Humongous Focker: Jump Up, Break Tackle, Block Treeman. I've become a convert to Jump Up over Block as first double. Simply, I've won without Block, but succeeding when Treeman refuse to stand up is nigh impossible. Jump Up also lets you take GFIs, Break Tackle, and Blocks with less fear of failure, especially if you are out of Rerolls. Proof I was correct is clearly shown by the 2nd double he received (tongue very much in cheek). =) Cruel Focker: MV 6, AG 4, Block, Sure Feet Halfling. Lucker noobs get all the luck! Not much to say, really. The fate of the team rests on this little guy's miraculous shoulders (A Fling and a Prayer indeed!). Here's hoping for a Bananarama "Cruel Summer" in Division 2A! Cocky Focker: Dirty Player, Sneaky Git (Niggle) Halfling. He just acquired Sneaky Git his last game, so I'm interested to see how much it comes into play. The Niggle means he'll get used early and often. Colassal Focker: Guard, Grab Treeman. He's a quiet star. My very first normal skill on the first Treeman is almost always Guard for 2 reasons. 1st, it provides easy 3 dice blocks on the LOS against any ST3 opponents on the line when they are placed side-by-side in the middle of the field (more commonly than not). You don't have to put Flings on the line to get those 3 dice nor do you have to use Deeproot first, both very important. 2nd use is to be the middle Treeman (with Deeproot of course) in your 3 Tree Wall of Strength. This makes getting 2 dice on any of your Trees a good bit more difficult, and let's you dictate where your opponent will Blitz if they want to commit the strength and Guard to take down a corner of your wall. You really don't want Flings on the line if you can avoid it. Ironically, I see myself having to resort to this tactic this season... Grab means I usually don't worry about Rerolling Take Roots with him, and it's also very, very useful for setting up good fouls (See Cocky Focker above). Thanks for reading this far. I promise there will be more to come!
  5. In MD8 my flings were up against an 11 man Woodie team and after kicking were 2-0 down at half time. I scored to make it 2-1 on turn 13 with 5 woodies injured and the dancer KO'd. Turn 14 I moved a few players into the elf half towards the ballcarrier while the other flings took down the catcher who had run into my half to try and make it 3-1. That catcher stood up and ran for the endzone anyway failing a gfi so on turn 15 I was able to take down the ballcarrier using a reroll but couldn't get to the ball as I failed a TTM. The only potential scorer was marked so on turn 16 I needs to 2D blitz with a fling getting at least a push , pick up , hand off and 1 GFI. I had to reroll the blitz but made everything else to make it 2-2. The elves then set up to 1 turn but a riot turned the clock back so instead a rookie lineman went for the 2D blitz to make a hole for a chance at 3-2. Double both down saw a turnover. Then one tree blocked to free up the other tree. The 2nd tree threw a fling downfield into range of the endzone. Then I dodged , picked up the ball , handed off and made a GFI to win 3-2. Reroll used on the pick up. So from 2-1 down on the final turn with around a 50% chance of getting a draw I won 3-2. Sorry @Creatan you deserved at least a point there.
  6. With over 700K in inducements the Maltesers called up the Holy Trinity of Deeproot, Zara and Heston as well as one of those lovely Bloodweiser babes. The Norse chose to receive and set up to immediately take advantage of their star Yheti and try and take down Lion. However when he wild animaled and they left a huge gap opposite Double Decker the Maltesers took the opportunity to mark the ball carrier and try to split him from his support, that had mostly rushed into the Flings' half. They managed to get the ball carrier free but then he fumbled a pass. The Maltesers pressured the ball and even grabbed it, but with casuaties beginning to tell, and the lack of movement not allowing any real protection for ball carriers it was continually popped loose. Zara waded in and managed to KO a guard guy that was really in the way but low armour, and downed trees left only some last ditch marking to try and stop the Norse scoring late. When they didn't make the effort the half ended 0-0. All in all very happy to stop the score, but the cost in Flings was a bit high and Zara was fouled off in the last turn. The normal Fling grind began the second half with Mars grabbing the ball and getting to the safety of the forest. But with his brothers falling like chaff elsewhere the cage soon only had 3 corners and when the Yheti finally passed a WA roll to move into the gap and provide guard assists the cage was soon broken. At this point I only had 3 flings left on the pitch and unsurprisingly it was a fairly easy score for the Men in Tights. But they decided to score quickly leaving the Maltesers another chance to equalise. 0-1. When a pitch invasion was rolled with the Men in Tights claiming numbers and fame it was going to be hard. Mars found himself near to the trees but with a line of Norse players between him and the ball. One of his brothers gathered it and without the movement to get to safety had to go for a throw or just get mobbed. When the werewolf intercepted in 2 tackle zones it was the end. He walked it in whilst the Flings just tried to stay alive, not totally successfully. With the kick skill ending chances of a last gasp TTM the game ended 2-0, well played Foffa. Still it had the benefit of dumping Doomy out of Bookieman. Ultimately I don't think either coach made any glaring errors, The Maltesers suffered too many casualties/KO that didn't come back and didn't break armour enough on the Norse even with MB trees. And even though the Maltesers caused three cas in the end, two were Deeproot so total haul 2 whole SPP! Still quote of the day came from Foffa: "I can't believe I didn't win easily against Flings. You did really well." Thanks mate B).
