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Found 4 results

  1. As you all probably figured out from the title, this is a team blog about my high elf team "GobIins". And what better start then to actually play against goblins in the first match for the team? Not sure what happened really, but picking up the ball and passing it around was extremely easy. Not at all hard. I dont understand why all the thro-ras are complaining? JUST DO IT (copyright Adidas). We tried to block and blitz stuff, did a KO on the looney. Other than that, not really. Wasted a reroll to surf a goblin (not worth it (who am I kidding? TOTALLY worth it)). Failed the blitz to score with the ball carrier. Goblins took the ball and things looked dark. But we actually managed to take it back, do another of these so called 'passes' and score. Easy as a eating humble pie. The ref sucked. 2 out of 3 bribes failed. What a bastard! Will def hire him again for future games. The goblins advanced. Slowly. We tried to stop them. For a while we outflanked them on their on half, more of my team there than goblins. In the end we did a dodge (we have heard it is hard, but not THAT hard), and knock the ball loose. Another goblin catched it. But he ran and stood on the sideline. So we did a surf, another pass (feels a bit strange to write it) and everything was baking soda. At this point our thrower (shouldnt it be thro-ra?) had made 4(!!!!) of these passes so we failed to set up for a 3d blitz and went for the 2d. First CAS for my team! And level up for the thrower. The lucky lineman that catched the ball and scored the 2-0 got MVP. That is skilled! Thrower got sure hands (thought they started with sure hands, so better pick it early) to make these 4+ pick ups easier. Line got +ST. He is on a diet of broccoli and nothing else.
  2. Well my first OCC elf team finished its first match in true elf fashion. Went up 1-0, and then my lineman who had a casualty on a Flesh Golem died, then my catcher who scored the TD got -MA, and another lineman got a niggle as we limped into a 1-1 tie. Match two should be interesting with 3 loners! And I ended up with 40K, so I guess the apoth will wait for another match!
  3. Hello, I am new to the Cup. With a TV1000 team would you take 3 re-rolls or 2 re-rolls and the Apothecary? Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Aloha everyone, this OCC season 10 brought us beautiful play action ! Congratulations @jounisii enjoy it !
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