  7. Dark Flings vs Fumblin’ Farmhands Cubbles: Hello there viewers, and welcome to season twenty-one of the Orca Cola Championship! My name is Cubbles Greenhill, halfling reporter extraordinary, ace reporter for the Moot Wombler, contributer to the famed Blahville Gazette and Chief Commentator here on the MootCast! I’m down here in Division 6C to watch the amazing Dark Flings face off against the human Fumblin’ Farmhands, and joining me is guest Meep Snivelscribbler the famed journo-rat. Meep: Meep is big-happy to be here Cubbles-thing! Laugh much-lots at silly little fat-things fail and gets free food! Yes-yes! Meep is so hungry… Cubbles: This will be the first match in the OCC proper for the incredible Dark Flings after an impressive 3-0-4 run in the snottling soda cup. Meep: Meep doesn’t find that impressive. Cubbles: Well they are halflings, thats not bad you know Meep… Meep: Also Meep heard that two of them were because other team disappeared in mysterious-suspicious circumstances just before match… Cubbles: Well here’s the Dark Overcoach, let’s see what he says to your slanderous allegations Meep. Dark Overcoach: WE HAD THE LIZARDS KILLED. THE OGRES WERE RESISTANT TO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS, SO WE DIRECTED THEM TO THE WRONG STADIUM. ALSO WE THREATENED ALL THE ADMINISTRATORS AND… Cubbles: Yes, thank you Dark Overcoach! Quick, cut to commercial! ***** Do you love the Dark Flings? Do you find them adorable and cuddly? My name is Alaria Woodbark, and I would like to introduce you to our exciting new line of Dark Fling stuffed toys and plushies! The whole range is available, from th might Mary Hatekill, to poor deceased Al Burnmaim! Order soon and you will receive them signed AT NO EXTRA COST! Be sure to act fast, as many of these signatures are likely to out of stock quickly given the terrible death rate of halfling players! Also check out Darkroot Stranglebranch, The Death tree and The Dread Tree action figures, now available for pre-order! They include both smashing and Fling tossing action! Send all letters to 12 Muddybank hill, grimthunk, The Moot. ***** Cubbles: The Dark Flings won the toss and the Farmhands kick off! The ball is in the air and… off the pitch! Farmboys, whatchgonnado. Meep: Dark-Overcoach-thing has ball, deciding who to give to. Dark Overcoach: HMMM, WHO TO GET THE BALL… Dread Tree: GIVE BALL! I SCORE. Dark Overcoach: I’M JUST NOT SURE… Dread Tree: I CAN DO IT. GIVE BALL. NOW. Dark Overcoach:…NO DREAD, YOU’RE A TREE! Dread Tree: GIVE BALL. I STAR! Dark Overcoach: NO! HERE, HARRY, YOU TAKE IT. Dread Tree: YOU NOT GIVE BALL, I NOT PLAY! Cubbles: The Dread Tree nearly takes root there, but the Overcoach’s encouraging words keeps him going! Dark Overcoach: DREAD IF YOU ROOT NOW I WILL MURDER YOU MYSELF. Meep: Fat-things hide-sneak behind tree-things. Stamp on line-human-thing. Only stunned a little. Man-things stun fat-thing back, try to run from Biggest-tree-thing, fail. Dread Tree: I WANT BALL! Dark Overcoach: YOU CAN’T HAVE THE BALL DREAD YOU BASTARD! Cubbles: Dread is already looking like he’s going to root again! Dread Tree: I’LL ROOT. Dark Overcoach: DON’T F*CKING ROOT DREAD! Dread Tree: I’M GOING TO DO IT. Dark Overcoach: DON’T DARE! Dread Tree: *Takes root* Dark Overcoach: OH F*CK YOU DREAD. Cubbles: The Dark Flings advance and cage over linesman Skeeter, and Stamp hm of the pitch K.Oed! Meep: Man-things move in much, Ogre-not-man-thing Puch fat-thing K.O and stand next to ball-fat-thing. But Fat-thing dodges away. Then Ogre-not-man-thing attack Biggest-scariest-tree-thing! Cubbles: And… OH MY GODS! Darkroot Stranglebranch (Deeproot’s evil twin) has ripped off Cousin Merl’s Head! And he’s tossed it into the stands! Crushing a halfling fan to death! The Apothecary comes on to the pitch, and after a moments deep and careful thought, pronounces the Ogre dead! The Dark Flings then disentangel themselves from the majority of the human team and start jumping up and down on Blitzer Luke’s head. And keep doing so while most of the Humans hang back terrified! On the third try Alfie Doomkill takes Luke off the pitch Badly Hurt! The ref finally listens to the protestations of the Humans and sends Alfie off. Dark Overcoach: GOOD BOY ALFIE. THERE WAS A BOUNTY ON THAT ONE. Cubbles: Gary Killfang then tries to do the same to Cotton eye Joe, but is spotted by the ref. He only tapped him too, only a stun… Meep: Fat-thing-Harry-Deathrager score. Fat-things can do that?! Cubbles: Yes Meep, they can. Some day I’ll take you to a UE match and then you’ll see… ***** Cubbles: Welcome to the second half! Meep: Half-things kick to Man-things, but people run onto pitch! Eeeek! Save Meep! Cubbles: We’ll be safe up here Meep, but wow! A passing band of Lumberjacks have suddenly invaded the pitch! And make a bee-line for the trees! They smash three human players over as they go past, but then knock over and stun all three of the treemen, ignoring the halflings! Dark Overcoach: OH GODS NO! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING! Meep: Man-thing collect ball-thing and cage-much. Cubbles: But the Halflings rush to block the human advance while the tree recover. Emily Riptear makes a good impression in her first match by smashing the knee of lineman Cletus as she runs by. Meep: Man-things try to move slowly up left side-line while run two man-things down right to threaten. Half-fat-things manage to knock over blitzer and three try to take down ball-human! It not work. Cubbles: But the Trees are all on their feet again and slowly marching into position. The Humans shove back the flings, but then a lineman trips over the fling he was meant to be hitting and leaves an opening! The Dread Tree then sprints to mark the ball carrier, while Darkroot gently ambles towards the potential receivers. Meep: Man-things desperate! Can see in eyes. Cotton eye Joe's escapes from Dread and makes big-long-much pass! Cubbles: And Darkroot jumps up and catches the ball! A TREERCEPTION! Meep: Meep sees why Darkroot is star player better than Deeproot! Dark Overcoach:: HAHAHAHA! FEAR OUR TREES BALL HANDLING PROWESS! FEAR IT! Cubbles: The Dark Flings form a small cage around Darkroot, who then hands the ball to Esme Rageslayer, who is screened off as she sprints in the touchdown to end the match 2-0 to the Dark Flings!
  8. Hello Fling fans far and wide! My name is Coach Larkstar, and I've scrounged together a team of misfits so annoying... so disobedient... so, so, so stunty, there's only one team name that will do them justice. I introduce to the OCC world, the Little Fockers! BrotherKane's excellent team blog and Fling determination have inspired me to join him in the OCC for season 19. I've had a pretty successful opening campaign in SSC 1D at 4 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses with one match to go. Only real negative is that 3 game MVPs were handed out to Deeproot, Zara, and then Deeproot again in my last match. I imagine I'll be headed to D6. Hopefully the Moot Maltesers and Little Fockers won't be placed in the same group! =) One way or another this is going to be one hell of a ride!
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